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Thread: peasant unit card - but .tga is in right place? help!

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    Default peasant unit card - but .tga is in right place? help!

    the Baktrion Agema, my favorite unit in the east is nothing but a peasant in the smaller unit card! its the correct one in the description card, which is nice, but i can not keep going unless the small unit card is fixed!

    i have the .tga 'Hellenistic_Infantry Baktrioi Agema" in the Brutii Unit folder, yet it still won't revert back. is this not save game compatible?

    is there something else i need?
    if it helps, i allowed Arche Seleukaia ownership of the skeleton when i played as them last, so i could have some of my favorite units around. But that shouldn't affect the unit card of Baktria, should it?

    edit so i battled and my agema had Indo-Greek Noble skins, the purple one with the dragon. I don't understand how this is even remotely possible, because in my Descr_battle_model or whatever the Bruttii specifically have the Baktrioi Agema.tga and Baktrioi Agema.spr

    this literally does.not.follow, non sequiter

    my Descr_Model_Battle. clearly shows Bruttii with correct TGA and SPR yet the game shows the unit as an IndoGreek Hoplite

    double edit: welp, No.Matter.What. the Indo-Greek Noble skin tried to load, so i deleted the Indo Greek .TGA and removed it from the texture (leaving only the Saka and Baktrian Agema) list hoping it would simply now load the Bactrian skin since there wasn't another option.

    now its failing to find a texture that literally doesn't exist in EB folders (i have EB in Rome and Alexander, my Rome one is used as a reference and a back up source) called EBUNIT_SPW_GREEK_BACTRIAN_AGEMA_LARGE.TGA supposedly found in the models_unit/textures/ . this does NOT exist in my backup EB folder, so i literally don't understand this on any level.

    TRIPLE EDIT WOW this game doesn't make any sense; so i decided that the Indo Greek Noble skin is fine, whatever. So i copy the .tga files for the Indo Greek Hoplites to the UNIT_INFO and UNIT folders, and rename them #Baktrioi Agema and delete the original Baktrioi Agema cards. BUT THE CARD DIDN'T CHANGE. so i delete the UNIT INFO card altogether, any remnants of anything called Baktrioi Agema, Indo Greek Hoplite, whatever it could be... and THE CARD STILL IS THE SAME. FROM WHERE ARE YOU GETTING THIS PICTURE THERE IS NO .TGA FOR YOU TO LOAD THIS FROM. WHAT THE ofjal;sdkjal;kjaol;sdkj !!!!!!

    am i going insane?
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    Default Re: peasant unit card - but .tga is in right place? help!

    PLEASE someone help me! D:
    i literally can't continue my game without this issue fixed, this unit is one of the main draws of the faction for me and simply the fact that everything should be correct but for no reason isn't is driving me insane. If it weren't for finals this issue would be racking my mind all day, things that 'just aren't right' drive me insane.

    my major OCD comes into effect when this is so, i can't even play as another faction knowing that one of the files is totally screwed beyond hope despite everything being in its default setting.

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    Default Re: peasant unit card - but .tga is in right place? help!

    The file might be corrupt, try opening it in an image editing program (like paintshop or photoshop) and resaving it as TGA.
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