'European Wars' - a realism-mod for 'Empire: Total War', taking us to the world of 18th century, considered one of the most important and interesting periods in history, as it brings many economical, social and first of all military changes. The most important military events brought by the age of enlightenment are Spanish and Polish Successions, The Great Northern War, The Scottish Jacobite Rebellion and The Seven Years' War. As you can see, this century brings much excitement and is excellent material for strategical game. 'European Wars' mod focuses on increasing the historicity of 'Empire: Total War', mainly trough adding some new, historically accurate units such as Prussian Leib-Garde Grenadiers, Hussars of Death, Polish Winged Hussars, French Mousqetaires de la Garde and many, many others!


1. Download European Wars from link
2. Unpack the file (f.e. with Winrar)
2. Open 'European Wars 2' folder
3. Copy 'EW.pack' to C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\empire total war\data
4. Copy 'user.empire_script.txt' to :
VISTA C:\Users\(Your User Name Here)\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Empire\scripts
XP C:\Documents and Settings\(Your User Name Here)\Application Data\The Creative Assembly\Empire\scripts

You can also launch EW2 with Mod Manager.


-Darth AI, Sound, Formations added,
-30 playable factions in both campaign and custom battles,
-Division to early and late line infantry for major/minor factions (Late Line Infantry available only after 'fire by rank"),
-Winged Hussars available for PLC in 1700,
-Winged Hussars are more effective, but more expensive,
-Courland and Georgia can no longer train Winged Hussar,
-Division to Hungarian and German Grenadiers for Austria (Hungarian are better in close combat, slightly worst at shooting and more expensive),
-France no longer trains Maison du Roi,
-Late Gardes Suisses recruitable instead Maison du Roi,
-Britain, France and Savoy can no longer train Household Cavalry,
-British Life Guards, French and Savoy horse guards are now early guard units,
-British Life Guards, French and Savoy horse guards need two turns to be build now,
-Streltsy are now missile unit,
-Mounted Tatar Archers available for Crimea in 1700,
-Ottoman Sekban Janissaries are now a missile unit (they are also more expensive)
-"No Names Bug" fixed,
-Polish Pancerni is now medium cavalry fighting with sabre,
-British Guard Infantry, Polish Trabants, Russian Life Guard, Mousquetaires de la Garde, Mosquetero de la Guardia del Rey, Gardes Francaises recruitable only in Europe now,
-Hungarian Grenadiers recruitable only in Hungary (only by Austria and Hungary),
-Polish Cossack Cavalry and Infantry, Polish Janissaries Guard recruitable only in Polish home regions,
-Crimean and PLCs cossacks have now 400 soldiers in a unit, they are cheaper now,
-Cossack Infantry can no longer form square,
-Crimean Khanate have now only two janissary units,
-Tatars are now cheaper,
-Colonial Line Infantry available only after Fire By Rank,
-Pirates available in custom battles,
-Bavaria and Savoy now train "Grenadiers Bearskin" instead of "Grenadiers"
-French Armoured Pikeman have now 400 soldiers in unit,
-Russian and Danish Bombardiers have now training level on "trained",
-Russian and Danish Bombardiers now available in early period,
-Polish Janissaries guard have now rank_fire ability,
-Early Standard Bearer for early units,
-PLC's late line infantry have now 275 soldiers in a unit,
-Early Prussia Line Infantry reloading skill is now lower,
-Pikeman have now early standard bearer,
-Britain can train late guard infantry, they also recieve one early guard infantry unit,
-British early guard have 275 soldiers in a unit, French early guards have still 300,
-Bavaria no longer have Horse Grenadiers unit,
-New Prussian flag (pollux578),
-Added proper localisation files,
-Early Swedish Infantry have bigger morale now,
-Sweden can train drabants,
-Denmark can train cuirassiers,
-Ottomans can train 20 units of Mounted Tatar Archers now,
-Austria can train only 20 units of Hungarian Grenadiers and Hungarian Line Infantry,
-Swedish Livegardets are better at shooting now,
-Division for early and late grenadiers for Prussia,
-Late Prussian Grenadiers aren't recruitable in drill school now, they are stronger and more expensive,
-Early infantry guards are stronger now, they are also more expencive,
-Prussia has now two types of dragoons: early and late instead of vanilia's "Dragoons' and "Light Dragoons"
-New Units Cards


