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    [-TWR-] Total War Rebels

    About us

    - TW Multiplayer Clan founded end of June 2008
    - Active on: RTW, M2TW, ETW, NTW and S2TW
    - The clan is proudly represented on all multiplayer lobbies on a regular basis
    - We have a wide set of highly skilled players on all TW titles who achieved multiple tournament championships as well as talented beginners who are eager to improve their skills and still remember these are only games
    - The clan is democratic, no ranks, each member is as important as the other, same rules for all
    - Multinational, current age of members from 15-60, forum language is English
    - Respecting all players regarding race, nationality, gender and ethnic group, no discrimination is tolerated.
    - Everyone has a place in the clan, either casual or competitive players the important thing is to have fun
    - TWR is a mature clan
    - TWR has a strict no war and no argument policy
    - Conduct of honour, good behaviour and sportsmanship are all very important points in representing the clan in the forum or in multiplayer lobbies
    - Teamspeak use is promoted as a way of being more competitive in teamgames and facilitate direct talk between clan members
    - Very good comradery in the clan
    - Open for polite, talkative and skilled players with a "healthy" competitiveness who share the hobby TW with us

    Well as has been stated we are a good mix of players. Some members have seen men walk on the moon (live), some read it in their school books. Our Forum language is English but our memberstructure is international.

    We got together in June of 2008 and brought all the good experiences of all our previous clans together for one of the best, and most respected clans in TW.

    If you are looking for a clan that is skilled and mature, we are it.

    You are welcome to submit your application in the stickied "Applications" topic on our forum.



    Steam contact info:
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    The Total War Rebels wish you and your families a merry christmas and a happy new year.


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