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Thread: how do I repack files with extension .pack?

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    Question how do I repack files with extension .pack?

    Hello, I used a program called "Medieval 2 Total War .PACK Extractor v1.0" to extract files from localized.pack
    Now, after I have made modifications to the files extracted, I would like to know how to recompress .pack file again.
    I have seen this modified file, usually found in translations on the internet but do not know how to modify
    I have version 1.0 of the game Medieval 2 Total War.
    I thank anyone who helps me.

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    Default Re: how do I repack files with extension .pack?

    I don't think those community made extractors work very well, just get patch 1.2 and that includes the ca program in data/tools and there must be a .bat to repack stuff.

    Oh and btw you don't even need to repack, just type
    file_first = true
    to the medieval2.preferences.cfg (open w/ notepad) and the game will use the modified files.
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    Default Re: how do I repack files with extension .pack?

    Ok, I'll download the 1.2 patch.
    then I'll modify the medieval2.preferences.cfg just as you taught.
    The problem is that the download will take long because of my internet connection is very slow. :D
    thanks for help

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    Default Re: how do I repack files with extension .pack?

    Just In case, my Pack-File Builder script (a MTW2 PackFile packer/re-packer) can be downloaded here:
    Maybe not the finest tool, but better than nothing

    Hope this helps


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