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Thread: sigh. avatar system

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    Default sigh. avatar system

    i enjoyed it immensely at first but now im not so sure. it needs to develop a way so that i a lowly 5 star doesnt go up against nine stars...........

    its just unfair the types of units they can bring to the table against me. my first loss in like 9 battles came today against a nine star who spammed ridiculous amounts of nagi monks and great guards...........

    its a good idea but as expected it has now become a little unfair.

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    Default Re: sigh. avatar system

    Well not really since his avatar costs more and you can't spam great guards they are capped at 2 max plus require a retainer slot, so very expensive. Nag monks a good all round, but are costly as well. The problem with those units is that with such high morale it's almost impossible to break them, but you can still out tank them with numbers or shoot them up by tying them up with a weaker unit and letting or archers - matchlock units do their part. The biggest problem can be keeping your morale up if you're playing with lots of ashi units, but it's possible.

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    Default Re: sigh. avatar system

    you should have all the units you need by level 6.
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    Default Re: sigh. avatar system

    Vetted Ashi and Yari Cav do just fine though until then, just remember to hit rally(easy mode) and don't lose your general like a dummy.

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    Default Re: sigh. avatar system

    Isn't the MatchMaker system supposed to match up only players of the same rank ?
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    Default Re: sigh. avatar system

    Alone the heavy randomfactor make me using cav less. The outcome of cav-charges is so random, you cant say what will happen.
    We did tests and there are exploits how to use cav. Great guards seems very effective, just needs good micro to not get shot too pieces, its harder to watch units who costs so much, than having a 300 ashi spear....

    What I see a lot with MM is the the problem, that you have to play with a 1800 general in a 5k game.
    Especially at these small funds, the costs for the general are very high. I rather would play with lvl 1 general and spent 1700 more on units.
    With units running around who can easy kill 80-100 in a small unit game, the general never ever can pay off. The only way to get something out of the 1800 are retainers.
    But with 5k you have so low units, that retainer means very little.

    MM isnt working as intented, many times you play lvl 1 player as lvl 10 player and i can tell you that in 8 out of 10 games, those guys leave the game before you can choose an army. With high lvl your double doomed:

    1. You have the usually problems with finding a game
    2. ... and if you got one and see the setupscreen, people leave because they dont like to play high lvls

    Its frustrating. I wish, I could set the lvl of my general as i want. Id probably would go down to lvl 5 or something.

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    Default Re: sigh. avatar system

    I knew having 5k 10 and 14k was gonna be dumb to have 3 sets like that... haven't played ultra funds yet if there is one for MM. Don't even know why they have 5k anyway as your starting unit allows you to spend all your funds in 10k (sam archers, kata sam and yari cav option)?? lol At least 7.5k would've been better... it's not like the old stw where you could just lower honor and get more units.

    Part of the problem with lower funds is you get charged for a retainer slot even if you don't have a retainer in it - you should only get charged for retainer slots that you USE.. needed mostly for lower funds of course.

    As for Avatar skill point cost there shouldn't even be 3 clan token reset deals, that you should be able to take out and put in as you like for whatever lvl your general has of skill points and not get charged for ones that you don't use! LoL - that would help with lower funds and just in general for people who'd rather player with a cheaper general O.o

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    Default Re: sigh. avatar system

    Those are good points Kocmoc and Amp. Amp's idea is great! We should be able to take skill points off of our Avatar for "free" (no clan token reset cost) and also be able to remove retainers for a resulting decrease in general cost.

    Also, once I hit 5 stars I started running into game-droppers, red liners, and fire mangonel/naginata campers. Funny-- the more things change the more they stay the same.

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    Default Re: sigh. avatar system

    I agree, my over priced gen is ruining it for me in 5k battles.

    As in Nap..we should have the choice of what Gen to bring into the battle field.
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    Default Re: sigh. avatar system

    ld bring George....

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    Default Re: sigh. avatar system

    Quote Originally Posted by CanCritter View Post
    ld bring George....
    Yeh bring the King


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