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Thread: Good cavalry faction ? +Some other cavalry question

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    Default Good cavalry faction ? +Some other cavalry question

    Hello forum ,

    I'm a new casual mtw2 player who's just completed the England campaign on E/E. I'm new to such games and therefore i usually spam longbowmen and infantry to avoid confusing myself with too many different unit types to manage.

    After facing and getting crushed by the mongols ( even on E/E ) I'm starting to take a liking to their army line-up i.e. , mainly cavalry. I just read a guide titled - Hunters All Their Lives: A Missile Cavalry Guide and i'm really interested to start a decent (M/M) campaign using just missile and heavy cavalry for open field battles. Playing as England , i didn't have too many choices regarding cavalry.

    I have read many different threads about the pros and cons of the cavalry from the different factions and im getting a little bit confused myself.
    I understand the Moors have the Camel Gunners(good against armor) which unfortunately , can only be trained late into the game. I read some posts saying that Russia have the best cavalry units.
    Egypt with their Mamluks, Turks , with their horse archers and so on.

    So my first question is , which faction would the forum recommend for an all cavalry(missile + heavy) army ?
    Secondly , i have noticed that when my ammunition runs out , the missile units basically becomes useless(?). I'm not able to get high kills using them if the enemy has loads of armored troops. Therefore when i do create an all cavalry army , is it recommended to still have missile cavalry ?

    I hope the forum can answer my questions :)
    Early thanks , and with that , happy total war-ing :)

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    Default Re: Good cavalry faction ? +Some other cavalry question

    When missile troops run out of ammo, they take out their swords/knives/axes/mallets and hack/stab/hammer away at the enemy troops. There aren't many missile units that can stand up to an armoured guy with a longsword and a shield, so I guess your only bet is to weaken them with your missiles before charging your missile troops into them.

    Missile cav is somewhat better at this, because they can stay out of the melee infantry's way and when they run out of missiles, their charge makes most units rout after they have just been decimated by missiles.

    As for factions with lots of missile cav... Egypt has some nice units that can be trained in Castles, so does Portugal (early on as well). Not sure if they are upgraded/available later on because I never enjoyed playing those factions. I like heavy infantry most, so I stick with central European factions.

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    Default Re: Good cavalry faction ? +Some other cavalry question

    For vanilla M2TW go with France for heavy cav (or HRE as a close second), the ERE (or Byzantium as you call them) for a mix of all three types of cav, and with Hungary or Poland or Russia or Turkey or Egypt for missile cav.
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