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    I have played three mp games so far. Ya for me! I am still learning the details of picking an army. I have some great ideas and plans which I will not mention here, because then I cant destroy you with them. Anyway, I have a few things to say about tactics. As in every mp game there are losers. People who find little quirks in the game and use them to win. I am wondering who here uses real tactics rather then phony errors in the game? And if you do use tactics then how do you go about picking an army. Do you do it differently evey time or do you have one army ever time. Are a few very poweful high honor units better then a lot of low honor units? Lets discuss tactics and making an army here. I like to go with two archers, two muskets, two WM, and some YC, and the rest are YS with high honor. I form a long line and advance on the enemy. I am a very quick learner so already I know how to beat the little weany tactics. I would like to play someone who is intelligent and would liek to play a battle and discuss afterwards what happened and we can both learn form the battle. THere are a few things I can not test by myself. Post your army configuration if you would please people. I am interested to know how you pick your units. Anything else on tactics I am totally open to hearing. Thanks guys, from the guy who brought you the roman strategy post, which I got beaten down with.
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    Hi Patton,
    Unfortunately you cannot separate tactics from quirks -- the quirks force you to modify your tactics. This is a game and as such, to play it propperly, your tactics must reflect the knowledge of its quirks.

    Military tactics develop in the real world to take advantage of quirks of our "reality" (having the high ground gives your charge more momemntum, it's tougher to walk uphill; men don't like to be surrounded, etc)

    The same applies to the computer world. Your tactics must take advantage of the game -- not cheats mind you (hacking the game for instance), but little quirks that the game does -- (muskets shooting through your own troops with little penalty)


    BTW our clan site has many suggestions about troops, usage and some of our thoughts about picking them. you need MS Explore 5.0 or better to view. check the training dojo.

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    Hehe, before I was knocked offline I played so many people, that I figured what could beat them. I never kept myself on a straight foward, this is my army and thats all I use. I varied my armies depending on my allies and the enemy, if I was playing a good general I wont use my H9 Yari Samurai, although those are super fun, If you read the player you, would be suprised how much that actually helps, and to note any army no matter what is defeatable, I learned that the hard way dang monks, if I come back my friend, I'll take you on, I've grown older since I last played, and my tactics have bin sharpened, so I say your death is in a future data muhahaha *cough!
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    a decent, not a great, way to test armies is to get the map 'green'. it's perfectly flat and no obstructions. play the ai in single play and develop a 'base' army that more or less works.

    then play on varied terrain with that same army and you'll see that terrain demands modifing your base army a bit.

    then take it online and play real players. try and play the same folks more than once and adjust your army accordingly again.

    play it in different weather and you'll find you need to change it again.

    i doubt there is any one configuration that will work in all circumstances. you need to be fluid in army picking based on those factors above.

    generally, you'll prolly hit on some things that will remain fairly constant, but others will almost always need to be adjusted according to terrain, weather, players and style.

    and sometimes it's just plain fun to take some really weird configuration, but i suggest you do this only in single play or friendly multi. weird generally doest work in stw, though there are exceptions to that as well ;)

    the 'quirks' are pretty well known and you simply allow for them because those quirks become the norm. dont try and match up reality with the game or you'll be disappointed at times. learn the game, just like you had to learn reality, but dont confuse the two. they just arent the same thing.


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    sadly the number of people with real tactics are limited. and even if u dont use any tactics u can beat them.
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    What is it exactly that these people consider "tactics"? Maintaining strictly organized unit groupings and formations and moving according to exact proven strategies like Scipio's Manuever and such? Listen, if in the game just throwing a bunch of units at you with no apparent pattern to it can defeat you, maybe you should re-evaluate your "tactics" rather than accusing others of not having any.

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    I like the "zero" tactic game!...i like chaos...eheheheh...I like to look at your pretty formation running across the map...but then you attack you run all over the place.....hmmmmm.....hehehehe
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