-Early Line Infantry #15 - All Major Factions (+ Denmark, Bavaria, Saxony, Savoy and Portugal) per 1 unit; France 3 units (KLA)
-Pikeman #13 - All Major factions + Bavaria, Denmark, Saxony, Portugal and Savoy (KLA)
-Armoured Pikeman - France (KLA)
-Early Gardes Suisses - France (KLA)
-Late Gardes Suisses - France (KLA)
-Early Gardes Francaises - France (KLA)
-Garde du Corps - France (KLA)
-Mousquetaires de la Garde - France (KLA)
-Dragoons - France (KLA)
-Guard Infantry - Britain (KLA)
-Life Guard Cavalry - Britain (KLA)
-Mosquetero de la Guardia del Rey - Spain (KLA)
-Walloon Guard - Spain (KLA)
-Pancerni - PLC (KLA)
-Early Grenadiers - Prusia (KLA)
-Early Guard Grenadiers - Prussia (KLA)
-Early Guard Musketeers - Prussia (KLA)
-Early Guard Cavalry - Prussia (KLA)
-Late Dragoons - Prussia (KLA)
-Cuirassiers - Netherlands (KLA)
-Janissaries - PLC (max. 5) (KLA)
-Late Dragoons #2 - Denmark, Prussia (Salvo/gary)
-Early Line Infantry - Venice (Salvo)
-Bombardiers - Sweden (Salvo/KLA)
-Trabants - Sweden (danova)
-Vasgota Line Infantry - Sweden (Preussen Gloria)
-Swedish Guard Grenadiers - Sweden (Preussen Gloria)
-Late Line Infantry - Sweden (Preussen Gloria)
-Pikeman - Venice (Salvo)
-Cossack Cavalry - PLC (max. 10) (Salvo)
-Cossack Infantry - PLC (max. 10) (Salvo)
-12th Pounders - Crimea (Salvo)
-3 Janissaries units - Crimea (max. 10) (Salvo)
-Light Dragoons #2 - Bavaria, Savoy (Salvo/KLA)
-Guard Cavalry - Savoy (Salvo)
-Grenadiers Bearskin - Bavaria, Savoy (Salvo)
-Horse Grenadier - Bavaria (Salvo)


-Cuirassiers #4 - Austria, France, Prussia, Russia (KLA)
-Grenadiers #3 - Britain, PLC, Sweden (KLA)
-Foreign Infantry - France (KLA)
-Garde du Corps - Prussia (KLA)
-Household Cavalry #2 - PLC, Russia (KLA)
-Streltsy - Russia (KLA)
-Croatian Grenzers - Austria (KLA)
-Green Jackets - Britain (KLA)
-Early Line Infantry - Prussia (KLA)
-Cuirassiers - Prussia (KLA)
-Garde Du Corps - Prussia (KLA)
-Bosniaks - Prussia (KLA)
-2nd Hussars - Prussia (KLA)
-Hussars - Sweden (Preussen Gloria)
-Cuirassiers - Bavaria (Salvo/KLA)
-Cuirassiers - Denmark (Salvo/KLA)
-Light Dragoons - Denmark (Salvo/KLA)
-Regiment of Horse - Savoy, PLC (Salvo/33orion77)
-Early Grenadiers - Denmark (Salvo)
-Prussian Grenadiers - Prussia (gary)
-Late Line Infantry - Bavaria (Pom)
-Late Line Infantry #8 - Great Britain, Denmark, Netherlands, PLC, Austria, USA, Hanover, Spain, #2 Prussia - (Sir Cesar/33orion77/gary/Pom/jarnomiedema/)
-Jeagers - Prussia (gary)
-Foot Artillery - France (French Bourbon mod)
-Foot Artillery #2 - Prussia, PLC (gary/33orion77)
-Horse Artillery #3 - Netherlands, Prussia, PLC (gary/jarnomiedema/33orion77)
-Elite Artillery - PLC (33orion77)
-Elite Artillery - France (French Bourbon mod)
-Hungarian Hussars - Austria, Hungary (danova)
-Polish Winged Hussars - PLC (33orion77)
-Grenadiers - Netherlands (jarnomiedema)
-Highlanders - Netherlands (jarnomiedema)
-Hussars - Netherlands (jarnomiedema)
-Musican #2 - Netherlands, PLC (jarnomiedema/33orion77)
-Cavalry Officer #2 - Netherlands, PLC (jarnomiedema/33orion77)
-Infantry Officer #3 - Prussia, PLC, Netherlands (gary/33orion77/jarnomiedema)
-Holland Guards - Netherlands (jarnomiedema)
-General - PLC (33orion77)
-General Bodyguards - PLC (33orion77)
-Uhlans - PLC (33orion77)
-Militia - PLC (33orion77)
-Provincial Cavalry - PLC (33orion77)
-Guard Infantry - PLC (33orion77)
-Guard Infantry - Denmark (Sir Cesar)
-Hussars - Prussia (pollux578)
-Highlanders - Great Britain (Pom)
-Colonial Line Infantry #2 - Great Britain, France (Salvo/Danova)
-Dragoons - Portugal (Salvo)
-Late Line Infantry, Sevilla regiment - Spain (33orion77)
-Hungarian Line Infantry - Austria, Hungary (Sir Cesar)
-Guard Grenadiers - Russia (danova)
-Leib Hussar - Prussia (danova)


King Louise Assurbanipal
-Team Leader
-Major Skinner

-Major Scripter


Pack File Manager

-Darth AI, Sound, Formations
Darth Vader

Preussen Gloria
Sir Cesar

-Units Cards


Artwork by Polish artist Lacedemon (Mariusz Kozik):