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    Hello gentlemen,

    I have some questions about multiplayer:

    - Is there a real player and chatlobby like in Rome Total War and Medieval 2 Total War?
    - Is there a grassy flat map?
    - Is there a possibility to admit defeat?
    - Is rage quitting by pulling the cable still an option to not loose?
    - Did you find lag, crash to desktop or disconnections from the game?
    - Is there an option to get the replay of the last game from the temp folder even if it wasnt manually saved?
    - Are there any new features?
    - Are there allready known bugs?

    Have a nice day and thx for the effort to answer my questions in advance.



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    Default Re: Multiplayer Questions

    Hello Lucullus,

    i personal wont support laziness and will point out, that you can find those infos by reading some of the treads here instead.
    There is a search function on the upper right side.

    To questions you cant fin here:

    There are still crashes, the number i got from last night are looking like this: 24 games player with 1 crash in 1v1.
    It doesnt autosave replays of the last battles
    The game is out since 8 hours, i doubt that people found already bugs.

    Have a nice day as well!


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