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Thread: Campaign Ending: Would Hall of Fame Be Too Cheezy?

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    Perhaps its the memories of having "sliced through your enemies like a no-dachi" after finishing a game of Sid Meier's Sword of the Samurai, but does anyone know why there's no Hall of Fame or ratings scale at the end of the game?

    I love the way the game talks about life after unification as the streets of modern Tokyo reel by (why no "Eikaiwa" ads? How can you have a scene of urban life without a Nova or ECC add on a building?). However I miss getting a "score". Would such a thing be out of place?

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    It will be really wonderful if there are such features. Such as the final army size, the list of win/loss (of all generals), even the "growth curve" of your country by years - including the koku income, the army size, etc.

    And just my personal wish: I'd like to see a pie chart of instant "clan strength" in the throne room. For example, Hojo is having the largest army which is 45% of all Japan, while my poor clan is only 14%... :>

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    I have to say it doesn't bother me. I know if i've won the game, it might be marginally interesting to compare end of game stats between campaigns, but frankly i tend only to play the first few years of a campaign after having won a few times. It's early on that the game is at it's best, when you're using troops that you actually have to general rahter htan rush the AI with...

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    it would be nice to have something like the right click on saved games, although it would have to be more glorified version, that already shows number of men, religion etc.

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    I think it would be intresting to see some stats at the end of the game.

    Somthing like the ending stats for microprose's risk II. Its more enjoyable bragging to your crushed opponent while showing the stats after that game.
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