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Thread: where must I invade greece?

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    Question where should I invade greece?

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    Default Re: where must I invade greece?

    I would say the black route just for one fact that you get A LOT more reinforcements from Italy in just a few turns rather than relying on one or two stacks going the other way.
    I've never invaded the Greeks yet so I don't really have much experience with fighting loads of phalanx/hoplite units. But just think about how once you fight one or two battles you'll badly need more fresh troops from the mainland and you'll need them fast. Therefore, black route I would go for myself. :)

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    Default Re: where must I invade greece?

    patavium segestica dalmatia easy land rout you can continue to suply yourself with fresh troops using the land rout and the easy acess to mines gives you a double advantage of more income for you and less for the hellenes and then you can take their lands while building up the danube wall with frontier river passes forts to avoid the dacians while moving into the epirote mine filled lands

    not to mention that any other route means you risk getting your ass kicked at sea by pirates or one of the hellenic balkanic mikra asia fleets wich would mean lOSS of valuable soldiers

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    My general hint for invading peninsulas is:
    1.when you want to conquer the peninsula - come from the sea
    2.when you want to get rid of it's inhabitants - come from the mainland

    in this particular case option 2 sounds better tho as YD23 already mentioned, your supply lines are shorter.

    Ps when you choose the black route you also have to option to hide your ships in your docks at the end of each turn.
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    I'd come from the south, so that you can maintain a narrow front and play divide and conquer.

    Given your borders you ought to be able to make peace with Epeiros + Macedon while you conquer the KH. Then destroy the European Makedonians. That will leave the Epeirotes isolating you from the other Maks, so you can get a peace out of the Maks while you devour Epeiros. Then you have the Maks across the Bosphorous to finish up (or just hold a border at the choke points and leave Asia i.e. the Seleucids for later).

    Also Crete is a place you really want a high level MIC plus blacksmith/temples/whatever for the archers. That takes a fair while to build, along with the health/wealth/happiness stuff to make it work, so you might as well get started early.

    Build a navy. Clear the seas, and drop freshly supplied armies right on top of their targets.

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    Default Re: where must I invade greece?

    First, your navy is going to get sunk by those pirates west of Greece (and your army with them). And if you beat them, watch for that Carthaginian Navy south of Taras: They might break the ceasefire just to attack your weaker navy. Strengthen your fleet with a couple of ships more if you want to invade from the sea.

    Get Krete, pacify the region, move to Rhodos. Looks like the KH have a pretty big stack there, so you are going to take some losses.

    Be sure to have trading rights with Epirote, Makedonians and the Seleukids. Sea trade from those islands is a nice and steady income.

    Then if the KH are still a "living" faction and haven't been conquered by the Makedonians, invade them, while at the same time start moving another army out from Northern Italy and conquering Illyria. If you play your cards correctly, you'll be able to envelop the Epirotes from north and south. If you can't, then choose who to fight: The Makedonians from the south or the Epirotes from the north. The KH might not have been destroyed because some city in Spain, Asia Minor or Crimea might have rebelled to them, but that shouldn't be a problem; ask for ceasefire and trading rights and finish them off later in game.

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    Default Re: where must I invade greece?

    where should you invade Greece
    sorry, was bothering me!

    carry on with the strategy, gentlemen

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    Default Re: where must I invade greece?

    with this army?

    simple, just ask Jirisys, where he want to go...

    PS: I'm suggesting that he should go assault Sparta head on, and start taking KH so in worst case, at least you got a very defendable choke position in peninsulla
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    Default Re: where must I invade greece?

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    Default Re: where must I invade greece?

    I think you're better to turtle up and wait till polybian reforms kick in
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    Default Re: where must I invade greece?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cute Wolf View Post
    simple, just ask Jirisys, where he want to go...
    I once died on the land route from Segestica to Epeiros, so no.

    I don't really like the sea, so Krete can wait.

    Let's go to Ambrakia by the Adriatic (departing from Taras) and enslave it

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    Default Re: where must I invade greece?

