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    Hey guys, nicely work here around! Keep going!

    Thanks to your tutorials I was able to add unit cards to my customized units (a version of the hastati). I'm using Mod:switch and I have both unit cards of them, the smaller version and the large version (extracted with vercingetorix extractor) but I just don't seem to make the large version work properly.

    I renamed the hastati as renegade_hastati (my dictionary entry). The file in Data/UI/units/romans_julii is called #ROMAN_RENEGADE_HASTATI, which works properly. But the other entry in UI/units_info/romans_julii doesn't work (the larger version, the one located where atributes and description of the unit are). It keeps showing that grey peasant.

    How should I make it work properly? I thought I had only to rename the file as #ROMAN_RENEGADE_HASTATI_INFO, but doesn't work.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Units_info folder

    Maybe just a mistake, but you wrote UI/unitS_info and that file is supposed to be in UI/unit(no s)_info folder. that might help :)
    Shi-Zroi Total War!!!!

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    Default Re: Units_info folder

    Hi TwilightSS,

    Welcome to the .org, I hope you get a chance to check out some of the other subforums here.

    Does this tutorial help?

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    Dude, that was completely noobish for my part, omfg, hahahaha I went mad trying to find the mistake... it was that, I thought there was something wrong with the info cards, but it was the folder... nice...



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