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Thread: annoying to be quite honest.

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    Default annoying to be quite honest.

    I have found quite the annoying little development. it seems that armies can be spawned by enemy willy nilly and with extreme vetreancy. in my chokosabe campaign (only hard) i am faced with a kono full stack with triple chevroned enemies. this is really annoying. im all for pumping up the enemy to some extent but i never like when the ai cheats.

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    Default Re: annoying to be quite honest.

    I noticed this as well just last night. It also seems to happen only in the very begining of Campaigns, and most of these veteran stacks are from minor Clans.
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    Default Re: annoying to be quite honest.

    I don't think it's really cheating. I've seen enemy stacks have some oddly experienced units, but never a full stack. I think they're just exploiting the benefits of dilemmas or something that gives experience to recruits.
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    Default Re: annoying to be quite honest.

    There's a message that pops up that gives you like 3 stacks of extra units if S2TW detects you've failed the Turing Test.
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    Default Re: annoying to be quite honest.

    I think that some factions can start, or develop early on, some of the more advanced buildings that provide experience to units.
    I've taken a Bessho province that had a Master Bujutsu dojo which provides (I think) +3 exp to units recruited.

    It could also be a programmed thing to give the minor factions a better chance of survival in the early game and to prevent blitzing from the player.


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