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    Angry HELP.

    Hi, I just purchased and downloaded this game from steam yesterday. I'm a huge fan of the TW series, but I was hesitant to get Shogun 2 after the myriad of problems I had with empire. Anyway, the game downloaded successfully, I ran it with DX10, and had a good time with it; everything was fine. However, I go back to play it again later, and the game immediately crashes my computer at startup and that's all i've been getting since. My computer is definitely capable of handling this game. Please help me here, I don't want to feel like I wasted another 30 bucks like I did with Empire...

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    There was a bad version of a patch released on steam recently; if you downloaded that version and haven't yet caught the fixed version that's probably the source of the problem. Make sure your game has the latest patch and try again. Otherwise, I don't know what to suggest as I haven't had any problems myself.

    EDIT: not sure what the timing was on the bad patch and fixed patch. Steam only offered the fixed version to me this morning, although I believe a few others had it yesterday. The bad version went up something like 3 days ago, I think.
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    yeah. I've looked at a lot of other boards and just about everyone who downloaded it with this summer sale is having problems. I've tried plenty of fixes, but I'll just have to wait for the patch. Steam really needs to do better with these patches.

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