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    Exclamation S2R+ | Changelog

    Shogun 2 Realism + (S2R+)



    S2R 0.300
    - All land units have had their main stats significantly changed.
    - Yari Ashigaru now use the same pike type as Yari Samurai (as historical). Edit: Fight properly with the pike, not with swords as in vanilla.
    - Added research requirements for elite units.
    - Enabled Loan Sword Ashigaru for the single player mode.
    - Samurai units have a capped recruitment limit of ten units per type.
    - Certain building effects changed, ie. training locations add recruitment slots.
    - The conversion to Christianity: The rate has been much reduced to reflect the fact that at the height of christian popularity in Japan,
    it only accounted for 2% of the population’s belief. But it happens still that a faction converts.
    - Some recruitment turns have been changed.
    - Addition of a Naginata Ashigaru unit.
    - Enabled recruitment of Ronins
    - Unit Cap of 2 for Katana and Yari Ronin
    - Costs and Upkeep increased for Katana and Yari Ronin
    - Katana and Yari Ronin recruitable at Sake Dens and upgrades
    - Enabled recruitment of Wakos
    - Unit Cap of 3 per Wako unit
    - Costs and Upkeep increased for Wakos
    - Wakos recruitable at Pirate Lair/Fortress
    - Unit Cap for Loan Swordsmen (Sword Ashigaru) added (15)
    - Loan Swordsmen recruitable at Sword School and its upgrades
    - Monk Warrior Cavalry enabled for custom battles
    - Diverse unit stats tweaked.
    - Yari units have pikewall attribute available.
    - Completely new unit: Naginata Ashigaru added (the very first TWS2 custom unit).
    - Sword Ashigaru are capped at 10 units per faction, and now recruitable only with Sword Schools and upgrades.
    - Katana Samurai are now capped at 3 per faction, except Shimazu, who gets 5 units (their faction bonus). Katana Cavalry capped at 1 unit per faction.
    - Increased garrison forces that are spawned by castles if sieged. 1st and 2nd tier castle buildings spawn additionally 2 Bow Ashigaru (as help for these tiers,
    this is pretty much wip, garrisons will be adjusted).
    - Experience created by buildings has been reduced. Units now gain exp faster from battles (75% of former exp needed for level up).
    - Fixed: Yari Ashigaru voice-bug.
    - Dojo unit stats adjusted, and included in high tier castle spawns.
    - Monk units capped at ten per type.
    - Light Cavalry less lethal now.
    - Bow Ashigaru take 2 turns to recruit now, while Imported Matchlocks take 1.
    0.331 to 0.339/0.340
    - AI should recruit less Archers
    - Archers now require Archer Dojos
    - tables updated for compatibility with PFM 1.6.4
    - bug fix: Hattori Yari Ashigaru have now special training
    - new unit: Oda Naginata Ashigaru
    - new unit: Hattori Naginata Ashigaru
    - new unit: Oda Sword Ashigaru
    - new unit: Hattori Sword Ashigaru
    - new unit: Shimazu Sword Ashigaru
    - Ronins now require Criminal Syndicate or Mizu Shobai buildings
    - Naginata Samurai pike wall ability removed
    - Unit name changes started to a new system.


    S2R+ Development

    The changelog is here partly mere a development-diary.
    Many points describe rather multiple alterations, which are much too numerous to give detail-lists.
    Also due to the development-character, many changelog points were/are only temporary valid, means,
    many of them are mentioned in several versions, partly with controversal decisions in more recent versions.

    S2R+ 1.0
    - Dojo recruitment is back, Samurai no longer wait on a researchment.
    - Samurai basicly have 100 men (on ultra size setting).
    - Many units have a slight new meaning, ie. Yumi Ashigaru and Sword Ashigaru are capped in recruitment numbers, but are quite better now, shall display some kind of
    elite Ashigaru close to the clan retainment.
    - Unit file spacing is changed (Asigaru Yari remain tight, all other have a bit more space in the ranks, especially Naginata and No Dachi).
    - Unit names have a new system: "Social Satus - Property/1st Weapon | Faction", example: "Samurai - Daikyu | Chosokabe" or "Ashigaru - Yari | Oda"
    - Combat stats revised, ie. Samurai bit less armour value, and other balancing. Also, all units are considered now.
    - Some code has been done to give the AI a more realilistic recruitment priority for the unit classes, while this is dependent on the local availability (castle, dojo).
    - High researchments have reduced research-points, ie. Matchlocks should be quicker to get.
    - All in all, game is probably bit harder now in comparison to the normal S2R, as Samurai are available from the start again, if a dojo is contructed, AI will field them of
    course immediately.

    - Increased Samurai recruitment costs.
    - Decreased 1st tier building construction costs.
    - All researchment points shortened.
    - Minor other things.

    - Diverse combat stats revised, examples: accuracy, reload skill more structured; fixed also all Multiplayer stats; new organised attributes like inspire allies, stamina,
    immune to attrition.

    - Matchlock and bow ranges: matchlocks increased compared to simple bows (elite bows still compete to matchlocks or partly even have a higher range).
    - Removed fire arrows (apparently, in testing), except for naval and static/protected infantry usage.
    - Balancing: everything is more balanced.
    - Faction-specific aspects: abilities more expressive, Oda and other major factions are likely to survive/expand.

    1.3 Hotfix
    - Unit attribute changes/fixes (due to wrong PFM tab columns): stamina, inspire allies, scare enemies, dismounted charge bonus now correct.
    - Charge stats revised (reduced).

    - Ashigaru Yari got 250 -> 280 men (unit size ultra, multiplier setting 1).
    - Faction-specific stats got once more slightly more express.
    - Some unit caps revised, increased numbers, examples: Bomb Throwers, Ashigaru Yumi, Samurai Yari).
    - Unit caps now also for ships (but vast numbers possible) and artillery.
    - Naval combat slightly modified: Far higher morale.
    - Projectile damage slightly modified, examples: elite bows better, matchlocks got armour piercing attribute, handbombs better.
    - Other minor combat stat changes.
    - Food consumption removed from markets, added to roads (but starts already with -1 for the 1st constructable road improvement).
    - Food consumption reduced in castle tiers 1 and 2 (fort/stronghold -1, else vanilla values). Should also help the AI.
    - Food provision +1 added to art researchment Kinza Mint (highest stage chi for province improvement), so equality is possible in the very late game.
    - Fixed (removed) the bugged unit attribute "scare enemy" from all units, thanks go to vuvihu (see thread) who discovered this oddity.

    - Fixed/changed the food supply system (which doesn't work as intended in 1.4):
    now castle string consumes again like vanilla, market string provides & consumes food while higher tiers (from on Guild) gain a surplus, road string consumes food,
    province chi arts with added food boni can solve situations also for the later game.
    This new system is subject to playtesting (wip), while i think it is more interesting now and reflects slightly more realism approaches.

    - Implemented Radious' Garrison Mod v4. Effect: Garrison spawns increased. Credits for this change go to Radious, according thread with details

    - Ikko Ikki and other factions special tweaks for recruitment of faction-specific units (shorter training and costs).
    - Road building tiers require province chi art (equal fields and chonindo), which prepare food consumption of the road constructions
    (also to help the AI not running into food rebellions too easy).

    - Religion conversion rates decreased (all, except the Ikko Ikki special belief to keep them unique "annoying").
    - Roads building tiers all got a small but efficient tax bonus (also as for the food penalty to attract the AI more, and generally increase slightly the cashflow).
    - Some unit names once touched, ie. "Monks" -> "Sohei".
    - Wako ships upkeep lowered makes them worthy to keep if captured.
    - All "hero" units less expensive (more cost-effective now).
    - Unit upkeep partly decreased (slight increased general cashflow).
    - Spear bushido slight faster.

    - All infantry and cavalry unit names overhauled: removed all english expresses, replaced with japanese ones.
    - Minor things in the unit file (some cap changes ie. euro canons more limited).
    - All mod tsv files got the s2r tag (should make them 100 % independent from CA patches), older file names removed, additional S2R files got "_add_" to the name.

