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Thread: ######### BANNED????

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    I m speaking right now with my mate of the clan and he says to me that today were rare messages on the game someone like this

    [EA REP].... [2 min Shutdown]

    and the most rare! [######## BANNED]???

    its taht possible?! jojojoo

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    It's better to let the enemy alive as to kill it ... To TORTURE it

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    i believe that was just the trick being used that is mentioned in tera's post about hacking. you can make all sorts of things appear to occur, folks coming in and out of the room, false players talking, real players talking, and so on.

    read tera's post about hacking. it's explained somewhat in there.

    there's prolly going to be a rash of these occurring in the next few weeks till the novelty wears off. it's also prolly against the licensing agreement to represent yourself as an employee or representative of EA/DT/CA, so i'd be a touch careful about using this trick do so...and that's not directed at you, skull, just a warning to others who may be doing so ;)


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    Krast believes he is responsible for bringing that 'name trick' into the Shogun chatroom.

    This particular method is very common in some other games, and Krast thought it would be a neat trick to tease his friend with it.

    Unfortunately it got out of hand (quickly) when others saw what Krast did, copied the tirck and posted hurtful comments.

    Sadly, it seems to be causing lots of trouble.

    Krast PROMISES not to do it anymore.

    Those who have been hurt by this 'thing' have Krast to blame.


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