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Thread: Ave Caesar!

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    Default Ave Caesar!

    For a new and huge interactive, I am looking for some one to take the part of Gaius Julius Caesar.
    Caesar's role is somehow outstanding and the game would fail if the it is played by a person without skills or ambitions.

    The person should

    - be a tactical and strategical genius
    - be skilled in politics and diplomacy
    - be a writer
    - be good in psychology
    - be an inspiring leader
    - have standing and time
    - have some friends willing and able to support him.

    Who do you think should be nominated?

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    Default Re: Ave Caesar!

    Franc - you brave man!! well done - I look forward to it.

    My humble suggestion would be Kage - I thik he fits all those qualities and it would be nice for him to be an active player as opposed to an active host. L suppose the only query - as with all of us - is how busy he is. If he is look ing for a friend to help him, then I would be happy to offer my services
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    Default Re: Ave Caesar!

    First and foremost I like to nominate myself. I was/am always looking for that big role I could finally get into, you know that Fran I never really had a chance to shine in your IH.

    My 2nd pick would be AggonyDucky. He could do quite well besides myself.

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    Default Re: Ave Caesar!

    The first person that comes to mind for me is Prince Cobra. I reckon he should be able to play the role brilliantly, provided that he has the time and energy to do so.
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    Default Re: Ave Caesar!

    So we are all cross suggesting each other.Well i guess there are many of us who could take that role. Im going to play no matter what faction i will have, thats for sure.
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