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Unfortunately, I bought a house. And although others have contacted me to pick up the pieces I've been very bad about getting the content they need to work on the project. There are many reasons, 8 solid months of daily house work, two months of working over 200 hours or more at my job, trying to get back into things I put off while making the mod (I've produced three short films and have written 15 short scripts in the past 7 months, more than I did in the past four years of working on the mod), my hard drive died, my modding computer was only hooked back up two weeks ago, and honestly pure burn out and lazyness of my part. For the latter I am sorry to all who have worked on the mod and have been patiently waiting for its release.

I have sent the mod folder, as it is, to another modder who has been testing it and asking me for my resources, which I do need to get to them. If he is willing, I'll let him take on the project. There is a chance I could get a second wind on this, but other than finally getting the material to those asking for it, that may not happen till the end of the year.

Its been a long road and this is not where I ever wanted it to end up. I can't make any promises except to say thank you to everyone who followed us, thanks especially to those who helped, and no one can know what the future brings.

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