    - Fixed the nanban ports having vanilla christian conversion rate back ( somehow found it's way back ;) ), just back to the former lowered rate.
    - Rice-exchange provides +1 surplus food (formerly first with Guild possible).
    - Land units: armour, numbers, costs revised (still more different per faction and unit type).
    - Naval units: morale per type and faction more different and generally once more slightly increased, as well as caps more limited (AI partly focuses too much on ships).
    - Way of sea: all naval arts got +10 map movement.
    - Way of bow: accuracy and reload boni re-organised/added.

    - Replenishment adjusted, in effect reduced.
    - Recruitment slots decreased from dojos, increased for castles.
    - Nanban income increased.
    - Art researchment boni via castles and temples increased.
    - Unit upkeep penalties added to higher art researchments.
    - ... and naval melee combat balanced (the vast attack values heavily reduced).

    In effect, the game will be more dynamicly while for the late game years, perhaps keeping standing armies will more difficult, the higher the upkeep per unit is.
    This is a trial for a reflection of the late Senguko period, more Ashigaru might fill the "army gaps" for the mid to late game.
    As preparation works of course an increased cashflow.

    - Bugfix for one unit with a faulty code, which could provoke a crash in the battle mode.
    - Bit recruitment adjustment, ie. adressed again Oda units, as in recent testcampaigns, he vanished quickly again.

    - Back to former valid garrison mod (from S2R)
    - Minor other things.

    - Different balance tweaks: results in survival/expanding chances for the majors.

    - Very slight balance tweaks.
    - Start unit script added (campaign folder): S2R+ custom light version, scripted by tan zhi han.
    - Re-added radious arrison mod v4.
    - Removed dust clouds from arrow and matchlock impact, thanks to the one who did the tutorial for that xml mod at TWC (name, see S2R+ forum credits list).
    ... changes result in higher chances for majors to survive and expand, besides the whole balance is somehow altered, still wip, but on the way to something reallywell shaped.

    - Building costs and construction times revised.
    - Some unit costs and train turns adjusted.

    - Added flagbearers to all infantry units.
    - Bow Samurai got long range bow (same high range as bow monk).
    - Yari Samurai slight more charge power.
    - Some other small unit adjustments.
    - Unit caps mirrored in MP column (also valid for custom battle mode).
    Note: MP and custom battle unit costs are still vanilla values.

    - Added some slight penalties to christian buildings.
    - Added some slight boni to budhist and shizu temples.
    - Once more some unit boni to Shimazu and Oda, and few boni to Ikko Ikki.
    - Ship caps more restricted (necessary to force AI recruiting less navalunits).
    ... Shimazu but especially Oda should be more stable now.

    - Removed the campaigns folder (the contained light version start-unit script)
    - Removed the 2nd flagbearer as for odd animation.
    - Changed some unit numbers, ie. units with 80 -> 100.

    - Campaign difficulty handicaps changed: H cost/upkeep neutral, N is complete neutral (edit: it seems vanilla overwrites it though for some unknown reason).
    - Added few more faction specific tweaks.
    - Added faction specific Naginata Ashigaru to Shimazu.

    - Added more campaign tweak changes via buildings (food, repression, happiness and other) and via art researchment.
    - Also re-enabled fire arrows, while it shouldn't work for mobile archer deployments (just only naval and static archers via protection).
    - Nearly all Samurai units got +1 armour to make them slight more valuable again.

    - Patch 2 compatibility fix

    - Added faction specific Naginata Ashigaru to Mori (mid-map major faction support).
    - Lowered Ashigaru Yari default morale.
    - Morale increase via buildings added (late game Ashigaru's will be very valueable units).
    - Diverse tweaks (ie. default Ashigaru Yari need also 2 turns recruitment, while faction specific Ashigaru need 1 turn - as well major faction support).

    - Non-faction-specific Sword Ashigaru disabled (preparation for the upcoming DLC).
    - Campaign mode, non-faction-specific Naginata Ashigaru disabled (kept for custom battle mode though).
    - Other tweaks unit-related to match the new balance.

    - Arrow ammo lowered for Bow Ashi, except for the garrison.
    - More tweaks for faction-specific vs. non-faction-specific units.
    - Late Yari Ashigaru added, recruitable from on castle-castle tier, abilities as Oda Yari Ashigaru.

    - Faction-specific Yari Ashigaru Shimazu added, abilities as Oda Yari Ashigaru.
    - Faction-specific Yari Ashigaru Mori added, abilities as Oda Yari Ashigaru.

    - Ronin units incl. the new Bow Ronin properly implemented/adjusted (recruitable via dojo and taverns).
    - Warrior Nun properly implemented/adjusted.

    1.91 2nd Edition
    - Crash fixed.
    - Mod .pack file got version number.

    - Projectile adjustments (realism backgrounds more considered in diverse regards).
    - Rank deployment adjustments (former used depth 4 -> 3, except for Yari Ashigaru left with 4).
    - Landunit infantry units default map movement points slightly increased.
    - Minor other unit adjustments.
    - Testing new added and adjusted building properties.

    - Added 2nd nanban matchlock unit for a certain purpose.
    - Diverse building and technology tweaks to increasing the challenge throughout the campaign.

    - Added faction-specific Bow Wako for Mori clan.
    - CAI balancing, ie. higher percentage for region defence.
    - Other minor adjustments.

    - Ikko Ikki dlc installed, compatibility is verified (already with v1.94).
    - Naginata Ashigaru (the non faction-specific) re-enabled for all major factions which don't apply the faction-specific ones, recruitable with stronghold.
    - Geisha agent one tier earlier available.
    - Other adjustments.

    - CAI balancing, adjustments in favour of the major factions (ie. minor factions merely defensive).
    - Default Yari Ashigaru requires 1st Bushi art.
    - Balancing so that major key factions Oda, Mori and Shimazu expand and stay in the game.
    - Diverse other adjustments.
    - Movement reduction mod included into the S2R+ folder, because this small mod is essential for the S2R+ battle mode.

    - CAI balancing, ie. help ally factor slightly increased.
    - Diverse nerfs for major faction units to decrease slightly a possible steamroller-effect.
    - More kv morale files added, adjustments (some impacts more relevant).
    - Land unit experience bonus rate file added, adjustments (rates reduced to decrease the "exp-uber-unit" effect).
    - Diverse other adjustments.

    - CAI balancing, minor vs. major factions more balanced again, and dozens other ai adjustments.
    - Faction design changed: Tokugawa now is also Oda regarding AI character and unit recruitment, background:
    in history they belonged together, plus Oda AI sometimes still fails to survive. So who plays the
    Tokugawa-Oda or Oda-Tokugawa faction? (in my recent campaign test Oda made it).
    - Diverse buffs back for Shimazu units to increase their survival-option (Kyushu isle is full of their enemies, so that's necessary).
    - Bit more support for Takeda cavalry to strenghening them vs. nasty enemies (this faction is usually also encircled by enemies).
    - Addition early faction-specific Matchlock Ashigaru ("Trade") unit for Shimazu via harbour (historically had 1st guns in Japan).
    - Diverse unit recruitment changes/additions, examples: Bow Wako via trade port, "Late" Yari Ashigaru earlier possible,
    Bow Cavalry with 1st horse stable, Bow Ronin via fort tier, many Monk Warriors Ikko and Uesegi exclusive.
    - Slight adjustments for some kv files (common valid combat factors, ie. flanking and other things are slight more morale-damaging).
    - Land unit experience bonus rates further decreased vs. uber-unit effects, and experience treshold heavily upped.
    - Default landunit map movement points generally reduced vs. steamroller effects (roads and traits are more relevant now).
    - Garrison modding: Yari Ashi spawn number increased.
    - Unit "radar" radius immense increased.
    - Diverse other unit adjustments.

    1.97.5 (internal)
    - From on row 3 the bushido researchment points further decreased (ca. 15 % quicker).
    - Diverse unit adjustments: unit numbers, costs-upkeep, recruitment.
    - Some leading units have inspire unit ability ("heroes", "great guard", "katana samurai").
    - Once more some kv morale file changes to increase slightly morale damage.
    - CAI, help ally factor increased and other adjustments.
    - Diplo attitudes changed in favour for more trade & alliance stability.
    - Contained an Oda-Tokugawa vassal mod, done by Gallus Domesticus, link
    - As for this contained mod (Tokugawa is vassal of Oda), the in v1.97 enabled new faction-design is erased, while Tokugawa can still recruit Oda Yari Ashigaru.

