I have been enjoying both the MP and SP sides of the game.

there are a couple of things that would be nice if MP was to really be useful.

1) The ability to have friends only drop-in. This was included in empires.
2) The option to have AI included in MP battle set ups, this is good for training or when you have uneven numbers of players, or if you and your buds wanna co-op the machine.
3) the ability to esc out of match made games without having to quit the game because there are some dudes that dont deserve a second chance. And we all know that MP means lots of freaks - so how they could not include this is beyond me. In fact a list of no-match player names would be even better.

The thing about MP is you want the users to feel they can cater the experience for their tastes not one match fits all.

This game is a great improvement on previous titles, the AI in the SP both battles and cmpaings has shown some solid performances for me, Im enjoying having to think about my moves again (since a long time). MP despite its bugs has been entertaining,although I can see the novelty of the avatar system wearing thin, then I will want choice, and I will want to be selective about the games, we need more options for this reason.