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Thread: Aizu guides, hints and tips

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    Default Aizu guides, hints and tips

    Please post any advice you have for the Aizu faction here.
    Frogbeastegg's Guide to Total War: Shogun II. Please note that the guide is not up-to-date for the latest patch.

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    Default Re: Aizu guides, hints and tips

    I always march to south and take the natural enemy first. Then there are two more Imperial clans which are suitable to destroy.

    I wonder something: Is it better to advance west first? The new added island at the north looks tempting. But by the time I arrive, other clans might become bigger threat. Also, If you get these lands you will probably become large enough to trigger the divide. It would be risky if you are not prepared.

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    Default Re: Aizu guides, hints and tips

    I'm addicted to trying to play the Aizu and failing.

    I've played about twenty heroic victories in the last couple of days, always outnumbered and desperately in need of some troop replenishment, successfully fighting five enemy provinces at the same time while desperately hoping I'll have time to repair the fortress I'm hiding in, and still ended up over-extending myself, being way too poor to afford garrisons and more troops, watching our ally Nagaoka get flattened by Imperialist Pigs for over-extending itself trying to help me while not watching its own backside, and then getting stabbed in my own super-distant backside by the opportunistic Sendai.

    Its teaching me to play the game way way way more strategically and slowly and carefully than I did when I simply marched and took boatrides across Japan and whupped the universe and its brother with the Satsuma, I'm like, desperately trying to figure out how to eek out a few more koku everywhere I can and worrying about exactly how far I am away from everything, the distances and poverty are terrifying.

    But that also makes it way more dramatic and heroic and fun.

    Plus we got the coolest colors, so there's that.

    Once you take that province to the south, half the time Musashi/Edo declares war on you (along with all its friends), so I end up taking Edo, and then its an octopus of enemies surrounding you (but Musashi is a Citadel, so its a great place to hold off five armies with a tired handful of troops).

    Plus its the Ancient Capitol and seat of the Shogunate, which is good for my ego.

    Sagama is right next door, and its a blacksmith, and there's a goldmine owned by that clan too, right next to that, but while I usually take all that land after they self-destruct their armies against the citadel in Musashi I don't really have enough cash to make use of it at that point.

    The other half the time you get tangled up with the guy on the right and Jozai, although I notice if I leave them alone the AI has a tough time converting provinces, and there's a very good chance that some of the places they conquer will have uprisings and "come back to life" with giant rebellion-spawned stacks of troops (which is half of what kills Nagaoka in my games when it expands along with me into the south).

    And you need to prepare for problems in the North at right about the time that you finishing cleaning up the South, which is horribly far away but at least taking that land would give you some wealthier farmland, and if you can take out the Jozai you'll get three really nice provinces over there, and just past the crummy lands that surround Musashi is a tea place and another copper mine (usually Nagaoka takes those and then starts to die due to attacks from Sado and his super-powered imperialist friend to the left of Nagaoka's lands, who will be coming after you next).

    That's the positions on the chessboard where I typically have Sendai turn on me and I give up and start over.

    So heading west and helping Nagaoka might actually be a pretty good if-not-as-dramatic-and-heroic-as-my-own idea haha.

    Taking Sado and having a goldmine and not being poor all the time would be pretty nice.

    But its also very bomb-able by boat.

    Somebody said "just go north" and that's starting to sound like a good plan, one that would meld better with helping Nagaoka and taking Sado.

    Plus then you could just invade the good places in the south by boat, and its much nicer to force your enemies to march across all that boring land of yours to come and attack you than it is for you to have to march for three turns just for the honor of starving for troop replenishment on THEIR doorstep haha.

    Still, its missing that certain something I always look for in a plan, like, where is all the impossible odds and fear and starvation and not being able to afford anything while waiting for certain doom haha.
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    Default Re: Aizu guides, hints and tips

    I'd like some advice on the Aizu please. I play H/VH. I always get panned playing Aizu. I can never afford more than one medium sized stack, which means expanding always leaves your provinces vulnerable to enemy attacks - which they invariably do. Distances are so great that its not possible to intercept attacking armies, and invariably the Jozai and Sendai stab you in the back (it seems to be scripted - even if you're allied). TBH, the same thing seems to happen to me playing Nagaoka too - invariably even if I can ally half my neighbours, the rest declare war and the allies inevitably follow suit. This is in sharp contrast to a campaign with Shimazu on H/VH which was a total cake-walk - all the Imperialist factions allied with me and then we collectively took the Shogunate clans apart before amphibious assaulting Musashi. With the infighting, back-stabbing, degenerate Shogunate clans I can't even get started!
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    Post Re: Aizu guides, hints and tips

    Just go south and destroy the Utsu... with a big spear army. Make peace with the Nagaoka. Ally with Nagaoka and the other Shogunate clan to march with you on Edo. As
    long as you destroy or push back the immediate clans to the North it will buy you enough time to create a bigger army and reinforce your pacts for better protection. Hold off
    attackers to the North for as long as you can and while you form a bigger army march through Nagaoka and take sado for it's gold. Pay a piece to Nagaoka and your bordered
    allies more trust. Once you have enough money and men to defend you need to start farms. Try to complete this first part before the end of spring because there are no farms yet. (you start in winter) Then start your farms. Be wary because the Jozai have a low attrition rate even in winter. This will help you for your first year and what you do past this is up to you. Good Luck.

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    Default Re: Aizu guides, hints and tips

    For every clan I say attack or defend the North I mean the South, sorry if I confused people.
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