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    I was looking at the rtwheaven site, and bumped into a mod in making called Dark Ages Roman revival (no i am not advertising it). i liked the fact on how they organized it and i would post the link, but I'm afraid that the forum rules dont allow links to other forums, however you can google it. And for those that are lazy I copied and pasted their agenda below.

    Faction Threads - only two at a time, please
    1. Romano-British - CLOSED
    2. Franks - CLOSED
    3. Saxons - CLOSED
    4. Norsemen - CLOSED
    5. Alemanni - CLOSED
    6. Huns - CLOSED
    7. Sassanids - CLOSED
    8. Ostrogoths - CLOSED
    9. Visigoths - CLOSED
    10. Western Roman Empire - CLOSED
    11. Burgundiones - CLOSED
    12. Gepids - CLOSED
    13. Alans - CLOSED
    14. -BREAK TIME-
    15. Berbers CLOSED
    16. Vandals - OPEN BUT AS GOOD AS CLOSED
    17. Lombardi - OPEN
    18. Eastern Roman Empire - OPEN
    19. Copts - OPEN
    20. Caliphate - OPEN
    21. Major Rebel Factions
    22. Minor Rebel Factions

    Mechanics Threads - Only three at a time, please
    1. Reforms - CLOSED - will be reopened
    2. Overall Buildings Discussion - CLOSED
    3. Roman Culture and Buildings - OPEN
    4. Barbarian Culture and Buildings - OPEN
    5. Germanic Culture and Buildings - OPEN
    6. Hunnic Culture and Buildings
    7. Eastern Culture and Buildings
    8. Berber Culture and Buildings
    9. Religion and Priests
    10. Zoroastrianism
    11. Islam
    12. Arianism
    13. Christianity
    14. Berber Pantheon
    15. Germanic Pantheon
    16. Hunnic Pantheon
    17. UI and Faction Symbols
    18. The Map - General Discussion - OPEN
    19. The Map - The Norselands and British Isles
    20. The Map - Western Europe
    21. The Map - Central and Eastern Europe
    22. The Map - The Mediterranean
    23. The Map - The Balkans
    24. The Map - The Steppes and the Caucasus
    25. The Map - Anatolia and the Middle East
    26. The Map - North Africa
    27. Campaign Starting Positions
    28. Scripting
    29. Character Traits and Ancillaries
    30. Historical Events
    31. Custom Battles
    32. Centers of Power

    Map Threads - Only one at a time, please

    1. Mercenaries - OPEN
    2. North Africa
    3. The Map - Western Europe and British Isles
    4. The Map - Germania, Sarmatia and Norselands
    5. The Map - Eastern Europe and the Balkans
    6. The Map - Greece, Asia Minor and the Levant
    7. The Map - Italy and Illyria
    8. The Map - The Steppes
    9. The Map - The Middle East and Egypt
    10. AoR

    Behold their organisation

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    We will have to get some sub forums! Very organized!

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    indeed that's like the most organized mod i've seen maybe i should do similar tactics when i get a hosted forum

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    Yeah, that's Terikel all right. Organisation is very much his forte.

    The HeavenGames site is quite quiet, but it is a very friendly and real community and they would certainly appreciate a boost in activity. If you wanted to ask for a forum over there, I may be able to pull some strings for you. They will want to see that a start has actually been made and progress is underway however.
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    Well I noticed that Edorix, my point is that right after we decide the faction list, we do an agenda like this one. It'll keep things more organised.

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    @Edorix - Yes,the Havengames forums are great,especialy the Stronghold ones...:)
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