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    I recently installed Windows 7 pro (64bit) and to my big surprise it just works brilliantly with MTW-Redux (while raw MTW crashes in no time). Thus I can now fully confirm that Redux certainly do and can run on W7pro, 64bit-version. Very, very well actually...

    Ironically W7pro works significantly better then XP sp3 (32bit) and can even seriously compete with the superior loading times of specialized old hardware and Win2000 drives (GFX-cards like ATI 9800 pro or X800-series with pre 2005 drivers). Loading times on the v.1.1 is down to about 2-5 sec while (yet again ironically) the VI/v.2.01-version is actually somewhat slower - about 3-4 seconds more then v.1.1. Overall, these times are either about the same or even faster then I get using the specialized old hardware and Win2000.

    My hardware is one out of two Sapphire ATI HD5830 cards (crossfire disabled, otherwise chaos) and Catalyst 11.8 drives for W7 64bit (default settings and DX11 installed). The processor is an Intel E8400 and I have 8 GB in ram. No fuss about the ram what so ever anywhere - in VI it has by default 2034 MB enabled for the game (pyrotechnics set at 100). SFX seems even fully functional on high settings! No lag anywhere. I have never been able to play with such audio settings before without getting some annoying lag in battle as a direct result - until now. So that certainly works very well too (VI/v.2.01 or v.1.1. no matter). Depending on what limitations your monitors have - I still recommend people to use 1280x1024 or possibly 1600x1200 if the monitor can cope with it. Personally I used 1280x1024 and that looks just fine to me.

    The only flaw I have been able to find so far are that the arrows, bushes, shrubberies, war machines and castles in battles are rendered slightly off (sort of an extra contour applied to them, presenting them slightly wrong in-game. In the case of castles it looks rather bad with the pinkish stuff - but I can fix those files for a RXB1003 release. I think all the other stuff is tolerable, all things considered). Other then that, no other issues found. Note that I had the exact same rendering-issues while I was using XP-drives (32bit) on my GFX-cards so my guess is it has actually little to do with W7. In this limited regard the old specialized hardware and stuff remains better as there is no such issues with that.

    All this means that Redux certainly can run on at least some fairly modern hardware using W7 and still it is possible play the game as it was supposed too. As in a fast and fluent game experience, steady under 10 sec loading-times and as much stability as the MTW-engine allows (VI is still more stable then v.1.1. but somewhat slower). It seems like it is now matter of hardware and drivers....

    Any other information on W7 and Redux, fire away folks...

    - A

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    I have created a hotfix for RXB1002 to lessen the impact of the previous "pinkish" rendering anomalies that might happen on some newer hardware - using GFX-drivers for W7 64bit (for instance). It will not make the problem disappear but it will make things more tolerable as the pink will now turn black instead - which is much better and less annoying...

    Full instructions etc. is available in included "readme" and this hotfix works on ALL versions of Redux. Remember, this has to be installed last of all things to have effect. Here is the link...


    If need be, I can upload it to Game Front as well - just let me know...

    - A
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    Well folks, I found another anomaly - that might happen - while using W7 (but I'm guessing GFX-drivers to be the actual culprit here). Obviously, this is not how it is supposed to look - your average psychedelic-scull out of screwed-up-istan. Anyway, I fear the worst on this one but I will all the same attempt fix it - assuming that it is indeed possible somehow to do so (I don't know for sure yet). Thankfully, it is rather nominal on the game-experience as we have already lost the game/campaign when this pic show up....

    Anything else?

    - A

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    Hi Axalon, its me! I was poking around in the MTW folder and saw some interesting doohickies in some text files. What caught my attention was Texram, Textures, Vidram, ZTexmax etc etc., and I was wondering if I edited the values inside and set to the right amounts would it be possible to play MTW in all its glory in a resolution higher than 800x600?

    here's how the Texram file looks:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Total -33259520 = 8192Mb, Free -35369472
    Loaded Textures\Men\CUSTOM9\CUSTOM9.BIF, New Free -173781504 (62884.305 Pages), Just Used 138412032

    By the looks of it the value 8192 is obviously my systems ram amount, has anyone ever tried anything like this? I would do the msconfig thing, but restarting every-time i switch and the extreme slowdown of the game itself when its played with the lesser amount of ram is such a hassle.

