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Thread: MTW I Modding campaign map

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    Default MTW I Modding campaign map

    Hellow everybody, Im new here and Im looking for a "simple" guide to modding the campaing map of the first medieval. Recently I have returned to the first one cause my great laptop has dead, and man almost 10 years has gone since the first time I played it, but still found this one incredibly funny. So I would be very thankfull If someone can help me to learn how modify the campaingmap to make the map as I please.

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    Hello and welcome @Meneillos

    Your best bet to find someone who can help you with this, is to post your question either in the Main Hall (MTW single player subforum) or the M:TW Modification subforum. We still have a small group of active and dedicated players there and some of them are also modders, so I'm sure somebody there must be able to help you out.
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    Default Re: MTW I Modding campaign map

    Welcome Meneillos,

    I'm sure you'll find the help you want at the subfora that Andres provided.
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    Default Re: MTW I Modding campaign map

    Welcome to the Org, Meneillos!

    The Engineer's Guild is probably the best place for your questions, but we take all comers in the Main Hall as well.
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    Default Re: MTW I Modding campaign map

    Thanks everybody, Im getting intersting information at the subforum, great community this web.

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