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    Default New to Multiplayer

    Hi All

    ive been playing TW since shogun but only started to play MP. so far i have fought about 8 battles and have 50% ratio and i msut say i really enjoyed it. since i am mainly a Sp campaigner i am really excited about the drop in option and would like to allow other multiplyers to take control of my enemies armies. However so far this has only worked once the other times i tried it it eight doenst find a player or makes my game hang. it the same when i do a quick match battle and choose the drop in option. it worked for me once only all other times its serching for player or it finds a player then hangs. anyone know what the situation with this part of the game is?

    also if i wanted to join a clan how would i start?

    sorry about noob questions

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    Default Re: New to Multiplayer

    I think the drop in battles are suffering from similar bugs to the rest of MP by the sounds of it, hopefully be fixed whenever they get a patch out.

    As for clans theres a huge list over at, not sure if theres one here also also one of the mods can correct me if there is.
    Joining a good clan will help your improve you ratio with training and tips, also Kocmoc has written a decent guide in the stickys here.
    Glad you enjoy MP, this is the best MP since Shogun and MTW 1 imo.
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    Default Re: New to Multiplayer

    I've tried Drop-in battles from the MP interface and had success in one. Are we supposed to gain anything from Drop-in battles? XP, unlocks, etc? I didn't get anything.

    I've done quite a few from my campaign and I found these to be particularly fun as they added a scarier element to proceedings. Again I didn't get anything re MP, unlocks, etc.

    I must admit, the unlocks, upgrades, and avatar stuff is all rather confusing with regards to what does what and what benefits what, and despite having created my avatar, my Warroom over at .com still says I don't have one...
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