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Thread: The EB NOM Recruitment thread

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    Exclamation The EB NOM Recruitment thread

    Dear RTW modders!

    EB NOM team needs some talented people to contribute into the project. We would be very pleased to get some help from:

    - mappers (changing borders, cities and regions names, their positions, and so on, no need to edit height map, or smth like that)
    - 2d Artists (to make pretty signatures, and other non skinning work)
    - skinner
    - a person who can import 7th culture to BI switch mod, as EBNOM uses BI data
    - may be you?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Default Re: The EB NOM Recruitment thread

    A year has passed, and not much progress has been made due to schoolwork, etc. We're looking to get this project on the move again over the summer and are looking for people willing to help us with that. We'd especially appreciate mappers and others highly capable in coding.
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    Default Re: The EB NOM Recruitment thread

    Gamegeek: Good to see this mod isn't dead! I was so worried that this mod had gone the way of so many other promising mods, and I've been checking back here every few months for developments. Is there anything specific you guys are looking for help with?
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