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Thread: how to cheat to win a navy battle?

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    Default how to cheat to win a navy battle?

    I don't know whether this is against forum rules but I'm stuck with 8 ships and the enemy has 10. I have a full army including my daimyo on it and i really dont want to lose it. I tried multiple times fighting it on the battle field but i keep losing cause they have more fire bombers than me. I didnt want to have to resort to cheating but it seems i have to. can someone on here explain to me how to use cheats in shogun 2 total war?

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    Default Re: how to cheat to win a navy battle?

    What does the bar say before you go into battle? It's possible to win with autocalc as the attackers seem to have a slight advantage in it and some ships are over/undervalued.
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    theirs is slightly over mine but the problem is is that the enemy has like 4 or 5 fire bombers and i mostly have medium and bow ships. so they come up and fire bomb my ships then board. and even if they dont board the morale has gone down to red.
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    Default Re: how to cheat to win a navy battle?

    I actually just escaped it by splitting my ships into 2 ( i couldn't move far because i already moved) then the one that the enemy attacked i had retreat, then the other one i had retreat too when they attacked it. didnt even chase me this time.

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