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Thread: Hojo guides, hints and tips

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    Default Hojo guides, hints and tips

    Please, post your strategies, hints and tips for playing with the Hojo clan here.
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    Default Re: Hojo guides, hints and tips

    Soooo, quiet in here.

    I have a few tips for Hojo on Legendary.

    First, as always, is to attack the rebels. This is almost a 1 to 1 fight but once the lone rebel cavalry unit is tied up you can flank the infantry. I let them chase my archers away while my generals wrapped up the infantry. Then I tied up their cavalry with a general while my spears moved in to finish the job. It's not an easy fight but one you can win.

    I can never remember the clan names so please forgive me. At this level you must pay attention to diplomacy. lucky for me Hojo loins spawned many sons so I had plenty of hostages to give. Trade is good but make sure you form an alliance with Takeda and their allies to the west. The alliance and bump in relations will give you breathing room to expand against that rival clan to the east (Musashi). Once that's done you can set your sights on Shimosa and Kazusa as they're so close to you and easy to defend. Hitachi, Shimotsuke, and Kouzuke (Takeda) are excellent targets as well. Shimotsuke and Kouzuke are chokepoints that can support each other and Hitachi, "offers a vast lineup of consumer products and services that include AV, home improvement, computer storage and automotive electronics."

    If you've managed to expand this far you've shifted the balance of power in the region and Date will likely take advantage and expand. An alliance with them is vital as they'll help against Takeda.

    I'd also recommend making trade ships after upgrading your goldmine. Recruit one ship for each of the trade hubs and scout them out. Hopefully you'll find one or two that are open. Start your foreign trade networks.

    That's as far as I've gotten.

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    Default Re: Hojo guides, hints and tips

    I think its quiet because its been months since release and nobody is playing the game now.

    I am only here because I make a policy of never buying new TW games until they've released the first major patch and the price has dropped.

    But judging by the number of posts and threads it wasn't that busy even when the game was released.


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