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Thread: Austrian campaign (Europe)

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    Default Austrian campaign (Europe)

    I took this from an other post just because it really helps,so don't take it personal.

    Starting Scenario:

    Turns: 168 Early January 1805 to Late December 1812

    Faction: Austria

    Allied Factions: Great Britain, Russia, Sweden, Sicily, Naples

    Neutral Factions: Prussia, Ottomans, Denmark, Hessen, Sardinia, Mecklenburg, Olddenburg, Papal States, Portugal, Saxony

    Enemy Factions: France, Bavaria, Spain, Batavia, Swiss Confederation, Baden-Württemberg, Italy

    Trade Partners: Great Britain, Saxony, Russia.

    Starting Treasury: 7500

    Starting Income: 1492

    Regions at Start: (9) Austria, Hungary, Bohemia, Croatia, Galicia, Moravia, Transylvania, Tyrol, Venetia.

    Starting Forces: Army;
    Garrisons; (Buda-Pest) 2 Inf, (Zagreb) 2 Lt Inf, (Innsbruck) 2 Mil, (Lenberg) 2 Mil, (Vienna) 1 Arty, 1 Grn, 2 Inf, 2 Lt Inf, (Klausenburg) 1 Inf, 1 Lt Inf, (Venice) 1 Cav, 1 Arty, 1 Inf, (Prague) 1 Cav, 2 Inf.

    Field Armies; (Austria) von Österrich-Este, 2 Cav, 3 Inf, (Bohemia) von Österrich, 1 Arty, 1 Inf, 2 Lt Inf, 1 Gnz, (Bavaria) Leiberich, 1 Cav, 1 Arty, 1 Grn, 2 Inf, 2 Lt Inf, (Venetia) von Österrich-Teschen, 2 Cav, 1 Arty, 1 Grn, 1 Inf, 1 Lt Inf.

    Fleets: None

    Trade Fleets; None

    Agents: 1 Spy, 1 Gentleman

    Objective Regions: Flanders & Wallonia, Balkans, Silesia, Tyrol, Volhynia & Podolia, Austria, Saxony & Thuringia, Northern Italy.

    Victory Conditions: Capture 25 Regions including the Objective Regions

    Abbreviations: Cav= cavalry, Arty= Artillery, Inf= Line Infantry, Lt Inf= Light Infantry, Mil= Militia, Grn= Grenadier, Gnz= Grenzers

    Note: Most Austrian Light Infantry is rifle equipped.

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    Default Re: Austrian campaign (Europe)

    You start out quite bad with your situation.One region is directly angry with you and only two are happy,so lower the taxes so as many of possible of the regions become happy and neutral.But this will greatly decrease your income so follow up by getting as many as possible trade agreements.

    Once done with that building up is priority number 1.But also to make life easier give Tirol to France for a peace agreement.

    What is very important is to take Munich before the first round ends because else you'll have to go to war with France to get them.So on the first turn I take Munich,make France break the alliance with Italy and then take Italy for a boost.

    Once that is done begin recruiting militia in all your regions that are neutral and happy so you can later on raise the taxes to get a bigger income.
    Now the rest of Italy and the Ottoman empire surely are attractive as targets but I wouldn't attack them until much later.I prefer looking at central Europe and some of the German minors as better targets and Switzerland aswell.Now you've to take Silesia for victory and a Russian region aswell but I mostly ignore those and once I take them you still need to take a French region which is far away and is a good end target when you're done with the campaign.A war with France can't be avoided until you got the regions you want which for me are Stuttgart and Tirol,once you have them you can try to get peace with France which really helps out but the French will sometimes block Tp's for you so drive their ships away then get a peace agreement which makes you a very powerful Nation in Europe.

    Now the research order really isn't important the only one that is really important to do first is the objective tech.But also try to trade as many as possible techs that don't make the people less happy.With Stuttgart and North Italy you get 2 universities and one is already in Vienna.

    For me the campaign became alot easier when having gotten a few regions in central europe and secured some Tp's in the south and got a peace agreement with France.
    At that point I finally turned to the south of my Empire and began building armies for the invasion of the Ottoman Empire which actually was quite annoying doing.
    Balkan the closest region to take is also one of your victory regions you need so I just took it to start the invasion.As soon as I got my second region (the order really doesn't matter) I made Russia declare war on the Ottoman Empire so they took Moldavia.

    Sadly the French joined the Ottoman for one turn and directly after wanted peace with me.I took Istanbul but I robbed it making them very angry,so I let it be taken and retook it right after.With only Greece left and alot of Militia to build,I recruited alot like 32,8 for each region to make them happy,as soon as I took Greece I took the Tp's that were close to raise my income.

    As last mission before taking the regions I needed I took the Italian half-island,what was left of it and also took the islands in the sea which also meant war with France for one last time.I took Saxony and Silesia,bought the Russian region and took all my armies to attack Flandes granting me victory for the campaign.
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