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Thread: V&V - The Battle of Genoa

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    Default V&V - The Battle of Genoa

    There will be a PvP battle between Count Lothar Zirn (_Tristan_) and Prince Leopold (phonicsmonkey). Details to follow in a seperate thread.

    This poll is for the players to choose between the normal tabletop battle for a quicker version as outline in the PvP rules. However, _Tristan_ and phonicsmonkey can choose to fight this battle online instead. If they do not, then the results of this poll determine the type of battle.

    For examples of previous 1v1 PvP battles include:

    For convenience, the relevant rules for PvP battles are posted in the spoiler.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    *3.9 (...)If an army is transporting a treasury, it will lose half the treasury if it is defeated in battle and the entirety of the treasury if the army is annihilated.(..)

    *7.4 Whenever a battle occurs where both sides have a noble present, it is a PvP battle. The GM or a someone designated by him will act as umpire; the umpire cannot be a player whoís avatar is participating in the battle. Participants are free to request a different umpire if they feel there is a conflict of interest, and if possible such a request will be fulfilled.

    *7.5 If both players agree, the battle can be fought via online multiplayer, however since withdrawal is impossible in online multiple the loser of such a battle will have his entire army wiped out. The umpire will determine what unitís the players can bring to battle online, as well as what their valor/armor etc. level is. The players must post a screenshot to verify they did not use an illegal units, as well as a screenshot showing how much damage each unit took.

    *7.6 If the battle is not fought online it will be fought using the normal throne room style, or an abbreviated version thereof. Which of the two will be used shall be determined by an OOC poll of all players, to last until the battle has finished itís deployment phase. Regardless of the result, is the duty of the umpire to determine the map and army composition, as well as other relevant settings. The umpire must have the battle reflect what would happen in an in-game battle as best as possible. The umpire will also have the final say as to what the results where, including what units need to be disbanded due to casualties, whether a nobles was captured or killed, whether a settlement has been conquered, and whether a ancillary will be removed to change hands. Console commands will be used when necessary.

    *7.7 The shorter style of Throne Room PvP acts much the same as normal, except it has three phases. The first phase has each side deploy itís forces as normal. The second phase has each side submit a detailed battle plan, which the umpire will then follow for the first half of the battle. In the third phase players will be allowed to make changes to the battle plan, which will be followed for the rest of the battle. The results will then be PMed to all players involved.

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    Default Re: V&V - The Battle of Genoa

    I'm afraid I won't be available to fight the battle online.
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    Default Re: V&V - The Battle of Genoa

    Can't play this online either
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    Default Re: V&V - The Battle of Genoa

    Just seeing the pictures from the WotS battle of Ancrya gives me a sudden urge to become a rebel myself. This should be fun!

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    Default Re: V&V - The Battle of Genoa

    PvP is awesome. An absolute bear for the umpire (you should definitely thank him after it finishes), but still awesome. Cecil didn't even link to the really epic ones - I'm assuming he's saving those for when they're called for.
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    Default Re: V&V - The Battle of Genoa

    Quote Originally Posted by GeneralHankerchief View Post
    PvP is awesome. An absolute bear for the umpire (you should definitely thank him after it finishes), but still awesome. Cecil didn't even link to the really epic ones - I'm assuming he's saving those for when they're called for.
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