    Your's truly,


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    Hi Pies, good to see you here, and welcome to this Redux-Area - ORG-style basically. As you can see the facilities (at least) are somewhat bigger here for Redux…

    As for the specific files you mention - I am afraid I have little to offer you on that note…. Essentially, you are probably better off leaving them files alone – they are constantly changed/updated every time you have a battle and manually changing them might very well cause the game to screw up. Obviously I have W7 as well, and I have zero problems with resolutions on RXB1003 (and usually play at 1280x1024 due to limitations of my monitor. On the VI/v.2.01- engine I have 2034MB set by default in game-options - it works just fine) - so I am inclined to say that your problems are due to GFX-cards and drivers – not W7. Other then the MSconfig-stuff and changing drivers for your GFX-card - I am fresh out of suggestions here. The alternatives are either to try that again, buy a new GFX-card, or somehow conjure up some other solution to all this that I don’t know about. Redux was not intended to be played at 800x600. If the hassle (read MSconfig etc.) works at all for you, I suggest you do it anyways, because then it is worth it I think. Sorry, but there it is...

    Anyhow, here is copy of Just Learnin’s post for future reference - for all you players that might still have use for it…

    Quote Originally Posted by Just Learnin View Post
    I had the same problem in both Vista and Win 7 of only having 800 x 600 in the Strategy map and 640 x 480 in the Battle map.

    A fix I found that worked with a GTX 280, GTX 295 and an HD 4870 X2 is:

    Got to All Programs open the Accessories folder click on Run type MSCONFIG in the pop up window and click OK. If Windows asks for permission click Continue. In the new pop up window select the Boot tab and click on the Advanced options... button and in the new little pop up window click the tiny box by Maximum memory: Whatever the number in the box here change it to 2560 then click OK. Click Apply on the remaining window then a small pop up asking you to restart PC should remain, click Yes. You should now be able to play both Shogun Total War and Medieval Total War with all resolutions available.

    To revert your system to normal you have to uncheck the box in the Advanced options... , Maximum Memory: click OK then select the General tab and click the little round button beside Normal startup Load all device drivers and services then click Apply and then click Yes when asked to restart the system.

    What you are doing here is only allowing the system to let the games software see an amount of RAM it is programmed to understand, or so I believe, thus preventing it from defaulting to minimum specs. If the number 2560 does not work for you in the Maximum memory box try 2048. I just found on my rigs 2560 was the highest amount I could go and still get all the resolutions.

    I also found that with the HD 4870 X2 I had to disable AI in the ATI Catalyst Control center or I was getting a split screen effect.

    Good Luck!
    - A
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    Default Re: Redux & W7...

    Hi there,
    Never played Redux myself but I've been looking at it with curiosity for a while.
    Anyway with reference to the resolution problem there is a fix that's just been posted in the main hall that worked very nicely for me (I have win 7 x64 and HD4850).
    I don't know exactly how much Redux changes but it will hopefully work for you.

    Here's the link

    Axalon I'm curious, I thought medieval had a problem with any system that has more than 2GB, yet you seem to be playing with 8GB on 1280x1024, is that due to some config file modding or has that always been a menu option for you? I've only ever had the minimum option unless I do the MSConfig jazz
    Currently day dreaming about having the funding and man power to port MTW to mobiles. Whole and unaltered.
    Having a nightmare getting it to run on more than 2GB of RAM

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    Hello yourself and thanks for the tip....

    Anyway, nah as of RBX1002 and beyond I have never had any problems with Ram and VI. I can max it as much as I want in Redux and W7. Max being something slightly less then 4GB and there seems to be no issues with it at all on my W7 rig. By default the Ram is set on 2034 MB in VI (that works just fine). Redux has a heavy use of alternative files and that probably makes it more agreeable to newer hardware. However I have a hard time pinpoint exactly what it is that makes things turn out like that.

