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Thread: Avoiding Dishonourable Coward Traid bug

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    Default Avoiding Dishonourable Coward Traid bug

    Hi all,

    I found this on the TW official site.
    It is not confirmed by a CA staff member and may only be a theroy.
    But perhaps it is a way to avoid getting that trait while we wait for them to fix it.

    I figured out why we get dishonourable coward
    I only just got it recently and I think I may have figured out why it happens. I'm sorry if this has already been posted up, but my time is pretty limited today and I am not able to check through the backlog of old forum posts.

    Basically, the reason why we get it is because the game thinks that we've disconnected during a match (a bit obvious perhaps, but let me explain). After every matchmade battle, when you get to the results screen, you'll notice that your opponent has the "AI" computer screen over their name, therefore implying that they dropped and that the ai has taken over. This happens to me after ALL of my matchmade battles, so I know for a fact that my opponents haven't dropped, especially since I have talked with several of them just before the battle ended (both of us will say gg etc).

    I am guessing that because the matchmade feature thinks that they have dropped, that it will also think that I have dropped too. This is why you get the dishonourable coward trait after a couple of battles in the matchmade.

    You don't have a similar problem when you play the regular MP battles, outside of the matchmade feature. I fought 10-12 of these before I tried the matchmade feature without getting the 'dishonourable coward' trait. So, I think that basically if you want to avoid getting the trait that you probably should fight one regular battle for every matchmade battle that you try - that way the game doesn't think that you've dropped from a match in several consecutive games.

    Hope this helps guys.
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    Default Re: Avoiding Dishonourable Coward Traid bug

    That makes really good sense to me. He's right about the post-battle screen showing an AI controlled opponent--every time. Makes sense.


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