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Thread: Shogun 2 Realism + | Release & Download [Update v3.0]

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    Exclamation Shogun 2 Realism + | Release & Download [Update v3.0]

    A major modification for Total War Shogun 2.

    This mod offered here is the extended Shogun 2 Realism (S2R) - its name is simply Shogun 2 Realism + (S2R+)

    S2R+ has not the approach or attempt to make a historically accurate modification of TWS2, but is a massive overhaul of the vanilla game.
    The modification provides a more challenging and immersive campaign with a special combination of realism and gameplay consideration.




    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    [Premark: The combat balancing has been the initial focus and base of the starting S2R modding project, with some (small) campaign balancing changes.
    The S2R+ modification goes heavily into depth, offers a whole new battle and especially campaign experience]

    # Battle balancing: Battles are more realistic, last longer (but not too long), the mod makes the fantastic martial art animations viewable.
    # Battle balancing: Samurai and Monk Warriors show proper elite skills without being uber units. Ashigaru progress to proper soldiers within the campaign.
    # Unit additions: 40 units have been added (for balancing purposes and increased realism), this is including the AUM-Sho custom units. Ownership dependent on faction.
    # Flavour: Japanese derived unit names for a better immersion into the period.
    # Campaign balancing: Buildings and arts deeply modified (properties, requirements, impacts changed for more realism and challenge).
    # Campaign balancing: Factions develop properly, survive longer, minor factions don't steamroll over majors anymore.
    # Campaign balancing: Restructured cashflow, the game shall be a financial challenge throughout the campaign.
    # Campaign balancing: AI shows a less unrealistic behaviour and acts smarter.
    # Campaign balancing: Cultural influences (via buddhist, ikko, catholic factors) play actually a relevant role.
    # Campaign balancing: A revamped unit recruitment system, besides gameplay decisions also with a focus on historical realism consideration.

    Special features:
    # Since v1.98 customised/implemented content:
    - Universal AI mod (UAI)
    # Since v1.99.5 customised/implemented content:
    - Additional Units Mod (AUM-Sho), custom units mod
    # Since v2.4 implemented content:
    - No Red Border mod, battle borders invisible

    Note: Do not use those mods listed above separately, if you play S2R+, disable them while playing S2R+. Also see the "Other Mods" section below.



    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Separate sticky thread in this forum.



    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 


    S2R+ is at best to use with

    - TWS2 Limited Edition
    - Ikko Ikko DLC
    - Sengoku Jidai DLC
    - CA's patches (latest updates)


    S2R+ Installation:

    Use the download-link at the bottom of the post. It needs winzip or winrar or 7zip installed on your system (7zip is perfect and fully free to get via internet-search) to decompress the file ie. onto your desktop.
    Decompressed, you'll get a folder Shogun2Realism+ which includes the S2R+.pack mod file and txt files (readme, changelog, credits).

    1. Download the zip file.
    2. Extract it onto the desktop or elsewhere.
    3. Open the extracted S2R+ folder. (edit: not used, just only pack file now)
    4. Copy and paiste the S2R+.pack file into the TW Shogun 2 data folder. Example path:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\total war shogun 2\data
    5. Ready, start the game as usually.



    Same as above. Replace the S2R+.pack file (remove a former used one). Always use only one S2R+.pack file.


    Uninstall the mod simply by removing the according S2R+.pack file from the data folder.


    At last the hints:

    - S2R mod variants: Do not merge the S2R+ mod files with the S2R mod files. Don't use the S2R mod and the S2R+ mod at the same time.
    - Save game compatibility: S2R+ is not S2 vanilla saved game compatible. If you have installed a S2R+ update, then it is recommended to start a new campaign, although
    it might be possible that a save of a former version is technically compatible.



    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 


    Moved from this thread section, because it is way too massive.
    The changelog is always a txt content of the downloaded mod file, as well as displayed in this extra thread.


    Other Mods

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    1. Hints about known non-compatible mods or similar issues,
    because according codes/files/mods are part of the S2R+.pack file:

    ... means, avoid to use them with S2R+.

    - Increased Morale mod
    - Larger Spawned Garrisons mod
    - Archer Reload Rate mod
    - Unit Movement Reduction mod
    - Realm Divide mod
    - Universal AI (UAI) mod

    - Additional Units Mod (AUM-Sho)

    - No Projectile Trails mod
    - No Red Borders mod

    Again, these mod properties are part of S2R+, no need to care about them once more.

    Of course, not at all compatible are other major mods (Darth Mod, TROM3, and such).

    2. Hints about compatible mods:

    In general, many mods are technically compatible, but if they are gameplay mods,
    the impacts on the S2R+ gameplay can be pretty damaging or even have potencial for bugs.

    Also note, S2R+ contains all possible AI and diplomacy files.

