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Thread: {Shogun 2 AAR} From a lonely corner of Japan.

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    Default {Shogun 2 AAR} From a lonely corner of Japan.

    Winter 1544 AD, Japan. A time known to the history books as Sengoku Jidai

    Shimazu Takahisa sat on his stool, deep in conversation with his most trusted advisors, themselves crosslegged on the floor as if in supplication to their overlord.

    We are far from the eyes of Kyoto, we can take control of Kyushu before they have time to stop us. Once we are in control war with us would be too unpopular.

    That much is obvious, the only thing we need to agree upon is how we take control. We need not fight everyone, certainly we should crush the Ito like the insects they are, but the Sagara would be loyal allies.

    It is true that Osumi and Hyuga must be taken with force, but don't forget Higo has the finest horses in Kyushu. We may have the finest swordsmen in Japan, but cavalry can be a decisive force on the battlefield. Controlling that region ourselves would be more beneficial than friendly relations.

    And then, after we have southen Kyushu, we...

    Takahisa raised his hand, silencing the discussion. Every man in this room could give an opinion, only one made the decisions.

    We decide what we do with the Sagara now, next year we march against the Ito. Either the Sagara are our allies before we march or they are our next target. When that is accomplished we make our next move.

    The other men looked at each other warily, what would their Daimyo's decision be?

    Next: Chapter 1, The Ito.
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    Default Re: {Shogun 2 AAR} From a lonely corner of Japan.

    And so it begins!

    Will be keeping an eye on this as it progresses.

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    Default Re: {Shogun 2 AAR} From a lonely corner of Japan.

    1545: War with the Ito

    Chapter 1; The 1st & 2nd Battle of Kokobu

    The year started with a Shimazu emmissary travelling to Higo to agree an alliance with the Sagara, there were age old quarrels betweem the Shimazu and Sagara, but both were know to be honourable and an alliance would be strong. Takahisa insisted on a token payment from the Sagara to cement the deal, he wanted to make it clear this was not an alliance of equals, the Sagara recognised this and agreed to his terms.

    His northern border secure, Takahisa was now free to concentrate on the east, the Ito. War was a costly endeavour however and he had to ensure his lands could bear the burden, he had irrigation developed to help feed his army and the muddy trails criss crossing Satsuma paved to increase trade and help his armies march more quickly. More importantly he began steps to take advantage of his opportunity to trade with the nanban, he had construction of a new port started, one which would enable him to import goods from afar and export Japanese goods to the gaijin.

    Late in the spring Takahisa marched against Osumi, there was a small force defending the fortress which sallied out to meet him, another army had been en route to reinforce and arrived in time to join battle.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The Shimazu force was placed on a wooded hilltop, the Ito would have to attack uphill through woodland,

    The Ito governor attempted to join up with the relieving army, he was ambushed by Shimazu cavalry and cut down.

    More than one Ito charge up the hill stopped and retreated due to arrow fire from above, it took the commander of the relieving army to personally lead the charge to engage.

    The return of the Shimazu cavalry into the Ito flank signalled the end of the battle, most of the Ito were cut down, one unit of Yari Ashigaru and some cavalry managed to flee north.

    Takahisa marched into the city a conqueror, it was a peaceful takeover with the Ito garrison defeated. He immediately left and returned to Satsuma, leaving Tanegashima Tomokata, his Commissioner for Warfare in charge.

    Small remnants of the Ito force remained in the woods north of the city, Tomokata took his men and defeated the small band with minimal fuss and loss of life. He returned to the city to take control and install a council loyal to the Shimazu.

    Early summer saw an Ito army spotted marching toward the city, it stopped a few miles north and camped. Clearly they were taken by surprise to find their garrison defeated. As the enemy pondered how to proceed, Tomokata made up their mind for them and marched out to engage.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The two armies met with a hill between them, controlling the hill would be a great advantage in the coming battle.

    The Ito had marched in a more compact, maneuverable formation and their advantage in cavalry enabled them to harry the Shimazu army and gain the high ground.

    As the two armies clashed, the fighting on the right flank of the Shimazu army was intense. The Ito were gaining the upper hand as Tomokata's Yari Samurai struggled against greater numbers and the Ito cavalry.

    It was a different story on the left flank however, the Ito and Shimazu archers were peppering each other with arrows, the Shimazu having much the better of it, and a unit of Yari Ashigaru managed to get into a position to flank the Ito.

    An Ito general charged the Yari Ashigaru in a suicidal charge without infantry support, he was cut down by the Shimazu spears and the Ashigaru moved to flank the Ito infantry engaged with the Shimazu Yari Samurai, the battle was as good as over at that point and few Ito left the field to return news of the defeat.

    A son of the Ito Daiyo was killed on the field of battle, his riderless mount fleeing into the woods. A portent of things to come for the Ito?

    Defeated the remaining Ito fled north, back to their homeland. A decisive blow had been struck, the Shimazu would have to wait until the next campaigning season to turn it into a fatal one.
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