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Thread: Rise of the Samurai: Kamakura Minamoto strategy

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    Default Rise of the Samurai: Kamakura Minamoto strategy

    Please post your hints tips and strategies for the Rise of the Samurai clan, Kamakura Minamoto.

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    Default Re: Rise of the Samurai: Kamakura Minamoto strategy

    Here are some tips that might help you:

    Genera tips of RoTS:

    Allegiance and Agents

    The biggest difference between RoTS and the original Shogun 2 is political allegiance, which works similarly as religions in the original. There are three "religions" in the name of families: Minamoto, Haira, and Fujiwara.

    There are two ways of conversion:

    (1) Hire Junsatsushi (requires market buildings). In terms of conversion they work like monks in the original. But they have an additional use - to buy off an entire province in which the majority of the population already align with your clan.

    Another way to get Junsatsushi is to use your Shirabyoshi (require clan estate buildings) to seduec enemy's Junsatsushi. All major clans start with a Junsatsushi. Please note that this DOES NOT work if the enemy daimyo is defending in the castle. You also need to DECLARE WAR if the target has more than one provinces.

    (2) Build Clan Estate. Whenever you conquer a new province that is not highly aligned to your clan, this is the building to queue if it is not there. The first level carries a +2 conversion, which is already pretty effective.

    Besides seducing enemy's agents, Shirabyoshi is great for distracting (temporarily disabling) enemy army. This is the same Sabotage trick of the Ninjas in the original. Shirabyoshi belongs to your front lines!

    Except for the highest-level clan estate, allegiance does not spread to neighbor provinces.

    Monks are caled Sou in RoTs. They cannot convert religions because everybody was a traditional Buddhist back then. However, they can still incite rebellion - ONLY in provinces where your family's support is less than 50%.


    In early game, you can expand pretty quickly to provinces that are already loyal to your clan using Junsatsushi. Besides, first-level castles do not even have walls. They are the perfect lab of bait tactics! (it works perfect in RoTS, too!) So the early-game of RoTS is easier than the original.

    But RoTS is more difficult in mid-end game than the original. This is due to:

    (1) It is impossible to create rebel province buffer zones if you and your neighbor already belong to the same family. You'd think they will be your good allies and trade partners. Nope. Even before the Realm Divide they will happily turn on you, no matter how much they like you. You can crush the AI's armies but they will not agree for peace. So there will be a lot more wars.

    (2) All cavalries are ranged units. It is hard to avoid loss.

    (3) Fewer provinces are allowed before Realm Divide. (On Domination, the 19th province should trigger it).

    (4) Naval battles are now harder to control. Besides the AI does not take baits. Brutal auto-combat is the way to go.



    The accumulation of food is the way to earn money. The granary line of buildings, except for the top tier, is a good investment. This, plus the farm upgrades to the top, can provide 6 units of food per province (or 5 units of surplus ideally). If you have 18 provinces (which is possible without triggering RD on domination), you can expect about 80 units of food surplus. Your towns will grow very quickly.


    Army Composition

    Early game:
    Multiple generals with Levies. They are cheap to feed, and they replenish quickly.

    After Realm Divide (just an example)
    - 6 units of Naginata Attendant to form the line to soak up arrows.
    - 6 units of Foot Samurai as primary ranged/melee output.
    - 4 units of Bow Warrior Monks as long-ranged unit.
    - 4 units of Mounted Samurai (including General) as cavalry.


    Minamoto Specific Tips

    (1) Use Jusatsushi to "purchase" Kai and Shimosuke. Leave Kasuke to trade and block off Echigo's clan.

    (2) Make peace with the clans to your west. These Minamoto clans will watch your back (until they backstab you eventually). Expand toward east, all the way to the end of Honshu island.

    When you acquire a new province, if it is already loyal to Minamoto, build a Buddhist Sanctuary and hire Sou. If not, build Clan Estate and hire the ladies (Shirabyoshi). When you have max. number of Sou (5), demolish Buddhist Sanctuary and build the Barter for Jusatsushi.

    Hitachi is your primary archery unit production base. Use it to train Bow Warrior Monks. They still have longer range than regular units (under an ability, not always). This will help you in mid-late game. Sagami, your starting capital, is of course your melee unit production center.

    (3) Send trade ships to the west. Chances are you can pick up one or more trade nodes west of Kyushu island when the original owner is defeated by someone else. They still worth a lot. Enjoy the profit while you can. The AI loves to blockade each other's ports still, so don't sign trade treaties unless you are sure their trade ports are secure.

    (4) Battles up to Hitachi are easy. There will be much tough battles with Fujiwara, which in my game declared war as soon as my border touches them. Use Shirabyoshi to distract their armies.

    (5) By the time you finish off Fujiwara and have your north-eastern end secured, your Minamoto third cousins in the west should backstab you (I suspect it is hard-coded - every clan decides to turn on my at the same time.)

    There is trouble - your province count is close to the Realm Divide by now, so you cannot take any more provinces. Do NOT trigger Realm Divide early! Build up your granaries and farms and grow your towns. Take your troops to the front line and beat their armies as they come.

    No matter how much you beat the crap out of the enemies, they will not beg for peace. So basically from now on, you have to taste constant warfare before the Realm Divide. Your western sea trade nodes will be in danger - and you have little chance to win manual naval battles. Take Echigo and use it to produce good ships.

    On the bright side, your Minamoto cousins shield you from Taira clans, which will eventually dominate Western Japan under one or two banners. At least you don't have to fight Taira yet.

    (6) Once you are ready for Realm Divide, unleash your best armies and agents. No one can stop you now, just like the original. :)

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