    1.97.6 (internal)
    - Bugfixes.
    - Once more some recruitment reorganisation, also all "hero" units from on 3rd tier buildings (instead 4th tier).
    - Additional inspire unit ability removed. (internal)
    - CAI adjustment:
    a) Commonly slight more on recruitment and defence vs. expansion, AI is more cautious in its moves on external area, shall prepare its expansion better.
    b) Also minor-full AI is slight more like major AI now, slightly less expansionist still. Real minor AI is most on defensive and help ally, a supporter
    of its allies and traders, no expansionist anyway (by default).

    1.97.7 (internal)
    - CAI, as, but turned the table (some values) so that major clans expand properly, alliances & trade stable.
    - ...with slight unit balancing for Shimazu and Mori having minimal more Yari Ashigaru (270 -> 280).
    Shimazu destroyed Ito 1548 and is still allied with Sagara, Oda expands in alliance with Tokugawa (who are weak), and other positive surprises. That's it! to 1.97.8.x (internal)
    - Another new unit cost/upkeep model is introduced (model has been dsiplayed in the public forum under Unit Guides).
    Here for example all Samurai have significantly lowered upkeep.
    From internal tasklist since 1.97.7.x:
    - Samurai units more limited in availability, now as mercs are available soon in the game. Also because they are cheap now (upkeep), so money swims into the pockets,
    if i'm not using the mercs as the AI does, besides: army stacks are partly quality-unit-oriented with the early mercenaries. Player is forced to use the expensive
    mercs if he wanna have more quality units, esp. for the mid to late game.
    Limiting basicly: (factionspecific differences though)
    SamKata: 1 ; -horse: 1
    SamYari: 2 ; -horse: 3
    SamNagi: 1 ; /
    SamBow: 2 ; -horse: 3
    SamLightHorse: 6
    Monks accordingly. Yumi Ashi bit less as well.
    - Bushi Yari Ashi (the Late Ashi): Need another requirement, "Way of Spear" art. Put them into the encampment building string. Recruiting via "barracks" only.
    - Combat, all attack and defense values down, at least 1-2 points, armour remains as is, this will slow down battle speed a bit more,
    fatigue then comes into play automatically slightly more, so units with no good stamina will break earlier (esp. default YAshis and other).
    - Trade income from the sea-trade locations decreased significantly, as workaround reduced the cap of trade ships significantly (max. 5),
    and upped the costs/upkeep for them. And CAI trade behaviour very slightly upped once more.
    - Christianity convert rate still lower.
    - Takeda buff, in the else excellent balanced 1.97.7 version, Takeda was way too weak. Oda slight nerf, Ikko slight nerf, even Shimazu very slight nerf. Hattori slight buff.
    - Preventing gen/bg's from suicide charge (wip). As of yet, attack and charge values, and also morale significantly reduced. As player one have to take care of them.
    Still able to charge/rout Bow Ashi and other light troops without spears. Good armour and defense stays, but also morale-shock resistence removed for new aquired generals.
    Recently added also skirmish attribute to them, but doesn't change a lot in AI hands, often still charges head on.
    - Put Takeda "light" cavalry into castle tiers, instead of stable reqirement, because this unit is one of the less "early" faction-specific advantages.
    - Again some construction turns and costs revision.
    - Once more different cost structure changes. Ie. artillery units more expensive, gen./bg all back to 100 upkeep, new aquired 200 upkeep, affording a fleet more expensive.
    - Sword Ashi Ikko Ikki enabled for campaign recruitment.
    - Faction specific YAshi units and also all other YAshi caps reduced. Ie. player (and AI) shall be forced to complement its army with the "late" YAshi in the later game.
    In general/additionally changed:
    - Strenghening Mori a bit: added a faction-specific sword Wako, recruitable with trade port. Their prominent Daimyo costs only 50 upkeep (also valid for Uesegi Daimyo).
    - Many building properties/impacts switched/changed again, ie. replenishment, unit cost modifiers, morale modifiers and lots more.
    - Religion more important: buddhist, ikko and even catholic conversion via different buildings added, castles, farms/fields, trade and higher ports (have minor impact, but
    can be a tipping point).
    - Todofuken offers now roads tier, and again some other art-research/building relation changes.
    - Minor unit adjustments once more.
    - Ikko Ikki have no access to heavy gun powder landunits or ships (ie. rockets, cannons or galleons).
    - Diverse slight CAI value adjustments again to balancing the AI's, majors shall not be uber factions, means minor AI's won't be easy picks.
    - Naval battles are harder to win, ie. bordering/melee attack is not always a winner. Tactics are more important.
    - Missile ranges slightly adjusted again (ie. Bow Ashi shortened to 125, matchlock 150, elite bows outshoot matchlocks, Bow Cav shortened to 60 but effects increased for them).
    - Land battle mode balancing improved in a way that tactics are more important, a mistake can cause a desaster, ie. mass routing.
    - Diverse small adjustments for global balancing, which i forgot now.

    1.97.9.x (internal)
    - All ship movement points increased by 30.
    - Added one tax bonus (3 percent) to chi art Noh (as this has only loyalty by now, and that's not a big point in the game).
    - Replenishment adjusted with basic roads (ie. gen/bg replenish slightly earlier than before, as many complained about the non-replenishment in fort tier).

    - Uesegi slightly buffed (recruitment), Ikko Ikki slightly nerfed (recruitment).
    - Unit losing minimum strength increased (now 0.33).
    - Basic landunit attrition slightly increased.
    - Some projectile values slightly adjusted once more (ie. also bomb throwers have bit better range).
    - ... and certainly things which i forgot to mention.
    - Introducing Addon mods now: UAI and other, see the separate Addon folder. The gameplay mods are duty for S2R+ so to say.

    1.98.2 - 1.98.7 (internal)
    - unit recruitment (ie. per building changed for some mercs, monks without dojo requirement, nuns also for Ikki, cavalry without extra foot dojo requirement)
    - unit abilities partly overworked (ie. all samurai/monks have inspire ability, all matchlocks have rank fire)
    - attack+defense values lowered again very slightly
    - some tech/art and building properties slightly changed once more
    - bugfix: castle and citadel property is displayed now
    - kv files worked over, quite some general fatigue and morale properties changed (ie. fatigue bit higher)
    - economy/cashflow bit overworked (ie. military port gives 2 trade lines, and many other items)
    - new: social/cultural influences via the religion factors play now a relevant role (temples and monks role heavily increased),
    this goes partly on the cost of former superior majors as cultural unrest applies equally to all AI's (ikko faith/influence stays here for peasant/bottom class
    unrest in else pure buddhist regions)
    - bit more CAI adjustments (AI partly more greedy, looks more for economy)
    - new unit: a second Bushi Ashi (barracks) as better Ashi soldier progression, beats all former Yari Ashi, uses pike and sword
    - unit movement reduced slightly (in question if the file works - see discussion - not 100 % sure about, please check that)
    - lots more detail changes of course (as always much too much to mention them in detail) (internal)
    - Gen/bg's buffed vs. the former weakened status
    - Bow Ashi, costs decreased, get exp from on 2nd dojo (due to the former stats lowering)
    - Bomb Throwers, Rocket Throwers: accuracy and ammo decreased
    - projectile file slightly adjusted: ie. bombs slightly weakened and elite archers have a slight better range
    - buddhist conversion rate (certain buildings) slightly increased to reducing a bit the unrest rates