    Anyhow, if you have not tried Redux I certainly think you should. For one thing it does offer very different game-experience and a lot sexier GFX, and significantly more challenging and intricate game as well then you ever get on a raw MTW game (regardless of factions or settings). The unique Redux AI is well able to bite back at you and you may even get wiped off the map if you are careless and stupid while playing Redux. Rebels are a serious threat (which is hardly the case elsewhere). Basically, no need for any "homerules" for the benefit of the AI and harder game - as I know so many of the "MTW-purists" are so fond of doing (I never truly understood that, just play a seriously modded and improved game instead - problem solved. Either Redux or something else). I would actually be surprised if you would not find Redux interesting somehow as I am sure the are at least some stuff in there that you would like.

    Well, just saying...

    - A

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    Just a note, the linked sresolution fix seems -for me at least- not to work with the campaign map for Redux.
    Custom battles are fine, however, using the posted ddraw.dll results in an error message when trying it with the redux campaign map.
    So, those as unfortunate as me will still have to reboot with reduced ram to play redux on any higher screen resolution.
    I had hoped that using 1003 would solve that problem (so far I played at v1002), as it did apparently for you, Axalon; alas, no such luck, and I┤m afraid I can┤t comprehend what you mean by:
    On the VI/v.2.01- engine I have 2034MB set by default in game-options
    I┤m certain I┤m missing something obvious...

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    Hello Ciaran,

    Um... Can you somehow succesfully use the ddraw.dll file and get the desired resolutions while using the original MTW-map or any other map (from some mod)? If not then it is a matter of hardware and drivers - and not Redux. If you are indeed able somehow to run other stuff (successfully) then specify which map it is (and relevant mod etc.).

    I have not had any problems at all with Ram and resolution in Redux (v.1002 or 1003), not on my rig, regardless the settings I use. Now, if I install VI from scratch (and then apply Redux on top), and do not cange the Ram settings somehow in options, I will then get 2034 MB in Ram in VI (and 50 on pyrotechnics. All this will more then suffice to play the game on excellent terms). That was also what I meant....

    - A

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    Hello Axalon!
    I thought i'd post this because Ciaran hasn't replied and i have his same problem.

    The Vanilla MTW Campaign map doesn't crash and i can't say for any other mods because I don't own a copy of VI.
    But it would therefore appear that the problem lies with the Redux campaign map.

    If you could work out a fix for Redux so that people with this problem could use Redux and higher resolutions without the full of hassle alternate fix then I would much appreciate it.


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    Hello Nagnar,

    Let's first make sure that Redux somehow actually is the problem here (which I still doubt was actually the case with Ciaran). Make a copy of your (entire) raw MTW-install and place it somewhere else. Once that is done. Check out for sure that raw MTW really runs without such (or any) problems on your hardware at all. Once that is done, take copy of the Redux campaign map-file and replace the original campaign map-file (on that new copy of your raw MTW install) and see what happens. If that can not run as successfully as with the original file in place - then it might be the Redux file. Until we know that for sure, it is basically pointless to do or attempt any possible fixes for it.

    The file is located: "?:\?\"your game directory"\Textures\campmap" and it is called: "MapTex2.tga"

    - A

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    Okay I've tried that and some other combinations.
    So this is using a copy of my Vanilla MTW folder and my Redux folder. The results are all when entering the campaign map, everything else works fine under any conditions.

    Vanilla MTW:
    without ddraw.dll - Works
    with ddraw.dll - Works

    Vanilla MTW + Redux MapTex2.tga:
    without ddraw.dll - Works
    with ddraw.dll - CTD

    without ddraw.dll - Works
    with ddraw.dll - Error and crash to "In-Game Menu"

    Redux + Vanilla MTW MapTex2.tga
    without ddraw.dll - Works
    with ddraw.dll - Error and crash to "In-Game Menu"


