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Thread: Jarema's Mafia: Focus on... Yakuza! (small game)

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    Default Jarema's Mafia: Focus on... Yakuza! (small game)

    I want to run a streak of games (if it would work), each one devoted to one role. I will focus on roles that are not used often, or are disliked, and I will try to show they can be fun.
    As game will focus on one kind of role, there will not be a lot of other power roles. But, some other power roles are sometimes needed for the role the focus is on to shine (for example, Yakuza would be more interesting in a game with a cop)

    First game will focus on yakuza.

    Basics: The Yakuza is a regular mafia player with an extra power: they may sacrifice themselves from the second night (during the night) and choose an innocent to join the mafia.

    Lets say, there would be 16 players. Then, the roles would look like:

    2xyakuza. They can kill one person per night (unless this person is protected) as a mafia kill. Instead of kill, one of them can ‘yak’: he kills himself, and targeted player becomes mafia (there is no mafia kill this night). The second yakuza can use his ability later, in place of another mafia kill. If yakuza is protected while ‘yaking’, he is alive and his target becomes mafia! Yakuza can, then, ‘yak’ another player at following night. All townies (including policeman) can be 'yaked'.
    Mafia member: can perform mafoa kill (one kill for entire mafia per night)
    1x cop. First scan gives results: Innocent (100% Innocent at the moment of a scan); suspicious (can be mafia, but some townies also scan suspicious). Remember that being innocent at, for example, night 3 does not guarantee that this person will be innocent later!
    1x cop assistant. Becomes cop after death of original one (or when original one is 'yaked' - so he WILL know that original cop is now a mafia member). Scans Innocent at first scan.
    1x bodyguard. Can protect another character, but if that character is attacked, bodyguard dies. Scan suspicious at first scan.
    11 townies, 5 of them scans suspicious at first scan.

    What you think about it?
    Would it be interesting?
    Would it be balanced?
    Would you want to play it?

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    Default Re: Jarema's Mafia: Focus on... Yakuza! (small game)

    I think it would be interesting, because the role would be the whole point of the game rather than a spoiler in it.
    Balance seems ok.

    If you're hosting, I'm playing!

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    Default Re: Jarema's Mafia: Focus on... Yakuza! (small game)

    Thanks for a comment. I plan to host it after New Year


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