    Since the recent S2R+ versions, startpos (esf) or scripting (lua) files aren't content though.
    And S2R+ contains no traits and ancillary files, means, you can try such explicite mods.

    All visual effects, music and sound mods should work without any issues, as well the most, if not all, graphics (fx) mods.

    Visual and audio mods should be all applicable and exchangable on S2R+, at least it is not the fault of S2R+ files, if issues occur.


    Relevant Notes

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    # Permission: Personal use of S2R+ is free.
    Submodding on S2R+ or a particular usage of modified files isn't allowed if you wanna publish that result, as this S2R+ is already a side-project to the original S2R startup modification.

    # Balancing base:
    Game type - Long campaign
    Difficulty - H campaign, H or M battle
    Unit size - Ultra (setting in preferences file: unit multiplier is default 1)

    # S2 language versions: The english language version will make all changed S2R+ unit names visible. No clue about other language versions.
    You can always switch a non-english language version to the english language version (and vice versa).
    This via Steam: Right-click on your S2 game in your Steam game list, choose properties, and there you go for language switch/updates.

    # Important to know: The enzyclopedia is not updated and shows the vanilla values.

    # S2R+ is not designed to play online in Multiplayer (MP) mode, it's designed as Singleplayer (SP) campaign mod.
    Players reported though, that applying the MP mode with S2R+ brought not a single issue, if the MP participants apply
    all the same game structure (same vanilla, same mods), that was for the campaign mode.

    # Tip for users who experience issues after CA patch updates or DLC's: Remove the roaming S2 folder (it'll be generated anew when starting/playing the game).
    Example path: C:\Users\your pc name\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Shogun2
    Afterwards, if still in doubt, make a Steam S2 file verification.
    And, under this path you can also find the pretty important preferences.script.txt file, there you make all customised settings for the game.

    # S2R+ has no changes for the ROTS campaign (Gempei DLC).
    If a player is going to play this DLC, he should simply remove the S2R+.pack file from the S2/data folder, means, playing without the mod, as it makes not at all sense to have the mod pack included in this case.
    Use the S2R+.pack only if you play the Shogun 2/S2R+ campaign (installation and deinstallation of S2R+.pack is extreme easy, see Installation section above).



    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    1. S2R Mod


    Agostinos - hexediting
    DaVinci - initiator, project director
    Drtad - betatester, advisor
    St. Cyr - betatester, advisor, S2R banner maker.

    2. S2R+ Mod


    DaVinci - creator
    GShock - betatester, advice, inspiration
    Hister - betatester, advice, moderation help
    dbvzl - betatester, advice, design understanding

    Since v3.0:

    Destin Faroda - did the whole compatibility work and more for 3.0 release.


    for various help ...

    Drtad - testing an early S2R+ version
    vuvihu - public testing/reporting
    tan zhi han - public testing/reporting
    TylerX5 - public testing/reporting, some researchment
    Poulp - tested one internal version
    and player reports (public threads)

    3. Special Thanks

    for modding contributions & permissions ...

    tan zhi han - temporary used his start unit script mod
    Radious - temporary used one of his garrison mod versions
    skullman86 - as for his tutorial of arrow dust removal
    Yarkis - temporary used his Unit Movement Reduction mod
    Gallus Domesticus - temporary used his Oda-Tokugawa vassal mod
    Ralendil - temporary used his Sengoku Unit Card mod
    Demokritos - temporary used his Alternative Unit Colours and Banners mod

    customised and implemented contents ...

    Hedge Knight aka Josst - Universal AI mod (UAI)
    Swiss Halberdier, et al - Additional Units Mod (AUM-Sho)
    Hedge Knight aka Josst - No Red Borders mod

    last but not least ...

    davidlallen - S2R+ v2.0, my editing land_units_stats file for the Jidai DLC unit pack is in debt of him,
    as for his excellent PFM-issue workaround tool/tutorial.
    Gallus Domesticus - with S2R+ v2.3, using his values for Realm Divide code.
    tan zhi han and DeMolay - for publicly posted historical information about Sengoku army structures.

    to the S2R+ teammates once more ...

    GShock, Hister and dbvzl.

    4. Misc

    TWS2 tool authors at incl. tutorials and comments, in particular the S2-PFM thread.
    Moderators, Admins and Contentmanagers of and forums.
    Total War community for inspiration, player reports and discussions.
    Creative Assembly (CA) for the creation of the TW vanilla games.


    Support + Team

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    1st support: S2R+ forum on, and 2nd support: S2R+ thread on TWC

    S2R+ Team:

    DaVinci - creator
    GShock (since 1.97.x versions) - beta tester/advisor, inspiration
    Hister (since post release 1.98 version) - beta tester/advisor, public moderation help
    dbvzl (since post 2.91 version) - beta tester/advisor, design understanding

    Destin Faroda - Providing the v3.0 release.



    Approach this thread since v3.0: S2R+ Release

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