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Thread: STW vs S2TW mp core gameplay

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    Default STW vs S2TW mp core gameplay

    I still havent got s2tw ... mainly waiting for the next patches and waiting to get my new PC ...

    Now how would you compare the core mp gameplay of s2tw to stw ? Can someone give me insight. I haven't played any game in the series since vi.

    Also is there a LAN option?

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    Default Re: STW vs S2TW mp core gameplay

    Uhhh, S1 was more about 'feeling' and knowledge of morale. It had better morale system due to flanking and was less intuitive and less noob-friendly. S2 brings vets and special abilities which can increase the importance of army setup instead of skill. That's not to say that S2 is bad by any means, but I think everyone has fond feelings of S1.

    The actual netcode/mp of S2 was originally a disaster, but it's getting better. I can't really remember much more about S1, I was 13 at the time and my memory sucks
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    Default Re: STW vs S2TW mp core gameplay

    STW is great for its' time. It is the first real time tactical battlefield game that does not involved building structures and collecting resource.

    To claim that STW is better than STW 2 is just old players ego getting ahead of themself.

    STW 2 in every way is much better than the old game, its new Avatar MP mode is a break thru for its kind and the vet system just allow you to customised your troops to your liking. I would say STW 2 is the best TW series so far and there are far more mp players then the previous TW series.

    I wouldn't be surpprise if there are alot of people waiting for the remake of MTW and RTW in a similar but much improved way.

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    Default Re: STW vs S2TW mp core gameplay

    The first games MP was more balanced, it also had better maps (atm this may change but no Totomi or 4th yet) and S2 is slower. However Shogun 2 is by far the best TW since VI in terms of online play, yesterdays patch improved it a lot as well. It has a matchmaking facilities which slowly are getting good, plus all the old ways of making games. You don't see all the community in one screen like you did in 1, which can be frustrating to the older generation who can miss the old community style. Steams pants tbh imo but there you go you get used to it after a while.

    In terms of comparisons you have all the old units you had in 1 and a few more, theres more micro management as certain units and generals have abilities,with upgradable Avatar generals and veterans Army setup is more important than in 1, you won't see as diverse armies as you did back then.

    Having said that its still Shogun and its pretty damn good tbh I'm sure you'll love it, nows a good time to get it, as improved a lot since launch and there is a LAN option.
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