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Thread: Dishonourable AI

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    I have noticed that when the computer realises it cannot win it will not die with honour but simply inch away from your units until you get tired and do something stupid (like a cavalry charge into yari samurai), or it will simply wait until the time limit runs out. Also, I cannot remember the number of times I have used up all my men's morale chasing an army off the corner of the map only to realise there is another entire army camped over the other side which has been marching in steadily since the battle begun. For a game that talks so highly of honour, the AI seems to employ the dirtiest, most dishonourable tactics in the book. There is also the AI koku cheating, which was admitted by the game's designers. Hopefully these problems will be addressed by the EX pack.

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    I deleted the other thread you double posted. Since this has little if anything to do with the expansion, let me just boot it over to General Discussion.
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