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Thread: Choshu guides, hints and tips

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    Default Choshu guides, hints and tips

    Please post any advice you have for the Choshu faction here.
    Frogbeastegg's Guide to Total War: Shogun II. Please note that the guide is not up-to-date for the latest patch.

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    Default Re: Choshu guides, hints and tips

    Choshu faction starter guide and play hints and tips.

    FotS Faction guide Choshu
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    A daimyo that starts out with a -1 happiness to provinces he's standing in and a huge looting bonus is an interesting thing to open the game with, especially since most of us never loot and always try to be a Big Honorable Hero Spreading Perfection and Efficiency and Happiness Everywhere.

    I've read the March to the Sea post, which REALLY sounds like fun, but my first few attempts at trying it out weren't so great...

    ...although I did manage to make my daimyo get the "War is Slaughter" trait for +1 fear, to make him even MORE horrible and fearsome (-1 happiness +1 fear haha oh yah).

    And THAT makes me wonder about the traits and retainers and playstyle I could shoot for to make the most horrible and monstrous daimyo ever.

    Y'know like you used to do in Rome Total War, with house Scipii, getting your General as many bad traits as you could on purpose so you could get the most hilarious pre-battle speeches.


    At first you were afraid of the "negative" traits and tried to avoid them, going back to an earlier save to get rid of them and whatever, but then you learned that Destroying the Enemy with the Rocky Horror Picture Show General from Outer Space who struck fear into his OWN men was actually the awesomest thing you could do and you learned to Quit Fighting It and Roll With It.

    So, make vassals and then kill them again and loot them, set up battles to get as many of your own spearmen killed as possible (for Bloodthirsty), maximize Impolite (by making allies and then declaring war on them), get Eyes for the Ladies and Cruel (with high taxes) and Unjust(screw over your own generals somehow?) and Seasick, I dunno how to get the "Mad" traits in Shogun 2 (but gawd that would be awesome), and survive the game with a diplomacy interface that's a just a big list of people lined up to call you names when you click on them haha.

    S'like a March to the Sea Plus.
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