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Thread: The Results of the CWC Hall of Fame Awards for 2011

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    Default The Results of the CWC Hall of Fame Awards for 2011

    Of the fifty Clans participating in our Clan Wars Competition’s two 3v3 tournaments this year; the following have been voted our yearly award titles by their contest opponents.

    The Results of the CWC Hall of Fame Awards for 2011

    Category One
    Most Honourable Clan for 2011
    The gentleman's gentlemen, they always have exemplary conduct, worthy of the up most respect and admiration.
    Honourable Mention; Good Show - Imperial, IRONS, LONG, XXI RAPAX!
    First Runners Up; Well Done - Warriors of Crom!!
    Our Winner; Congratulations - Brotherhood of Aggony!!!

    Category Two
    Most Feared Clan for 2011
    When these polished professionals enter a game, all of the other players begin to recheck their unit choices.
    Honourable Mention; Good Show - Craftsmen of War, GERUDO, Hermandad de la Guardia, IRONS, RTK!
    First Runners Up; Well Done - Brotherhood of Aggony, and Via Militera!!
    Our Winner; Congratulations – Clan LONG!!!

    Category Three
    Most Friendly Clan for 2011
    These guys are always kind and considerate, never hesitating to extend themselves and make you feel at home.
    Honourable Mention; Good Show – Arcani, Brotherhood of Aggony, Devoti Custodes, I NORMANNI, L'ordres des Templiers, RTK, Warriors of Crom, XII-ARDITI, XXI RAPAX!!
    Our Winners (tied); Congratulations – Clan IRONS, and Clan LONG!!!

    A Salute to All!

    This year (2012) we are looking forward to returning to our original 4v4 Contest format for our Total War: Shogun 2 – “Fall of the Samurai” Expansion competitions.
    I hope your Clan will be joining us for the fun!
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