Yes, I said syllabus, my professors here at school have given me many and they consist of the goals and plan for the class. They then give a schedule of the work that we as students are supposed to expect to be given to us. Most importantly it includes how we are supposed to present our work. So I will make us a syllabus for our mod, Historical Rome Total War.

HRTW Research Syllabus
Faction List Order

We will go in order of the list I have below. I have listed it so we can taste and grab hold of different cultures and geographical areas. Plus we won't get tired of a specific culture. As we finish each faction, I will update this thread clarifying that we finished the faction and the date that it was declared finished.

1. The Roman Republic
2. The Republic of Carthage
3. Gauls
4. The Ptolemaic Empire
5. Numidia
6. Germans
7. The Kingdom of Pontus
8. Iberians
9. The Antigonid Kingdom
10. Parthia
11. The Bosporan Kingdom
12. Britons
13. The Kingdom of Epirus
14. The Kingdom of Armenia
15. Illyrians
16. The Seleucid Empire
17. Sarmatians
18. The Aetolian League
19. The Odrysian Kingdom
20. Free People
21. Rebels

So the first two factions are the most important in my mind, but after that I mixed it up.

Now here is the guidelines we will have for each faction:

1. Culture, Faction Symbol, society. Basically what made them unique from every other faction, the base of the faction.
2. Settlements. What were important settlements to the faction? When did they hold them and for how long? How big will the settlements be based off the population of the area?
3. Family Tree. The type of family, whether it be elected or through bloodline.
4. Buildings. What buildings will we include with the faction, what special bonuses will we include, temples, training facilities and economic/government buildings
5. Units. What units will this faction recruit, where they will be recruited, and should the faction have reforms for their military or not?
6. Uniqueness. Anything and everything that we can use to spice up the faction, we will throw into this category.

If you have any other suggestions on the list above let me know and I will add it. I know I have possibly forgotten something.
We now all know the first faction. So let us get to work! Start thinking in your minds about The Roman Republic in 280 BC and what their current state was. I will make a thread for them now and you can post all your research there, for the Romans only!