    1.98.8 (internal)
    - unit added: Onna Bushi recruitable, requires nagi dojo and way of spear art
    - fixed: UI display of drydock (necessary has been to remove the landunit recruitment from this building and other added properties)
    - income from on 2nd temple tier added (ca. amount subtracted from harvest field tiers though)
    - land consolidation gives a tax bonus
    - the 2 late Yari Ashi slightly better (morale), both recruitable with barracks building, require both land consolidation, caps changed
    - the 2 late Yari Ashi renamed (Sakunin and GeSakunin)
    - names, all dojo Samurai have now "Han" tag instead of "Inaka" (not valid for the clan-tags)
    - Chosokabe archers (Ashi and Sam) slightly lowered costs and more men in unit compared to pendants
    - Takeda "light" cavalry slightly lowered costs and recruitable with fort tier as exception-boost
    - all Matchlock/Teppo units 100 men (formerly partly 120)
    - some other unit adjustments
    - projectiles: also bows and matchlocks have now some minimum range (subject to look at, if it works overall or makes any issues)
    - Siege building string added to the cultural influence impacts

    - new (requires application of the Oda-Toku addon mod): victory conditions and end-date altered for the Long Campaign,
    required region number is 25 and end-date is 1604 (historical date of the end of these civil wars) (Hotfix S2R+.pack file)
    - slight adjustments for the cultural influence rates (ikko conversion can be stopped without a temple)
    - very slight unit property changes for Mori Ashi units
    - added back S2R unit cards for Nagi Ashigaru
    - fix for bugged Uesugi Nagi Monk

    - removed is the Unit Card Sengoku mod from the S2R+ Addon folder (everybody shall choose his unit card mod-preference)
    - default Monk Warrior units earliest available with monastery, except Ikko Ikki already with temple
    - default Yari Ashi and Ikko Yari Ashi recruitable now with the harvest buildings (farms string)
    - default Teppo Ashigaru recruitable now with powder maker building (bushi art stays as is)
    - Naginata Ashi recruitable now with naginata dojo and next master dojo
    - Bow Ronin moved to market string recruitment (located as all other default Ronin units)
    - minor other changes
    - slight adjustments for the cultural influence rates (ikko conversion can be stopped without a temple)
    - CAI, recruitment priorities adjusted (UAI file)
    - added AUM-Sho custom units to the Addon folder, customised accordingly.

    1.99.6 (internal)
    - slight adjustment for recruitment priorities again (CAI)
    - Ikko Yari Ashi armour very slightly lowered
    - Gen/bg stats once more very slightly improved
    - Ronin, Wako and other unit caps adjusted again, ie. as for more quality units available now (AUM), some caps are more limited once more
    - Pastures buildings (warhorse resource string) got more buddhist influence (ie. Takeda needs more stability, starts with such a resource-building in Kai)
    - slightly some conversion rates adjusted again
    - Geisha recruitment cost now 2000 (formerly 1000)
    - Sam Retainer unit recruitable
    - diverse other minor points.

    1.99.7 (internal)
    - implemented the four s2r+ gameplay mods (now the mod is one S2R+.pack file alone - this negates completely the S2R+ Addon folder contents)
    - Nagi Ashi UI implemented from S2R v0.40, which uses the cards from JPC (TWC), card credit go to him
    - projectile adjustments (esp. min range halfed to allow better point blank shots, weather effects more valid and other things)

    1.99.8-1.99.9 (internal)
    - file organisations (ie. removed some ref vanilla db's)
    - customised the DLC Sengoku Jidai units along S2R+ design (except land unit stats, because tools have currently no access to the file),
    dojo requirements changed, mainly region's specialty requirement
    - as well added (back) some dojo requirements to different other units, especially for the AUM custom units
    - projectiles, once more slight matchlock-weapon adjustments (should be slight more damaging now)
    - land unit stats file customisation for DLC Sengoku Jidai units done, thanks to davidlallen's workaround tool (TWC S2 workshop)
    - custom unit names for really all units
    - some adjustments again in favour of buddhist influence to draw back slight more the rebellion factors
    - other minor balancing items.

    - Semi final build release.

    S2R+ Patch updates

    2.1 (internal)
    - fixes for some high tier building missing infobox *
    - diverse rebellion factor balancing adjustments, ikko and normal rebellions should be reduced significantly
    - diverse building and art properties and impacts adjusted
    - cashflow in diverse items changed, still massive income is possible if mere less and cheap units are used (open/relevant for further adjustments)
    - recruitment partly changed, especially in favour for Oda and Uesugi enhanced
    - Ikko Ikki and Takeda slightly nerfed, ie. Ikko's high Yari Ashigaru unit number reduced, Takeda's Light Cavalry high unit number bit reduced
    - castle-string: from on fortress tier, art requirement added, to reduce the higher tier frequency
    - army zone radious reduced, especially as for naval invasion issues at "coastal" castle-locations
    * note, it is also a monitor issue (in my game i can view every infobox now)

    2.2 (internal)
    - unit added: Takeda early matchlock recruitment possible, needs market and school (history: Takeda had unsuccessfully used those forces at 1548,
    has been ridden down by the enemy, possibly resulted in the non-belief into matchlocks on Takeda's side and to go for cavalry, which was utterly
    crushed later by Oda's matchlock forces)
    - unit added: Uesugi faction-specific Naginata Ashigaru (needed for balancing)

    2.3 (internal)
    - file "fix": Tokugawa-Oda-vassal mod (startpos.esf, campaigns) excluded, because since the recent CA patch results in freezes if certain settlements are clicked
    (perhaps startpos mod file will be done anew for a real final version, when CA is quite through its patch-process); for now, that means Tokugawa is no longer vassal
    of Oda (back to vanilla), and custom victory conditions incl. end-date 1604 for Long Campaign erased as well.
    - fix for recruitable Samurai Retainer and Onna bushi disappearing from campaign map in some instances
    - realm divide codes changed, that it is triggered first with the conquest of Kyoto (credits to Gallus Domesticus for applying the according values at first)
    - projectile trails file added (from patch7.pack), default trails disabled (realism)
    - tax file added, multiplier reduced by 5 per tax class (open/relevant for further adjustments)
    - disabled red battle borders mod implemented (needed by default as realism improvement), mod by Hedge Knight.

    - diverse minor adjustments

    - Premark: playtesting showed awesomeness without the from v1.97.x to v2.0 included startpos modding features, thus decision felt that the mod will not go with
    any startpos.esf modding now and in future. Reasoning is of course also the fact that CA patches always cause incompatibility especially with those contents.
    The mod is now balanced around this background. Global balancing in favour of the major factions is started again, a focus on Oda, Mori, Shimazu, Chosokabe and
    Hojo as the last major warring states, but of course all majors are considered, while Tokugawa is just the "peasant-victim" (will always go unto Oda's realm within
    the first turns). Hojo needs not a lot change, because due to its strategical position and startsettings plays out usually very successful.
    So the "relaunch" includes a lot faction-specific balancing again. All in all, playing this mod feels quite new again. Some examples:
    - Oda buffed with unit ownerships which were formerly common, ie. GeSakunin and Sakunin are Oda-only (and Tokugawa-only), as history reflection of the reforms by Oda and his
    successors. The rule is also, Oda has the most different Ashigaru recruitment possible, thus means also the most Ashigaru units in the mod, and pays in comparison
    less than other factions for Ashigaru (this is in principle mirrored to vanilla, but extended a lot now).
    Oda most likely will expand, as opponent you might have a real hard play. Hojo usually is successful as well with its expansion.
    - Many other unit ownerships changed in favour of the major factions, many units are still more faction-specific now, and some unique unit properties are increased.
    - Some unit numbers, stats, costs, availability and requirements adjusted related to the "new" faction approach.
    - New adjustments for the arts: required turns shortened once more, so chances are higher to finish indeed the tech-tree in time, many properties and impacts changed again,
    ie. more units and buildings need an art researched compared to former versions.
    - New adjustments for the buildings: costs, turns, requirements and impacts changed again in several aspects.
    - The cashflow is also slightly changed with the above alterations.
    - High castle tiers got once more one additional garrison Bow Ashigaru.

    - Ashigaru Naginata are back for recruitment in castle tier 1 and 2, require Bushido, as initial Ashigaru forces.
    - All Yari Ashigaru require now the farming buildings (from on 2nd/3rd tier, depending if default or faction-specific), plus other requirements.
    - All Yari Ashigaru need 1 turn to recruit, except for Ikko's need 2 turns.
    Background of this Ashigaru recruitment alteration is increased realism (mass Ashigaru deployments weren't the initial strategies in the period).
    As historically correct, initial available forces are merely Samurai and 'semi-professionial' Ashigaru. This kind of recruitment system is now final for S2R+.