    Edit: I found the answer after doing some replacement of individual files in Textures/campmap. Both MapTex.tga and MapTex2.tga cause the error and crash to menu both independently and together. Unfortunately though, Its unplayable with Vanilla MTW's copies of those files as many provinces and sea regions in the campaign are inaccessible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ciaran View Post
    Just a note, the linked sresolution fix seems -for me at least- not to work with the campaign map for Redux. Custom battles are fine, however, using the posted ddraw.dll results in an error message when trying it with the redux campaign map.
    I have now tried the "ddraw.dll"-file as well, and it does not seem to work with Redux at all, the same error happens to me. This in turn provides us with the obvious answer that the problem is not with Redux as such but using it in combination with the "ddraw.dll". The obvious solution is to not use the "ddraw.dll" as then Redux will work as supposed to... Thus I take back any previous scepticism on Ciaran's post as it clearly appear to be valid in this outlined context after all.


    Nagnar... The "ddraw.dll"-file is evidently not designed with mods in mind - this obviously includes Redux as well. Redux's extreme use of alternative files and the "ddraw.dll"-files seemingly strict dependencies on the original MapTex-files (somehow, I don't know how) is in direct conflict. The solution here is obviously to stay away from the "ddraw.dll" until it gets mod-friendly, as I doubt the current version will get along with any mod anywhere that actually changes the "MapTex2.tga"-file somehow. If it actually does, by all means point out which one...

    I would imagine that we - or rather you - are thus left with the alternatives to either play Redux without the "ddraw.dll" or play raw MTW with it. There is seemingly no compromise to be had on that - as is. This until the creator of that "ddraw.dll"-file makes another version that does work with mods - including Redux. By all means forward such a request to the man actually responsible for the ddraw-file at any time. In the mean time, Redux obviously works without it, so I basically fail to see an actual problem here. ...?...

    - A

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    Default Re: Redux & W7...

    Thanks for clearing this all up.


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    An update on the ddraw-problems...

    Quote Originally Posted by Axalon View Post
    Short version....
    I solved it, temporarily anyways... I'll upload a fix-fix soon...

    Long version....
    I have been looking into stuff about Redux and the S-Fix (Sepheus ddraw-Fix) and it seems like I may have solved it - temporary anyways. MTW has two campmap-textures, right? 1 big, 1 small (and the related Lbm-files). The thing is that the S-Fix seems to rely on the small one - while Redux rely on the big one . I never made a small one, I figured it was never needed for the new beta-editions, all they have is a dummy-replace file as to cut the overall size.

    The problem then is that the RX replace-file - " MapTex.tga" is in conflict with the S-Fix, and hence crash. The S-Fix seems set for, and demands, a regular file, when it don't get it, as the dummy file are too different in size - we get a crash. This is how I understand it. The main problem is thus "MapTex.tga" for creating the crash. However, we also need a "LukMap.Lbm" that is adjusted for Redux in order for everything to get fully function. Yet again, I never made one as I thought it was never needed, and it isn't, as long as we run Redux on its own (without the S-Fix).

    So what needs to be done here for a temporary solution is me creating and uploading such files somehow. At any rate, the map will lose detail and never look as good as the big texture does, as we run things on Redux alone, but the resolution problems, for the people that have such, will disappear at least. The ultimate solution for all such people is then to have Sepheus to make another version that depends/relies on the big files instead as in "MapTex2.tga" and "LukMap2.LBM". Then the campmap-texture will be visible in full detail as originally intended. I'll try to upload the temporary stuff soon....

    - A
    I have slightly edited the post for increased clarity...

    - A

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    Default Re: Redux & W7...

    Here is the temporary hotfix for people who wants to use the ddraw/dll-file by Sepheus. Apply and start game... It should all work just fine now - save the unavoidable loss in detail on campmap due to the smaller texture for it.

    The updated hotfix is available here:

    - A
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    Default Re: Redux & W7...

    I'm afraid I missed MTW. If I were to start now, using my Win7 Pro x64 machine, would you recommend your mod? Which version of the original game should I install?
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    Hi Myth...

    Quote Originally Posted by Myth View Post
    I'm afraid I missed MTW. If I were to start now, using my Win7 Pro x64 machine, would you recommend your mod? Which version of the original game should I install?
    Short answer:

    Yeah, I would... For many reasons... Try MTW VI/v.2.01 (Gold Edition)...

