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Thread: Help in TWCenter!

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    Default Help in TWCenter!

    I tried to enter in TWCenter today but showed up this:
    503 - Service Not Available

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    Default Re: Help in TWCenter!

    It appears to be down from my location as well. Not sure why, but feel free to hang out here until service is restored.

    If it's down for a while should we get prepared for the influx? Do we need to get the tents and cots out of storage?
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    Default Re: Help in TWCenter!

    It was down yesterday for part of the time too. It's been having problems with speed and connectivity for a week or so. It'll probably be up again soon.
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    Default Re: Help in TWCenter!

    Weren't they going to move (part of) the site to another server or something like that?
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    Default Re: Help in TWCenter!

    Hopefully it's of short duration. Meanwhile, make yourselves at home till this gets sorted out.
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    Default Re: Help in TWCenter!

    The TWC never seems to be down for very long. :)
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