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Thread: Game of thrones mod

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baron von Manteuffel View Post
    Hello, are the Warrior's Sons Knights, and Foot Knights, recruitable for Lannister? They are in Custom Battle.
    They are available to any Sevener faction as long as they have the right buildings in KL - I think it's the Faith Militant building, and the mounted knights need suitable horse breeder. It's a while since I've played it myself so the details are a bit hazy now....

    As in the canon (books or show), there are many benefits to be derived from holding King's Landing

    A mod for Medieval:TW (with VI)

    Discussion forum thread

    Download A Game of Thrones Mod v1.4

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    Great mod. On my game quick battle isn't working, is there any way to fix this. The quick battles make interesting scenarios.

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    Nevermind, I just realized how easy it is to make them.

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    Hi! Currently playing this mod and enjoying it immensely. Is there any chance of having an enhanced edition, i.e better graphics, more factions, more units, more balance. I am willing to help, especially in the graphics department as I have made quite a few new textures that might serve well in most MTW mods.

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