    S2R+ Relaunch development

    2.7 (internal)
    - Small adjustments for a few buildings, ie. nanban ports, chapel etc. bit more catholic conversion rates, some costs and turns slightly changed, and other small things.
    - Land cannon unit (two kinds) now possible via nanban quarter (imported) or via arsenal (japanese production), not restricted to factions, except ikko has no access to them.
    - Many more units, especially faction-specific ones, have region-specialty buildings or other typical buildings as base requirement.
    - As well many units got the religion-requirement "buddhist" (buddhist factions) or "ikko" (ikko faction).
    - Recruitment changes for all basic Yari Ashigaru, require an art researched (kind depends on faction), and all Nagi Ashi require 1st bushi art. This, and the two former
    changes force more strategical planning, besides support the new recruitment system mentioned in changelog v2.6 (ie. the historical background of Yari Ashigaru recruitment).
    - Projectiles rows (file) added from the Jidai DLC for the new types of gunpowder units (carbine, mortar, heavy gunner), values modified along S2R+ design.
    - Some kv file values adjusted again, example morale, general dead or fled is slight more relevant.
    - Some campaign variables file values adjusted, ie. unit minimum strength set from 0,05 to 0,35, causes auto-disbanding when units are depleted to 34 % (except generals/bg's).
    - Diverse more buildings require now basic arts researched.
    - Units which "disappear" from castle-string recruitment re-appear in the encampment/barracks string (means, also here bigger armies are supported for the mid to late game).
    - Cdir_desire_prio file got a change which might prevent automated AI boosts*, also the Ashikaga (Kyoto) spawn is reduced ( *thanks to Yarkis ).
    - Few diplo attitudes sharpened slightly to counter a bit the far later realm divide factors (since v2.3).

    2.75-2.79 (internal)
    - Some kv files battle impacts slightly increased once more (not much, but could be the tipping point for breaking units/armies compared to former settings).
    - Autoresolve slightly edited again (higher risk for the player), testing.
    - Experience tresholds upped once more (intention: delay high experience values).
    - Attrition codes applied for Ashigaru units only and ships (background: Samurai and special units are hardened enough, and/or have the equipment to prevent attrition).
    - Some adjustments for campaign variables and CAI files.
    - Cavalry recruitment restriction lowered (Bow and heavy Yari Samurai again possible without the region specialty pastures building).
    - Cdir_desire_prio file got a change once more which might prevent automated AI boosts*, now as used in Yarkis' mod ( *thanks to Yarkis ).
    - Once more adjustments for art researchment turns.
    - File structure: removed the UP1 MP unit rows from the mod.pack.
    - Diverse trials to fix odd autoresolve results, which seems to be a hard job no matter which codes are tried; autoresolve battles must be seen rather as cheating, the
    battle mode will usually give more losses compared to autoresolve-indicators when bigger armies are involved.
    - Garrison file rewamped: back to vanilla figures, still plus 2 bow ashigaru per tier (background of the clear spawn reduction: needed for the quite changed campaign balance,
    and as for suicidal AI assault/attack tendencies; further, the AI manages it better in S2R+ to actually garrison their castles and/or keeping them observed/defended).
    - Art researchment requirements for certain buildings rewamped again (more straight now, should lead the AI better).
    - Art researchment requirements for certain units rewamped again (more straight now, and merely within bushido arts again).
    - Few building effect adjustments again, straightened, especially for the encampment string.
    - All encampment string buildings offer now the same unit recruitment (the difference is only the typical building effect).
    - Some building costs and turns adjustments again, straightened especially for the dojo recruitment strings.
    - Certain unit ownerships spread again vs. some former restrictions to very few factions. Also Tokugawa mounted matchlock (dlc) unit is recruitable for every faction (except Ikko).
    - Diverse other small adjustments for CAI files, for balancing campaign and battle mode files.

    2.79.1-2.79.x.x (internal)
    - Food system bit overhauled (in the end, a small surplus is possible).
    - Cdir quality files overworked again (AI recruitment priorities partly more unique).
    - Conversion rates changed in favour of catholic structures (nanban, chapel bit more), Otomo faction now more stable.
    - The added inspire-button ability removed (because AI doesn't use it).
    - Some art researchment turns straigthened once more.
    - Upkeep bonus and penalty system via arts overhauled, offers in the end now circa +- zero ratio.
    - Small cashflow changes (ie. market string income reduced and other).
    - Recruitment buildings alterations for certain factions (Oda and Uesugi units), because recent version(s) hindered display of building infoboxes.
    - Minor other things.
    - Fortress requires now also Essence of the Spirit art.
    - Castle requires now also Sholarship art.
    - Unique buildings per faction slightly changed: also imperial roads and drydock are now unique.
    - CAI personalities file exchanged*: vanilla file taken as for monastery construction issue (factions uesugi, ikko).
    - Some other adjustments/trials: monastery construction issue (factions uesugi, ikko).
    - Ashigaru Naginata and Mangonels (re-)enabled for Ikko Ikki (a players suggestion, which i found then reasonable).
    - CAI files exchanged*: 2 cdir quality, unmodified UAI files taken as for monastery construction/recruitment issue (factions uesugi, ikko).
    - Battle entities file added from patch8.pack, adjusted (unit movement, charge behaviour).
    *testing differences in AI behaviour / edit: seems to work barely different, if overall different.

    2.8 (internal)
    - Diverse unit ownerships and requirements reorganised (trial to use historical army figures as rough background, credit: tan zi han's %table).
    - Due to the unit reorganisations, according unit names changed.
    - Some unit stats adjusted, also unit spacing very slightly increased (except for most Yari Ashi).
    - CAI files which relate to building-construction exchanged with vanilla files (observing differences in AI behaviour).
    - Different base CAI settings slightly adjusted.
    - Building construction times increased (from on 3rd tiers).
    - File removed, landbattle.xml (modified arrow dust, but also disabled sticking arrows, therefor removed).
    Users with lower video card might lower their particle effects setting, as the xml file also saved some video resources.
    - Unit added: Yari Ashigaru Hojo ("Chugen" = early Ashigaru recruitment), 200 men.
    - Unit added: Yumi Ashigaru "Chugen", common recruitment, 160 men.

    2.81 (internal)
    - Upkeep of Ronin and certain special units significantly reduced.
    - Some unit numbers, limits and stats adjusted.
    - Some unit recruitment base "resources" changed (region-specialty).
    - Some unit recruitment locations/buildings changed.
    - Uesugi and Ikko Ikki Monk recruitment partly changed.
    - Some unit ownerships extended again (in particular few units of UP1 Jidai DLC pack), unit names changed accordingly.
    - Unit meaning changed: Yari Ashigaru "Inaka" and "Faction" pool transformed to "Chugen", stats and limitation changed accordingly, 200 men.
    - Unit added: Yari Ashigaru "Inaka", takes over the role of a common mid-late Ashigaru mass recruitment, 280 men.
    - Few building art requirements adjusted.

    2.82 - 2.82.4 (internal)
    - Garrison units: Fortress and Castle, each got one more unit back.
    - Light Cavalry, Yumi Ashigaru (default), Yari Samurai got back their vanilla unit numbers (160 men).
    - Yari Samurai very slightly stats nerfed.
    - Ronin Yari got as well 160 men, and stats nerfed like Yari Samurai.
    - Default Nagi Ashi common recruitable again (all factions), via Fort and Stronghold (later in Encampment strings).
    - Faction specific Nagi Ashi put into Drill Yard and Nagi Dojo (later in Encampment strings).
    - Sword Ashi put into Sword School and No Dachi Dojo (later in Encampment strings), exception is Ikko Ikki.
    - Temporary Ronin boosts: Ronin Naginata put into Fort, Ronin Yari and Ronin Bow put into Harbour.
    - Other minor things.
    - Small but relevant fixes for oversights.
    - Ronin Naginata put into Roads (formerly Fort)/edit: not valid anymore.