    Long Answer:

    Yup, I would... Due to a bunch of reasons... Performance wise you will be better off with Redux as it will deliver a much more stable and reliable game then original MTW does on W7 (64bit) - you'll have much less crashes and freezes. Redux will ultimately ensure that your chances of running the MTW-engine successfully at all is maximized upon W7 (because it is not dead certain that it will with all hardware).

    As for MTW-versions, unless you have some original disks the only version you are likely to have available is the MTW VI/v.2.01 gold-edition (same thing for any SEGA/ download version of MTW) which is the most reliable version around of MTW, performance-wise (I prefer the v.1.1 myself). For Redux it means optimal stability and performance as it runs pretty much rock solid on that stuff.

    As for the game as such... In short and to be frank, Redux essentially kills raw MTW. It outperforms and outshines raw MTW in virtually every turn and this all over, all the time. It was designed to do so, and it does just that. As a W7 user, I think you should just disregard raw MTW altogether and go straight for Redux. I think that is a better place to start for you anyhow (all things considered). For more details in general see this Redux-wiki:

    - A
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    Default Re: Redux & W7...

    A note for all people using gaming/high-performance monitors such as the BenQ XT2411T (or similar)...

    I noticed that using high refreshment-rates like 120-144Hz can turn out problematic on MTW-resolutions as it is then drastically reduced (to 1024x768) since the game-engine can't seem to properly cope with it - both for Redux and raw MTW. It seems like 100Hz is the max before the game seriously freaks out like that. For higher resolutions (such as 1280x1024) use refreshment rates below 100Hz, like 75Hz should be safe. Alternatively, change the "True color 32bit" display-settings to "High color 16bit" and it seems MTW/Redux then becomes far more cooperative/agreeable to such newer hardware and its drivers. Thought it might be worthwhile to share that discovery here...

    - A
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    My name is Tomasz, from Poland, few days ago I've started to play MTW with Redux 1004.
    Medieval TW - it's a master piece of work, and Redux being very good far for now. Axalon & community - thanks for your work and engagement.
    But my impression I will write in another thread, I will only let you know guys that in 790 most of the Europe is taken by Muslims !! France is eliminated! Moors are in England! Playing as Poland.

    I've got iritating problem on Windows 7 32 bit. My MTW is gold edition, computer T61P, 2x 2.5 GHz 4 GB, video card is NVidia Quadro FX 570M. So for such old game as MTW it's a top level machine.
    Battles runs very smoothly, no any lags.

    But the problem is suprisingly campaign map. Performance on this map is VERY low.
    All unit moves are slow, end of turn AI unit moves animation takes a lot time.
    Loading times are also slow.
    I've got concurrent MTW installation on some old PC: 1-processor athlon 1,5 Mhz, WinXP, less than 500Mb memory, and campaign map performance is much better, of course there is lag when fighting large battles.
    But my feelings are that overal permormance is better on those old PC :-).

    So could anyone help me? Maybe someone has similar issues.
    I've tried those above resolution fix - game doesn't start with it. But I don't have the resolution problem. I've tried to run in WinXP SP3 compability mode, but without results.

    regards, Tomasz.

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    Default Re: Redux & W7...

    Hello Tomas, welcome to this forum and the Redux-area…

    From what you are telling me in your post, I guess it is your (legacy?) Nvidia-drivers that are fussing with MTW/Redux. If they don’t get along - and you have no other drivers to try (to get better performance) - I simply suggest that you stick to using that old PC you are talking about. At least while playing Redux/MTW. For some reasons, and this is very common, some 10 year old hardware, typically/often outperforms newer hardware when it comes to MTW. It’s a well established truth since many years. In my experience, the best OS I ever saw for MTW was/is Win2000pro and the drivers made for that. W7 can be very good, assuming we have hardware that gets along with MTW, in the first place (typically this means ATI/AMD cards, among other things)…

