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Thread: Tenki Status

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    Greetings Lords and Ronins;

    We have come to a conclusion concerning our 'Ichijin clan/division.'

    As you all know Tenki clan consisted of 4 divisions.
    Earth, Fire, Water and Wind.

    The Earth, Fire, Water clans will be no more. But the Wind Division will stay on.

    Our new clan name will be called "Shingi." It means 'Loyalty' in Japanese.
    We chose this name since we have stayed on as Tenki and it was only fitting.
    Also out of all the virtues in Bushido, Loyalty is regarded as the utmost important virtue. So we have decided to carry on our duty as Tenki and continue without our brothers who have retired from battle.

    So far the members are including myself;
    Tenki-Madoka Miyoshi
    Tenki-WarPriest Miyoshi
    Tenki-KogaNoGoshi Miyoshi
    Tenki-Kaikan Miyoshi (still haven't decided on his name)
    Tenki1-Kami Miyoshi (Recruit)
    Tenki1-Thaos Miyoshi (Recruit)

    I would like to personally thank everyone in the community for the respect they have given us, and the honour to be amoung your selves in battle.

    I would like to also continue the honour given to us by many of you.

    Thank You.


    Tenki-Madoka Miyoshi
    Daimyo of the Shingi Clan

    p.s. I will add a link to post/thread as soon as possible.
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    My humble opinion about Tenki: a class act all the way!

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    Thank you man, you're all aces!

    Tenki Survivor, (hehe)

    Koga no Goshi

    "Insolent Horses!!!!"
    Koga no Goshi

    I give my Nihon Maru to TosaInu in tribute.

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    When I heard from Koga No Goshi that Tenki clan was going to break up, it was very sad for me to here it. Tenki has done great works for the game and the community e.g a great tournament they hosted. I have got to known quite a few of Tenki members and they were great guys.
    However, to know that at least some of Tenki members are going to stay on is a great news to hear.
    I wish you guys (those who are leaving) the best of luck in everything, and for those who are going to stay on 'keep up your great honours'.

    Ratta Yamamoto (Daimyo of Ratta Clan)
    Every samurai heart is their sword, to lose their sword is to die.

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    all at warlords wish u luck m8's. . . hope u can carry on ur clans great reputation!

    Cya WarlordWarrior

    Have a nice day
    Die with Honour...
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    A sad ending, and goodluck for the future guys, but htis belongs in Clans.


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