    2.83 (internal)
    - The former unit reorganisations anew relaunched, especially recruitment locations, requirements and ownership. Examples:
    Initially, there are now indeed only Samurai (castle, dojo) to recruit, besides Monks (temple), and some Ronin as boost (makes also
    minor factions dangerous).
    Naginata Ashigaru units are next ones, now as a kind of "provincial/road guards" (recruitment location).
    Chugen units (bow, farms recruitment) must be understood as early-mid Samurai support units (yari, dojo recruitment),
    they disappear from the recruitment, but "come back" via the encampment string (mass deployment).
    For the mid-late Ashigaru mass deployment, the encampment string is relevant (encampment, barracks, armoury recruitment),
    Up to 3-4 different Ashigaru types are dedicated to this string (faction-dependent), but also the Chugen Yari units are there.
    Oda and Tokugawa factions share now quite a few unit types. If Oda AI is not quick enough to subjugate Tokugawa AI, then most likely,
    Tokugawa AI has chances to become successful in the campaign.
    All this is in principle a ZoR unit system ( ZoR = zone of recruitment ).
    - Some units renamed to make some differentiations more transparent.
    - Some stats, numbers, costs, caps altered accordingly.
    - Building effects partly adjusted, ie. food system new organised.
    - Castle-castle and citadel tiers are unique (per faction), besides realism, it'll automatically limit the number of
    different buildings per region. The player, but also the AI is forced to conquer more regions to realise more different
    buildings (strings: dojos, siege, encampment, temple, market, tavern).

    2.84 (internal)
    - Arts turns reduced (former 10/12 turns to 8 turns).
    - Arts Heaven&Earth and FiveElements give more boni (plus morale and upkeep reduction).
    - Some other art effect adjustments (diverse, but also food).
    - Building art requirements partly altered (ie. castle string, from on Fortress additonally 1 Bushi art).
    - Diplo attitudes adjusted, more agression is likely possible due to typical events.
    - Mid-late Ashigaru types (encampment string), unit number increased from 280 to 300 (increasing the "mass-deployment" effect).
    - Ikko Ikki, Chugen Yari unit number increased from 200 to 300, the cap increased from default 12 (all other Chugen Yari) to 16.
    - Mori, faction-specific Wakos nerfed in caps (decreased to 2, formerly 5 and 3).
    - Default Wakos, cap increased from 1 to 2.
    - UP1 (DLC) Wako units enabled for all factions.
    - Above mentioned Ronin boost replaced with enduring castle-string recruitment (Yari and Bow Ronin).
    - Yari Ashi units, recruitment locations once more adjusted, as well the Bushi art requirements.
    - Other small tweaks.

    2.85 (internal)
    - Some units renamed (indication more clarified: class, capability, recruitment-pool and ownership; more details will be in the Unit
    Guide thread, when the development is finished).
    - All Oda faction-specific units also in ownership of Tokugawa ("roleplay": If Tokugawa takes over Oda, he is also Oda, and vice versa).
    - Special (AUM) Monk units, ownerships spread to buddhist Japan (Bow Cavalry and No Dachi, excluded: Oda, Tokugawa, Takeda).
    - Recruitment times, now: Samurai and Monks 4 turns, Ronin and certain special units 1 turn, Ashigaru 2 turns. This is done to
    consider realism-backgrounds (ie. population-structures) a tad more (...test).
    - Landunit numbers, back to 80 for Samurai and Monks, except Samurai Yari and Samurai (light) Cavalry stay with 160, Ronin and special units
    100, Ashigaru units 100/200/300, except Yumi Ashigaru stay with 160. Units with 160 men or more are the 'rank and file' units. This change
    relates also to the above realism-background.
    - Some stats have been changed accordingly (ie. lowered for the Yari Samurai).
    - Minor other things.

    2.86 (internal)
    - Campaign difficulty file, Hard level: All vanilla values disabled (according difficulties shall be steered by the mod design alone).
    - Campaign movement points for all units and characters increased drastically: Land 8x, Sea 4x.
    - Some campaign variables values adjusted (ie. attrition).
    - Some combat stats changed slightly for Samurai and Monk units (ie. +1/-1 melee/defence and such).
    - Buildings: All building costs and turns plus 50 % from on 2nd tier, many types are unique per faction, especially dojos (but Yari Drill is exception),
    but also higher tiers of other building types. Factions participate from conquered buildings, and if lost a building type, can build them anew
    in owned regions (if a slot is free).
    - Unit cost and upkeep: Supply/maintainance system, cost (initial) 1 koku per man, upkeep 1 koku per man, while multiplied for certain units (cavalry, siege, etc.).
    - Recruitment times: Naginata Ashigaru shortened to 1 turn again, on par with Sword Ashigaru, Ronin, Wako and initial Retainers shortened to 0 turns.

    2.86.2 (internal)
    - Campaign movement from v2.86 failed (Blitzkrieg effect). Now: Land 3x, Sea 2x.
    - Some extras for the UP1 units (gameplay adjustment), halfened upkeep, halfened training turns.

    2.87 (internal)
    - Alterations to the art and building effects, ie. many bonusses reduced or removed, diverse values adjusted.
    - Recruitment times: Yumi Ashigaru back to 2 turns training. Some dedicated major faction units with 50 % training times bonus.
    - Upkeep: Some dedicated major faction units with 50 % upkeep bonus.

    2.87.1 (internal)
    - Campaign difficulty file, Normal level: All vanilla values disabled (see also v2.86), this preventive, in case we start balancing/playtesting on
    Normal campaign setting. Note, these values refer to unit cost, upkeep, tech tree research rate and region control. Now all those values are neutral
    on H or N campaign. These settings refer not to the battle mode.
    - Slight battle autoresolver alterations (unit classes), as well as general autoresolve adjustments minimizing AI bonusses (note, those accessable values
    are limited, and autoresolve is bugged in some instances). As human player one should play out the battle.
    - Some slight CAI adjustments.

    2.87.2 (internal)
    - Campaign movement points for all landunits: 2x from default.
    - Upkeep new again, and simplified, as testing showed big issues (especially for AI after the removal of bonusses etc.), average rule is 50 % of initial costs.
    - Some other adjustments for certain units.
    - Small adjustments few kv values.

    2.87.3 (internal)
    - Units: Yari Ronin and Yari Samurai cap increased to 4, still the advantage stands with Yari Samurai due to 160 men vs. 100 men (Ronin), and of course,
    crippled is who has no Yari dojo to recruit regular Yari Samurai or has not another response to them.
    - Some recruitment times and upkeeps adjusted, especially in regard to faction-specific units.

    2.88 (internal)
    - Unit ownership: Oda and Tokugawa have access to all Hattori units (ZoR expansion).
    - Unit ownership: Oda, Tokugawa and Takeda have no access to Monk units, except Matchlock Monk.
    - Unit ownership: Imagawa, Otomo and Takeda have still access to the former initial Samurai Retainer recruitment (no other factions).
    - Some changes for certain Nagi Ashi units (numbers, costs, names).
    - Some recruitment extras for Mori, ie. can recruit a local Nagi Ashi earlier.

    2.88.1 (internal)
    - Ships: Costs/upkeep reduced for Mori (back again).
    - Ships: Bow Koba capped with 2.
    - Ships: Trade ships cost/upkeep reduced.
    - Diverse landunit recruitment adjustments.
    - Ships: cdir_qualities (recr. prio) reduced a lot for ships (trial to preventing AI to spend senseless much money for ships).
    - Recr. prio: cdir_qualities, diverse adjustments.

    2.88.2 - 2.88.3 (internal)
    - Takeda got Ashigaru Nagae ("early" quality Yari Ashi) ownership.
    - Unit numbers for few Takeda and Ikko units changed (along their start unit numbers).
    - Some unit caps, costs/upkeep, numbers and stats adjusted (ie. few more extras for majors again).
    - Recruitment locations for certain units reorganised (ie. late dojos, also encampment string special dojos, more relevant).
    - some unit names shortened/simplified.
    - Art turns slightly once more reorganised.
    - Slight alterations to some building effects, costs and turns.

