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Thread: Bug list?

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    This can happen in cases both for and against the player. Only really causes an issue ...
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    Hey, I've got a couple of bugs to mention.

    First, and most annoying, when I win a siege battle I have to immediately hit End Battle or the game freezes up. cursor still works, nothing else does and it doesn't get to the loading screen.

    Second, fleets seem to get stuck between a trade route and a shore line. I watched a bunch of Shimazu and Chosokabe fleets move between the shore and and the dashed trade line until the ran out of movement points. Only happened when the trade route was in a channel and being raided farther down the route by an enemy army.

    Third, occassionally when I have an agent with an army when I move the army and then end the turn the agent leaves the army and heads back to where the army started.

    Fourth, I don't think this is really a bug, but it is really annoying. In my Oda campaign I'm allied with the Takeda, to speed up my conquests instead of killing off clans entirely I simply turn them into vassals whenever I can, problem is, two turns afterwards the Takeda delcares war against my new vassal, and I either have to wage a second war (I'm currently allied with the Takeda Chosokabe against the Shimazu who have managed to conquer all of Kyushu and half of Honsho. Literally everyone minus one or two province clans against them, kind of awesome.) on a different front that would likely result in my forces getting decimated, or I have to let Takeda eat my vassals..... He's supposed to be my ally and my vassals are supposed to be my provinces for all intents and purposes, why does he keep attacking them!
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    "Stuck General Bug"

    Hi all,

    I did some searching and it didn't look like anyone else had reported this, so I thought I would mention. I'm playing TW:S2 with all the DLC except the Gore Pack.

    This bug has occurred twice for me when defending a Fort in the setting where the castle backs up against a waterfall with an indestructible bridge nearby. (Most recently this happened to me in Fun'ai, but I think the first time was in a different province with similar terrain--not sure.) I rout an enemy unit, then send my general out ahorse to run down the fleeing soldiers. The enemy runs across the bridge, and the general attempts to follow--but stops dead on the near side of the bridge (I'm not sure of the direction--it's the near side to the side of the castle with just one gate).

    At this point, the general cannot move. A yellow arrow will appear if I click somewhere, and he may even acknowledge the order verbally, but appears to be "stuck" on the end of the bridge. The unit cannot dismount or use any of its other abilities. It's just glued there until a non-routed enemy unit comes along and hacks it up.

    Has anyone else encountered this? I guess one solution would be to really micro-manage the chase for routed units and make sure the general uses the two-door side, but I'm curious if I'm alone in experiencing this bug.

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