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Thread: Historical Discussion Thread

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    Default Historical Discussion Thread

    Hello LotD players.

    Given the recent rush of historical discussion, I thought it might be best to give that its own outlet so that the OOC thread doesn't get swamped. Please carry no with any discussion of actual history here!
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    Default Re: Historical Discussion Thread

    Hello everyone!

    So, I've asked that this be announced in the courtroom soon, but I thought I'd offer you some historical information here first to go off of...

    I've asked to be indoctrinated into this game as a Pecheneg Khan. The Pechenegs were a semi-nomadic steppe people driven from their homes by the Cumans. They fled to Kiev and Hungary, existing in small communities throughout these lands until eventually being absorbed both culturally and ethnically.

    I'll be playing a Pecheneg Khan whose people remained in the steppes but, due to relations with the Hungarians and Rus, have converted to Christianity and are now wishing to vassal themselves to Hungary.

    • The Pechenegs are foreigners, but are still Christians. The Pechenegs will probably not distinguish much between Orthodox and Catholicism, being culturally distanced from these conflicts. A Hungarian noble might distrust them for these reasons or instead have a desire to further influence them religiously.
    • At this time, Pecheneg tribes still exist in isolated communities throughout Hungary. Subgroups within any community tend to be distrusted by the community as a whole, thus perhaps garnering them distrust from some of the nobles. Conversely, Pecheneg mercenaries and soldiers have become a valuable asset to Hungary, perhaps garnering them respect from other nobles.
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    Default Re: Historical Discussion Thread

    I think my new Master of Horse could well be a Pecheneg
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    Default Re: Historical Discussion Thread

    They were employed quite extensively by the ERE when they needed a second front opened to their enemies. Especially versus Bulgaria, this tribe has earned a sinister reputation for being mercenaries and brigands. Of course the Bulgarian Tzars and Khans have employed their services as well, though the Roman Basileos was the one who was usually swimming in gold.
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