    2.89 (internal)
    - Takeda got ownership of strongest Nagi Ashi unit type.
    - Nagi Ashi caps decreased (from 6 to 3 and 2, depending on type).
    - Early Bow Ashi cap reduced from 4 to 3.
    - Some other changes in this relation.
    These last version alterations shall reflect more the historicity of the early wars (mere Samurai skirmishes than mass battles with
    Yari Ashigaru).

    2.89.1 (internal)
    - Once more, recruitment locations for certain units reorganised (ie. late dojos, encampment string special dojos, more relevant).
    Legendary dojos, Hunting Lodge, Proving Grounds and Jiujutsu offer quality unit recruitment, which is (partly) taken away from Master Dojo tiers.
    This plays together with the unique buildings and late mass deployments, as well as realism backgrounds of generation/population recruitment,
    plus taking some emphasis to the mid-late gameplay phase.

    2.89.2 (internal)
    - Some small unit balance adjustments for few units.
    - File structure: all Tutorial and MP unit rows removed.

    2.89.3 (internal)
    - Cashflow structure adjustments: High tier construction times and costs increased, some high tier Bushi art upkeep penalties increased.
    - Some high tier art turn requirements increased again.
    - Recruitment point bonusses from low tier buildings (dojos) removed. (internal)
    - Unit added: Yari Samurai, 80 men, recruitable from on 2nd tier yari dojo; the initial available Yari Samurai unit is now a Samurai Kashi Yari (160 men).
    - Ronin Yari capped with 2 (has been necessary for the balance).

    2.89.5 (internal)
    - Chugen Yumi and Ashigaru Yumi units code-wise exchanged, stats adjusted accordingly.
    - Different other unit stats and recruitment adjustments, few more with 0 turn recruitment (certain 'Shin' units).
    - Recruitment points for buildings once more adjusted.
    - Slight projectile damage adjustments.
    - Once more small art turn number adjustments.
    - Upkeep penalty adjustments in Bushido arts.

    2.89.6 (internal)
    - Date's Bulletproof Yari Samurai (UP1) ownership spread to Shimazu and Hojo, and dojo recruitment changed for them.
    - More unit ownerships adjustments, ie. some special units only by certain major factions.
    - Few more unit name adjustments.
    - File structure adjustments (all UP1 rows separated in extra tables).
    - Diverse building effect adjustments again (also especially cashflow, partly reduced again, besides some slight conversion rates).
    - Different building art requirements altered (esp. ports).
    - Different unit art requirements altered (esp. ships).
    - All dojos are now unique per faction (incl. Yari Drill), plus Stables require horses-resource again from on 1st tier.
    - One unit added: Common recruitable Sword Ashigaru (Shin Tachi Inaka). (internal)
    - Few changes for Ikko Ikki properties.
    - Nanban cannon recruitment spread to more buildings.
    - More cavalry units added to Proving Grounds recruitment.
    - Some resource-requirement adjustments for buildings. (internal)
    - Correction for Military port recruitment (box display fixed).
    - Building Arsenal requires art Epic Architecture.

    2.89.7 (internal)
    - Map movement points lowerance: set from 2x to slightly more than 1.5x (the 2x is playable, but supports a too quick steamrolling
    for some certain factions).
    - Fortress campaign-wise same level as Castle to enable one more slot already with the Fortress level. /Edit: Scrapped.
    - Usual dojos buddhist only, done to hinder Ikko wasting a slot for those buildings.
    - Catholic faction (Otomo) can recruit some Samurai dojo-units in church buildings.
    - Otomo strenghened with recruitment of certain units, especially to slow down slightly Shimazu's superiority on Kyushu isle.
    - Tax levels significantly lowered (once more), due to CA's patch9 apparently increased some cash modifiers (as of yet unknown).
    - The Kashi Yari Samurai has been added also to the Fort tier recruitment, as initial Samurai 'Retainer' recruitment.
    - Small adjustments of conversion rates with certain buildings. (internal)
    - Added another Yari Samurai unit, which is in ownership of Oda, Tokugawa, Mori and Shimazu, recruitable from Master dojo.
    - A lot of different last touches (balancing).

    - Public relaunch version.

    Note, this v2.9 is still a pre-release of the final planned version 3.0. A kind of an open beta, while probably there won't be any
    technical issues. Content-wise, the end-design will flow first into version 3.0, while v2.9 is actually a relaunch of S2R+.

    S2R+ Relaunch ...

    2.91 (public patch)
    - Unit Shin Daikyu moved from castle-castle tier to Legendary Bow Dojo (display issue fix).
    - Small Ikko conversion row removed from castle and citadel tiers (display issue fix).

    2.92 (internal)
    - Balancing: Diverse changes for certain unit recruitments (ownerships, caps, unit numbers, requirements).
    Purpose is campaign outcome testing, as ie. Shimazu seems to be too strong, Mori and Takeda slight too weak and such, in v2.9.
    - Some units still with name part "arquebuse" changed to "teppo".

    2.92.1 (internal)
    - Small but relevant corrections.

    2.93 (internal)
    - Unit "Samurai Shin Daikyu Inaka" (customised AUM unit) role changed to "Ronin Daikyu Han", got horse resource requirement.
    - Unit "Samurai Tachi" (customised AUM unit), recruitable with blacksmith region-specialty, changed in regard of ownership,
    ie. Hojo, Date (back again) and also Urakami got them, too.
    - Catholic conversion slightly increased for the Merchant Colony region-specialty and for the Church string.

    2.94 (internal)
    Relaunch revision:
    - Unit name system, ie. all usual Samurai "Kashin" (lesser Retainer) or "Shin" (Retainer), certain other units "Bushi" attributed.
    - Diverse combat stats, but esp. projectiles realistically with some more deviance and unit spacing increased.
    - Some unit caps changed, ie. partly more teppo units, partly less bow units.
    - Also recruitment turns overworked (Ronin/Wako 0 or 1; Samurai/Monks 1, 2 or 4; Chugen/Ashigaru/Sakunin 1, 2 or 4).
    - Cost/upkeep system, ie. Monks, Samurai here have very low upkeep, while a horse or teppo is relative expensive, as well as Ashigaru units.
    - Unit "Samurai Tachi" (customised AUM unit) role changed to "Ronin Tachi Han".
    - Building impacts, conversions removed from castle string, some rate distributed to dojo's.
    - Recruitment, now all Ronin units are located in the castle string up to the citadel tier.
    - Recruitment, different other location changes for certain units.

    2.94.1 (internal)
    - Takeda "fix" trial: Got back ownership of Chugen Yumi, Yari Cavalry recruitment shortened ("fix"-reasons: Destroyed at 1553 by Uesugi).
    Edit: Works.

    2.94.2 (internal)
    - Different adjustments. Playtesting until 1561, vanish-outcome for majors: 1554 Tokugawa by Oda, 1556 Ikko by Uesugi, 1559 Shimazu by Ito.
    The latter "item" needs a fix, besides Uesugi too strong. In the following version these two to three faction-related things will be "fixed"
    (Ikko, Shimazu, Uesugi). Else, many common but very relevant (balancing) design properties will be altered again, although the design here
    works very good.

    2.95 (internal)
    - All Samurai/Monk class units got a cap of 1, exception is Takeda's mounted Kashin Yari (5) units. As the mod offers many additional Samurai and Monk
    units, there won't be a real lack of quality units, merely there are more than enough. On the other side the cap and according recruitment-system
    provides a much more interesting gameplay-balancing, which requires ie. a sensible play both in strategical and tactical relation.
    - Ikko got (back) a lot ownership of certain units (has been taken away because Ikko showed steamroller qualities in the concerning versions, testing
    - Diverse other unit ownerships switches once more, partly more distributed again also to minor factions.
    - All Ronin units got 60 men, this to make their role as additional forces more clear (it was somehow not logic to have a higher number of them as for
    normal Samurai Retainer, even if a Ronin becomes as well a loyal Retainer as long as he serves his leader, their role remains special, ie. reflected
    in their upkeep). Exception from this lowered number is the Yari Ronin remains with 120 men.
    - As well as some other certain Samurai class units got 60 men, those are the exceptional warriors.
    - 'Samurai Retainer' and 'Onna Bushi' (garrison and recruitable ones) both renamed to 'Ronin' units.
    - Ronin: stats, ownerships and recruitment accordingly modified.
    - Some cashflow adjustments.
    - Certain arts research-turns have been shortened with the goal to allow a slight quicker mass deployment and teppo recruitment.
    - Few minor other things.
    This version holds not a focus on the above mentioned faction fixes, rather a test again to bring up a little more dynamic to the campaign, might be
    the outcome is more chaotic again (... that will be streamlined then). Nonetheless the faction balancing goal stands.

