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    Hy guys....I just want to announce that I will start making units for Carthage here and there....

    Because in the way that we are working on this mod it will not come out till 2020....And till the even Rome Total war 5 will come out...

    We are to slow on this...So I am starting on Carthage because I will not let this mod to fall apart....I will need only someone to make screens of my units...

    Thanks for reading!


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    I'm glad someone is still here. Did nobody see the Ui's for the Romans?

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    I will always be here !...I don't know....

    I will make units and hopefully Primo will put them to work and make some screens for them...

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    i could maybe help make ui for the ptolomeys

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    There is a link for the download of the Roman UI's in the Roman Faction thread


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