    The solution (as I understand it) is that you get an ATI/AMD GFX-card for your primary rig, something like HD 58xx or HD 68xx-cards. One of those cards should do just fine on W7-drivers (I got have twin ATI HD5830 cards, although “crossfire-mode” will basically crash MTW). If that is somehow impossible, then get some 2nd hand/used GFX-cards – and make a point of it being ATI/AMD cards (due to drivers and MTW). The last possibility here, as I see it, is that you keep that old PC and have it as a dedicated machine to MTW and perhaps other old games that you like, and keep it around for that very purpose. A “legacy-rig” if you will… As for the battles and lag on that rig… In MTW options, set sound quality to “medium” and the lag in battles should disappear, or at least get much less frequent…

    Other then that… Feel free to post up your Redux-experiences over at the main thread, or if there is something else that interest you in the other threads, by all means post there...

    - A
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    Quote Originally Posted by Axalon View Post
    A note for all people using gaming/high-performance monitors such as the BenQ XT2411T (or similar)...

    I noticed that using high refreshment-rates like 120-144Hz can turn out problematic on MTW-resolutions as it is then drastically reduced (to 1024x768) since the game-engine can't seem to properly cope with it - both for Redux and raw MTW. It seems like 100Hz is the max before the game seriously freaks out like that. For higher resolutions (such as 1280x1024) use refreshment rates below 100Hz, like 75Hz should be safe. Alternatively, change the "True color 32bit" display-settings to "High color 16bit" and it seems MTW/Redux then becomes far more cooperative/agreeable to such newer hardware and its drivers.
    To clarify this stuff somewhat...

    Setting color-depth to 16bit will not increase the tolerance-levels of high refresh-rates (like 100-144hz). Max will res still be 1024x764 regardless of anything - and that res will actually look pretty good on Redux, especially on 120hz (full screen on a Benq 2411T, latest W7-drivers). The highest refreshment-rate I managed to test is/was 144hz, and it will work fine, but not look as good as 120hz (and full screen, which was not available for 144hz) do, to me. Ergo, setting color-depth to "High Color 16bit" somehow strikes me as pointless in this context as it will not achieve anything other then just robbing you of possible color-depth.

    Also, the Sepheus-fix will not help much in this given context, as it will not change any of the above outlined circumstances (as far as I can tell). The only thing the S-Fix does to RXB1005 is seemingly forcing the use of a low res-campmap texture, and limiting the available ram to 254 Mb (from the otherwise possible max of 3837 Mb. If I got the numbers right).

    - A
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    Everything is working great for me now with the ddraw, but the province names don't show up on the campaign map.

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    Default Re: Redux & W7...

    Hi Jingo7,

    I did not include the province-names in the low-res campmap-texture as I thought it looked poorly, and so I decided to have a blank map instead as (I thought) that looked much better in low res... I guess it is the price you and others will have too pay for using the S-fix on Redux anyway - despite it is not necessary somehow for it in order to function. Redux is and always was intended to use the high-res texture (and this of course has all names as usual) - using the S-fix prevents Redux from using that higher texture altogether. As a result you get the RX low-res texture (and no names)...

    - A

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    Default Re: Redux & W7...

    What do you mean? Without the S-fix my game crashed constantly, res was stuck on very tiny. Are you saying it is not nescessary? I think I have misunderstood you.

    Anyway, the game is fantastic, and very challenging. The province names is a minor quibble.

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    Default Re: Redux & W7...

    Strange... It may be a matter of specific hardware and drivers somehow... My experience on W7pro 64bit, this on all the hardware available to me, is rather clear - Redux does not need any S-Fix to function just fine (in fact it functions better without it, as the map then looks as intended). I can have 1280x1024 or 1024x768 (and others) without problems or fixes, always could with Redux...

    Quote Originally Posted by jingo7 View Post
    Anyway, the game is fantastic, and very challenging. The province names is a minor quibble.

    - A

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    Default Re: Redux & W7...

    Courtesy of Frunk (over at the TWC), I received word that a W7-update - KB3086255 - may cause problems and issues for MTW, and thus Redux too... His original post (from September 11, 2015)...

    Quote Originally Posted by Frunk
    The disc versions of Med2, Rome1, Med1 and Shogun1, that is.

