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    Lightbulb Historical Rome Total War

    Hey there!

    I'm ahowl11 and i'm new to the org. I've been working on a mod over at TWC the past month. The mod is called Historical Rome Total War, HRTW for short. Right now the team and I have come up with two versions. Alpha and Beta. We are currently working on Alpha, which will contain these features:
    Game Starts in 280 B.C. ends 14 A.D.
    One Roman Faction (Julii into Roman Republic)
    3 New Factions: (Scipii to Illyria, Brutii to Nabataean Kingdom, Senate to Bosporan Kingdom)
    Two culture changes: (Egypt to a more hellenic Ptolemaic Empire, Thrace switched from greek to barbarian but will have greek units)
    Name Changes: (Egypt to Ptolemaic Empire, Julii to Roman Republic, Parthia to Atropatene, Spain to Iberia, Scythia to Sarmatia)
    Alot of reskins: (Carthaginian Archers, German Warbands, etc.)

    The goal of the entire mod is to make it as historically as possible with out messing up the "vanilla system"

    In beta we have not really figured out what to do entirely but we have ideas such as these:

    adding settlements/regions
    incorporating AOR
    New faction symbols
    Historically accurate postions
    new units/skins
    government systems
    night battles
    better grass/water etc.
    better ai battle formations

    We need anybody interested in helping out this mod to PM me immediately! Once you contact me we can set you up for our team..

    Currently we have 12-13 members at TWC each contributing well.. However it's not enough! Our ranks need to be filled.

    We Need the following:
    Skinners, skinners, skinners!!! (especially with all the reskinning)
    2D artists (faction symbols, signatues, loading screens etc)
    Mappers (we have a good one but he is extremely busy all the time)
    Text Editors/Coders (when we implement features such as AOR, or a Client Kingdom System, diplomacy etc.)
    Historians (We need all of you! I have posted an add in the monastery for you guys as well)

    even if you can contribute a little bit, or research, or hook us up with other people/websites/programs/minimods it would be greatly appreciated.
    Everyone who contributes will get credit when the mod is released..

    Currently I am trying to set up HRTW it's own sub-forum for TWC and the org both.. it will make work alot easier.

    And yes I am the mod leader ;)

    Please consider and I look forward to hearing from all of you soon!


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    Default Re: Historical Rome Total War

    Is anybody out there?? I really need someone who is good at reskinning and creating UI's! Please contact me ASAP if you can help!


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