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Thread: Multiplayer join game bug ?

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    Default Multiplayer join game bug ?

    several times now i try and join a multiplayer battle.
    the game says "opponent found. arranging battle"

    and i just keep waiting and waiting

    the 'stop search' button is greyed out and cant be clicked
    the 'cancel' button is greyed out and also cant be clicked

    im stuck on that screen just waiting.

    only way out is control alt delete and close the shogun process ?

    anyone else get this and whats the fix

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    Default Re: Multiplayer join game bug ?

    get it lots ..sometimes they enter before you show up and that point best to relog..l generaly do alt/f4 or cntrl/alt/delete and close shogun/steam and gameoverlay if thier up...overlay should close with steam..when in dought relog

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    Default Re: Multiplayer join game bug ?

    delete the game from the taskmanager and restart the game thats how i solve this
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