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    Default Re: where must I invade greece?

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    Default Re: where must I invade greece?

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    Default Re: where must I invade greece?

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    Default Re: where must I invade greece?

    Great campain Moai17! Congratulations!

    Now, you need to take care with your diplomacy. Take no city in Turkei's coast. The Seleucids will attack you fast if you do that.

    Try to sign a peace treat with all of your enemys and to be come ally of one Gaul faction, I suggest Aedui. Fortify your new positions in Greece and send diplomats to everwhere, in first place to Selecids. Sign trade treats and map information, give to then some gift (money is a god gift ;) ).

    Take rebel towns in god trade places like Cire. Expand your domains to the west, but, be sure, when your border been close to the Cartigian border they will attack you.

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    Default Re: where must I invade greece?

    The way I do it, (beaten campaign several times because the Romans are just so awesome) is to do a three-pronged assault across the Adriatic, using 3 or 4 armies.

    Firstly, since you own Patavium, march an army up around the north and take Segestica. Simultaneously send an army across by sea to land and take Dalminion. Lastly, send another navy across with 2 armies to land and besiege Epidamnos, with your spare to keep your besieging army safe. If you want to go all-out blitz, send additional armies simultaneously by sea to hit Ambrakia and Thermon.

    Make sure you have screening navies to stop the pirates and an additional 2-3 legions to patrol the countryside / set up forts at passes to protect your besieging armies. It's ahistorical, but if you saved up money for 10 years, you could have enough to recruit the legions, support them while their attacking and until all the mines and cities you've conquered can become functional for your faction. Once done, send those armies eastward and take Singidunum, Serdike, Pella, Demetrias, Athens, and Korinthos.

    You'll have absolutely crushed all resistance of note by this time, and your spare "security" legions can be used to hit additional cities or to reinforce your main ones.

    By all means, do not ever attempt to invade Crete or Rhodes from Italy. You'll lose your fleets every single time. Ships, in this game, are only to be used when you "bridge" from one land mass to another in a single turn and your troops don't have to spend the AI's turns on the water. Hit Crete from Greece after Sparte is taken, and then Rhodes after Crete is taken.


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    Default Re: where must I invade greece?

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    Default Re: where must I invade greece?

    dalmatia and segestica with their mines

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    Default Re: where must I invade greece?

    Bring more than 9000 talents of silver to Athenai and buy up their debts. Just place a large garrisons and crank taxes to 'Very high' afterwards.

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    Default Re: where must I invade greece?

    I have a Romani game going on, though I haven't played it for a while. It's more "historical" to go after Carthage before the Greeks.

    Dalminion and Segestica (the two places north-west of Epeiros' starting position) give good mining income, some sea trade with your Italian cities and those Illyrian regional troops which are pretty good. However having them does increase the chance of being attacked by Epeiros or Makedon, so I'd only take those two towns if you intend to push into Greece shortly afterwards.

    What I did, IIRC: after uniting Italy I took Carthage's overseas possesions, then destroyed them in Africa. Afterwards I expanded to cover all of Spain (thus eliminating the Lusotani).

    Meanwhile, I was allied with the Averni The Averni came quite close to being extinguished at several points, first by doing badly against the Aedui and then because the Sweboz went rampaging across Gaul. I intervened several times with large stacks, saving the Averni and expelling the Sweboz from Gaul. The cities in the Alps are mine also, type 4 client states - these are regulary attacked by them as well; but they can repel them without needing Roman troops.

    The last time I played it I had also annexed Greece, IIRC the Koinon Helenon still exist but they're limited to Rhodos. By the time I went into the Balkans/Greece I had already conquered Spain and most of Africa so I was obscenely rich. The Ptolemaioi made the mistake of attacking my possessions in Africa and are repelled easily enough most of the time. They'll be my next target as soon as I play again. I don't remember what the date was, but I had reached the Marian reforms shortly before that - I had finished my conquest of Greece using Polybian troops.

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