    2.95.1 (internal)
    - Different Ikko Ikki fixes (in particular CA's patch added Ikko's Sword Ashi to the castle string which then appeared in S2R+ additionally).
    - Some other adjustments.

    2.95.2 (internal)
    - As for global balancing issues since v2.95, some factions are adressed accordingly with unit ownership changes. (internal)
    - One change only, art essence of the spirit gives additionally +1 landunit morale bonus to adress the low Chugen Inaka morale at this stage, but 2 other
    bonusses (replenishment, upkeep) removed there.

    2.95.3 (internal)
    - Certain recruitment parameters changed as for global balancing issues since v2.95, here especially Ikko Ikki.

    2.95.4 (internal)
    - Certain unit ownerships adjusted, as for global balancing issues, especially Ikko Ikki still too superior in 2.95.3.

    2.95.5 (internal)
    - Ronin and Wako units back with 1 turn recruitment (former 0 turn).
    - The additional sword Ronin (former recruitable retainer) is put into post/station roads and imperial roads (former within region specialty string magistrate).

    2.95.6 (internal)
    - Chugen Yari Inaka and Wakos removed from Ikko ownership (adresses Ikko steamroller, persisted in 2.95.5).
    - Onna Bushi and additional sword Ronin (former recruitable retainer) removed from Japan ownership, moved to certain major playable factions.

    2.95.7 (internal)
    - Additional Yari Samurai unit removed from 'Japan' ownership, limited to playable (major) factions, besides few other unit ownerships in favour of majors.
    Reasoning: While the Ikko steamroller issue is obviously solved, playtesting v2.95.6 showed that minors were able to overtrump majors, esp. Mori and Shimazu.

    2.95.8 (internal)
    - Correction of oversights (zero train time fixes).
    - Range increased of mounted bow units (60 -> 90) to prevent occured skirmish-shoot issue.
    - Mori's local Nagi Ashi unit number increased from 100 -> 120 men (as another slight help to prevent subjugation by Amako).
    - Battle_entities, some value adjustments.
    - Campaign_variables, some value adjustments. (internal)
    - Battle_entities, using dynamic_elipse entry (thanks go to Darth for the hint within PFM-thread at TWC).
    - Health points doubled now for all samurai/monk class units. (internal)
    - Slightly decreased unit speed movement (battle mode).
    - 'Ashigaru' units got 1 point more armour, not 'Chugen' though.

    2.95.9 (internal)
    - Mid-late art researchment points shortened, as well as mid-late building construction times.
    - Very few unit stat adjustments for certain units, as well as for very few unit ownerships.
    - Resource requirement removal for buildings, only the highest tier remains with an according resource requirement. (internal)
    - All tradeship types once more capped (3 -> 2) to pull out a possible "emphasis" (exploitation) on trade nodes, which are whatsoever not properly used by the AI.
    - Region-specialty Fortified Monastery grants additionally recruitment of Yari Monk.
    - Tax bonusses via arts reduced (Noh and Secret Police).
    - Wako Sword (2 -> 1) and Chugen Yari Inaka (8 -> 6) cap reduced.
    - Some unit ownership adjustments.
    - Onna Bushi recruitment added to Sake Den tier.
    - Ashigaru Nagae unit number (240 -> 200) and cap reduced (5 -> 4).
    - (Formerly added) trade resources removed as unit requirements (wood, iron for certain ships a.o.). (internal)
    - Unit costs in MP columns evened with S2R+ Singleplayer (SP) unit costs to allow Multiplayer (MP) campaigns under S2R+ cost conditions, as well valid for the
    Custom Battle mode.

    2.96 (public)
    - Open beta.

    2.96.1 (quick patch)
    Latest playtesting showed Takeda is probably overpowered, therefore quick done:
    - Takeda "Light Cavalry" cap reduced (5 -> 4).
    - Takeda cavalry, all of them require now the region-specialty Pastures (horse breeding).
    - Takeda got ownership of the common available "Light Cavalry" and "Yari Cavalry" though (not bounded to Pastures).

    2.96.2 (quick patch)
    - Takeda Fire Cavalry requires now Warhorse Breeder (formerly Pastures).
    - Siege and Teppo units default accuracy slightly increased, as well as partly the damage value.

    2.96.3 (quick patch)
    - Realm divide code back to near-vanilla status, but initial value higher, turn value lower though (testing).

    2.97 (open beta)
    - CAI, general aggressivity-potencial bit increased (expansion behaviour and other values changed).
    - Income, from markets lowered, increased for agriculture.
    - Arrow efficience increased, more for Samurai, a bit more for Ashigaru.
    - Ammo increased, matchlock units doubled, Samurai bow doubled ie. 3->6, Ashigaru bow bit higher ie. 12->16.
    - Unit caps increased, for main units Samurai/Ronin yari 1->2 or 2->4, same for Samurai/Ronin bow, Ashigaru generally increased, Matchlock units increased.

    2.97.1 (open beta)
    - CAI, slight more global balancing changes.
    - Arrow and matchlock-bullit damage increased a bit (once more).
    - Arrow ranges a bit increased.
    - Oda, has additionally access to one more Samurai bow unit (requires UP1 dlc though, "Sengoku").
    - A fix for farm building upgrades for christian factions.
    ... a new campaign start is recommended, but technically not necessary.

    2.97.2 (open beta)
    - Combat animation, applying "poorly-trained" attribute for all Ashigaru and Wako units to affecting CA's accurate formation-design (in my impression with less effect).
    Formation animation is WIP, next version will get adjustments with new file addition entity_training_levels adjustments.
    - Combat, different values in battle_entities adjusted.
    - Combat, armour values for all Samurai/Monk class units decreased by ca. 10 %.
    - Combat, reloading skill especially for Ashigaru bow class units significantly increased.

    2.97.3 (open beta)
    - Mori faction, if converted to christianity, now can recruit their ships (formerly not possible with S2R+).
    - File entity_training_levels altered, as for the formation-animation theme, movement animation is more realistic when directions are changed (i hoped also for more
    non-perfect deployment lines, but value alterations are without impact in this regard).

    2.97.4 (open beta)
    - Unit numbers, now all samurai/monk class unit numbers reduced to 60 men, exceptions: musket (100), and the map-starting samurai (yari, yari-ronin) stay with vanilla number.
    - One Samurai unit had have scares-enemy attribute wrongly active, fixed.
    - Stamina attribute altered for some units.
    - Cavalry bonus reduced for most spear units (yari, naginata).
    - Deviance values reduced for certain range units (has been increased formerly in S2R+), so certain range units will be slightly more efficient now.
    - Range weapons, esp. arrows and musket-bullits range shortened a lot (more along 'deadly range' than 'possible range').
    - Range weapons, for arrow and musket-bullits now all range-based efficience.
    - Range weapons, musket-bullits with impact-attribute on material (experimental setting/testing).
    - Some other combat related adjustments.

    2.97.5 (open beta)
    - Combat, (again) armour values for nearly all Samurai/Monk class units decreased by 1-3 points.
    - AI recruitment tendency values (cdir_quality_units) partly adjusted again (ie. esp. reduced for certain monk units).
    - Ashikaga unit spawn value halfed.

    3.0 (final, for now; 25th October 2013)
    - Compatible with latest CA patches and DLC's.
    Credits: Destin Faroda, see TWC S2R+ thread.


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    Updated (added) since v2.91: 2.92 - 2.96
    Edit: ... plus 2.96.1 (quick patch)

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    Release 12.2012: Third Age TW Realism+
    Release 04.2013: Rise of the Samurai Realism+

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    What's really more disappointing than dis-information and non-education?
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