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Thread: Retainers , do we really need them on tournaments?

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    Default Retainers , do we really need them on tournaments?

    Lets see , we have a player work hard and pay tokens for his upgraded veterans and the other player take a retainer for free and effect his army like warcraft magic spell.....
    I thing will be more fair on tournament to exclude them , that will balance more the game towards the skill of the player and not his retainers , especially those with lower rank that would like to involve in the community competition.
    The retainers is a marketing tool to attract more players but for the realism short of of a strategy game that we all like I dotn feel is fair competition having my self penalize opponent enemy armies even if both sides can do the some,especially the negative retainers it like a form of cheating.

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    Default Re: Retainers , do we really need them on tournaments?

    Let's ignore units also, who needs them.

    Tournaments should just be a general vs general duel
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    Default Re: Retainers , do we really need them on tournaments?

    All total war games before this was fine without magic spells, or call of duty perks

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    Default Re: Retainers , do we really need them on tournaments?

    Gl policing retainers its just easier to have them in and classic mode is an abomination.

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    Default Re: Retainers , do we really need them on tournaments?

    TW changes, veterans and retainer are new things which are not bad. Some things are buggy and need to get fixed, but I cant see the problem in using retainer.
    Everyone can use the retainer he got, I personal cant see "unfair" retainer or whatever. Some legendaries are very strong and if you dont got them, you have some disadvance.

    But retainer dont decide about a win or a loss. People tend to overrate things in this game, some people think that certain units are too strong, other think, that certain stats are too strong and other think, that retainer are broken or veterans are too strong....

    We have balancing issues, yes, I could easy list the major problems we have right now, but instead of banning all the good things to avoid some bad things, we should work on it and try to solve the problems.

    About your suggestion. How you control what retainer someone is using?

    I have a hard time to find a good solution for this, you simply cant control that and anything I cant control, I wouldnt make a rule!
    Personal I like the classic mod, I also like my vets. Once the vets are better balanced it will be better (at least for me) than classic, since I can finetune my setup the way I like.


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