    When Windows 10 came out, many of us here quickly discovered that while we can successfully install Med2, Rome1, Med1 and Shogun1 on the new operating system, these games will not run. Now, with Windows update KB3086255 being rolled out this week for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users, the same problem will now affect even more people.

    The problem is that a Windows XP-era third-party driver called secdrv.sys has been disabled in Windows 10 and now also 7 and 8. It is required to run SafeDisc, an outdated and mostly ineffectual form of copyright protection. SafeDisc protection is built into hundreds of older games and is meant to check whether or not the disc you are trying to run your game from is legitimate, or pirated. With secdrv.sys disabled, SafeDisc cannot run, and therefore neither will the game as this process must be completed. The games will not run via their .exe files, shortcuts, Autorun or the Launcher - they will not run at all.

    This is the only thing stopping the four oldest Total War games from running on W10, and the issue has been present since W10's public release. There is no legitimate fix that resolves both the security vulnerabilities and the lack of SafeDisc functionality.

    This week W7 and W8 users will likely be asked to install Windows update KB3086255, which turns off secdrv.sys for the same reason.

    Quote Originally Posted by Microsoft
    "In addition to the changes that are listed for the vulnerabilities that are described in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-097, this security bulletin addresses a defense-in-depth update for the secdrv.sys driver, a third-party driver. The update turns off the service for the secdrv.sys driver. This may affect the ability to run some older games.

    To learn more about the vulnerabilities, see Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-097."

    A workaround using registry editing exists at that link, which can turn secdrv.sys back on, presumably resolving the issue, but Microsoft recommends that it be turned off again when you are done with it, which would surely be very impractical for users who run the games every day. Of course, one could theoretically turn it on and leave it on, but this would leave your PC vulnerable to infection, and would be the same as not installing the KB3086255 update at all, which certainly is not advisable. Furthermore, I am uncertain whether this method would be applicable to W10, or just to W7 and W8.

    Medieval 2 escapes the issue somewhat, as it appears that while SafeDisc exists in medieval2.exe, it does not exist in the Kingdoms expansion's kingdoms.exe, which of course runs mods. GurneyMan, who brought the KB3086255 update to my attention, can confirm that Kingdoms runs on Windows 7, whilst I have been playing and modding Kingdoms on Windows 10 for the past month without any issue. The only thing that we lose, therefore, is the ability to play the original Grand Campaign, but in fact it can be played in the form of Gignatus' Bare Geomod Kingdoms, which is the Grand Campaign in the form of a mod folder (used as a base for modding), so it uses the kingdoms.exe.

    Microsoft has done its due diligence by fixing the security issue, thus the onus must now fall back onto game developers to restore functionality to old games, in the form of the patch which removes the need for the crude SafeDisc check to be completed. Would Creative Assembly, for example, ever do this? Or would they be quite happy to take no action and force users to either compromise the safety of their systems, or abandoned the old Total War titles in favour of new ones? Only time will tell, and I'm considering starting a petition, should this prove to be as concerning to people as it is to me.
    - A

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    Default Re: Redux & W7...

    Time to update this thread...

    I can now confirm that a Sapphire Nitro R9 390 OC-GFX cards can indeed run Redux & MTW1 beyond the minimal and absolutely hopeless resolutions. Almost by chance, I found out that if one uses the old Sepheus-fix it is still possible to get higher/better resolutions I have managed to get 1024x768 - which is totally acceptable to play the game, I think anyways (I have never had any advantages with the S-fix previously on any other cards I used). The monitor might very well also present problems and limitations - depending on what you have. Also, I'm still stuck with the low-res map that comes with using the S-fix, but its still much better then ultra-low resolution all the same.

    This is valid for non-steam versions of MTW1, running on W7 pro (64bit) and using Radeon Crimson Drivers 16.10.2 (probably other drivers too). Note also that Redux will still probably be more stable then raw MTW1 regardless, so keep that in mind too...

    If you have another modern GFX-card that can also run Redux successfully somehow on W7 - feel free to post up (here) any further info on the card and what it takes to make it run Redux. Any Steam & Redux-users are also welcome to do so too, if they like...

    - A
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