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    First things first: a warm welcome to the game mechanics forum for Shogun 2! This forum was created for researching TWS2 game mechanics, and its remit covers both campaign map (eg how trading works) and battlefield research (eg effectiveness of the spear wall formation). The aim of this forum is similar to the Ludus Magna, the game mechanics research forum for Rome: Total War.

    All members can post here, although please note that the Tea House is the general discussion forum and only game mechanics research and discussion is appropriate here. We'll have a poll for suggested names.

    A few short notes on threads:
    • Threads should be focused enough to come to some specific conclusions about the research area within a reasonable timeframe - for example, a single thread for researching all facets of the economic model is too broad. Ideally you will already have completed some preliminary research before posting the thread.
    • When you post a thread, we'd like you to be a committed to guide the research in the thread, before eventually summarising the resulting conclusions.
    • Threads can be split off from wider topics to concentrate on a specific facet of a topic, for example an analysis of horse archers could be broken off from a more general analysis of archery.
    • You can request a thread to be transferred from the Tea House in the by PMing the Tea House moderators.

    Posting Guidelines

    • This is not primarily a discussion forum, it's for research, so try to keep on topic as much as possible - posts that are clearly off-topic might be removed from the thread.
    • The title and initial post will usually clearly set out the area being researched. If you wish to post data outwith the remit of a thread, request a new one.
    • Try to be as clear and concise as possible.
    • Make every effort to back up any statements or conclusions drawn with as much relevant evidence as you can muster. Also try to provide the methodology of your research.
    This last one is especially important for a research forum, as it allows members to not only understand your data better, but crucially it makes it possible for other members to confirm/extend your work.
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