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Thread: Question - Archers and trees

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    Default Question - Archers and trees

    I recently watched this replay of the Tosa Cup in which Jackie_fish asked about the effect on archer fire if the archers are firing out of woods. I figured this would be the place to find out, I've had a quick look and I don't think you've done any research on this effect.

    I'm afraid I don't have the game, so I have no answer for him, but I figured it's the sort of thing you might be interested in investigating.

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    Default Re: Question - Archers and trees

    A bit of thread necromancy but having just fought a massive archer battle in a forest I thought I should comment.

    From my expereince - yes, trees do seem to have an effect on bows. I had a very long duration archery duel with a battle vs the AI, about 6 units of bow samurai engaged on each side and almost nothing was dying - I'm talking about 1-2 casualties per volley. All units, mine and theirs were fully in the trees, I still have no understanding of how such a mechanism might work - whether the arrows physically collide with the tree trunks? (trees were very dense) or if simply having your unit within a forest offers some type of arrow protection or conversely a penalty to bowfire?

    Anyway there was definitely something funny going on as normally these archery duals are pretty violent but this just wasn't the case - a couple of my units actually ran out of arrows the archery dragged out so long

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    Default Re: Question - Archers and trees

    Units in woods receive a bonus to arrow defense. Units firing out of them are not affected afaik.

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    Default Re: Question - Archers and trees

    I thought that damage was based on animation actually hitting unit, at least thats how it worked in ETW. If the trees and arrows can collide with one another then that could explain the lack of damage to units. You have the arrows leaving the forest hitting trees as well as arrows entering the forest and hitting trees. Its not like a unit suddenly walks into the woods and gains +500 to range defense allowing a samurai to have 40 arrows sticking out of him claiming to be the master pin cushion.
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