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    Default Sup?

    Hey, sup. I just joined, and I am as much of a total war fan as you are :D

    I mostly play Medieval 2, Rome and Third Age (ME2 mod) and I like metal and that kind of music and reeealllyyyy love LOTR and Star Wars (geek much?)

    Anyways, I will stick around as long as Total War is here with me (hugs) and I hope to meet new friends.
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    Default Re: Sup?

    Welcome to the .Org broski.

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    Default Re: Sup?

    welcome to the org, enjoy your stay
    The Caravel Mod: a (very much) improvedvanilla MTW/VI v2.1 early campaign

    Please make sure you have the latest version (v3.3)
    Since v3.3 the Caravel Mod includes customised campaigns for huge and default unit settings

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    Default Re: Sup?

    'Sup dude. Fly, dat you be chillin' wit us here in da Org hood.

    Gah! I guess it's painfully obvious that I'm not very hip. But I'm glad to see yet another new Orgah has come to join in the fun here. welcome, SaneCube.
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